13 Spanish Words for KITE: Infographic

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For more information, read this article: http://www.speakinglatino.com/whats-the-word-kite/ | Check out this updated list of Spanish language words for kite and which are the countries that use those words. Youd think that the Spanish word for KITE would be an easy word. Four letters, nothing fancy, just some twigs, paper and string.


<p> 1. 13Spanish WordsforKITE BY WWW.SPEAKINGLATINO.COM Uruguay Honduras Nicaragua Guatemala 1. BARRILETE Colombia (Caribbean)Argentina 4. COMETA Colombia Peru Nicaragua Uruguay Chile Ecuador Panama Mexico (some regions) Venezuela (some regions) 2. CHICHIGUA Dominican Republic 3. CHIRINGA Puerto Rico Nicaragua 5. LECHUZA Paraguay 6. PANDORGA Uruguay (some regions) Argentina (some regions) Venezuela 7. PAPAGAYO Mexico Costa Rica 8. PAPALOTE Cuba Honduras 9. PAPELOTE El Salvador 10. PISCUCHA Venezuela (some regions) Bolivia 11. VOLADOR Venezuela (some regions) Bolivia (some regions) Argentina (some regions) Chile 12. VOLANTN Venezuela 13. ZAMURA FOR MORE SPANISH &amp; SPANISH SLANG VISIT Cuba </p>