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    High-Resolution Images with Outstanding ColorStability, and Easy Menu-Oriven Operation

    .On-Screen Menu Operation

    .Easy Menu-Driven AdjustmentCoupled with Front Knob Controls

    .Remote Control Capability with ID


    .SMPTE-C Phosphors

    .750 lines of Horizontal Resolution

    .Multi-Format Compatibility

    .Beam Current Feedback System forOutstanding Color Stability and



  • ~

    .Stable picture and color balanceSophisticated circuitry managed by anadvanced CPU ensures a high level ofconsistency and stability in the key areasof color reproduction, picturereproduction and DC restoration. Theresults are excellent pictures with faithfulcolor reproduction and outstanding colorstability. With one-time digital parametersetting via the on-screen menu, there isno need for any further externaladjustments. The monitor's built-in CPUensures that the parameters for bothpicture and color stability are maintained.


    .Beam current feedback systemcompensates for CRT ageing

    Because the inherent drift of a CRT hasalways plagued monitor stability, JVChas developed a new beam currentfeedback system which continuouslymonitors the ageing of each gun andfeeds back compensation. The result islong-term color stability never beforeachieved in a monitor of this class. Thiscombination of features makes it idealfor a wide range of professionalapplications requiring sharp pictures andtotal reliability.


    .High resolution with SMPTE-C

    phosphorFeaturing an in-Iine gun CRT (SMPTE-CPhosphor) with a fine trio-dot pitch of0.28mm for the BM-H1300SU and0.40mm for the BM-H1900SU, themonitors deliver an exceptionalhorizontal resolution of 750 lines.

  • Easy to operate .Selectable color temperaturesColor temperatures (6,500oK/9,300K)can be selected to complement viewingpreferences. Customizing of colortemperature is possible using menu setup.

    .Control lockControl lock is a tamper-proof functionwhich disables all of the front panelcontrols except audio volume adjustment,preventing accidental changes duringcritical production shoots.

    .Remote control unit RM-C550W(optional)With a single wireless remotecontrol adopting an ID system,users can operate, control andadjust several monitors, eitherindividually or collectively..Picture adjustment (similar

    on-screen menu plus frontpanel picture controls)

    .Degauss RM-C550W

    .Volume (optional).Memory recallUsing the on-screen menu and thecontrols located on the front panel, it iseasy to make adjustments to achievethe required picture characteristics.Picture characteristics whose controlsettings have been stored in memorycan be instantly recalled.

    .Wired remote input is provided andcan be configured through the menu.

    .Aspect ratio switchable 16:9/4:3The aspect ratio can be switched via themenu from 4:3 to 16:9 and vice versa.

    Other features .--

    .Multi-system compatibilityThe exceptionally flexible BM-H1300SUand BM-H1900SU accept a wide rangeof input signals.

    Video inputs: Composite A/B, Y/C,Component (Y, A-Y,B-Y) and AGB analog

    Audio inputs: ACA x 3Video signals: PAL, NTSC 3.58 and

    NTSC 4.43(Automatic detection)r

    .Universal power100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, auto sensing.

    .On-screen menu-driven operationAspect ratio select, color temperatureselect, white balance adjustment, etc.can be operated easily via the on-screenmenu. The monitor can even be set upto compensate for the setup differencebetween RGB and composite videosignals, eliminating the brightness shiftwhen switching between these signals.Once set, the parameters are stored inthe monitor's memory which uses thedata to ensure the constant reproductionof stable pictures.

  • SpecificationsBM-H1300SU/BM-H1900SU


    c0l6 rtem~( sef8Cta61 e ) Video input connectors

    Composite Video A/B 1 .0 V(p-p), 75 ohms, negative sync, terminationswitch provided, BNC x 4 (2 for bridged output)

    Y/C Y. 1.0 V(p-p), 75 ohms, negative syncC: 0.286 V(p-p), 75 ohms (NTSC)

    0.3 V(p-p), 75 ohms (PAL)termination sw[ch provided,DIN 4-pin x 2 (1 for bridged output)

    AGB A. 0.7 V(p-p), 75 ohmsG: 0.7 V(P-p), 75 ohmsB: 0.7 V(p-p), 75 ohmsG on sync: 1 .0 V(p-p), 75 ohms, negative synctermination switch provided,BNCx6 (3 for bridged output)

    Component Y : 1.0 V(p-p), 75 ohms, negative syncA-Y: 0.7 V(p-p), 75 ohmsB-Y: 0.7 V(p-p), 75 ohmstermination sw[ch provided,BNC x 6 (3 for bridged output/common to AGB connectors)

    ExtemaJ sync Composite sync, 0.2 -4.0V(p-p)Audio connectors ACA x 6 for input A, B and C channels, bridged

    Design and specifications subject to change without notice.DISTRIBUTED BY


    DIVISION OF US JVG GORP41 Slater Orive, Elmwood Park, N.J 07407

    TEL (201) 794-3900, 1-800-526-5306

    FAX (201) 523-2077


    21 Finchdene Square, Scarborou9h, Ontar~ M1X 1A7

    TEL (416)293-1311 FAX (416)293-8208 Printed in JapanICN-O162


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