13 best classroom management tips for teachers

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  • 13 Simple (But Important) Classroom Management Tips for Teachers



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  • Hearty WelcomeDear Teachers

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Your School Name)Feels proud of you for being part of this temple of learning and your service will make this school and proud and you will be proud of this school in the days to come

  • Regular Duties

    in School


  • Dear Teachers . . . This meeting is to brief you about what are the

    expectations from the management and how you can fulfill the same.

    The duties of a teacher

    Make your work systematic

  • The school begins at.. . (Time)

    Teachers must reach the school 8.30 am,

    Staff prayer 8.30 am to 8.35 am

    Class teachers must bring the children for assembly and take them back to class in silent in order.

    Keep the class in order


  • Switch off fans/lights

    Select the leader who will be in school by 8.30 am

    Instruct the work class room /chair/bench in order.

    As soon as you come to schoolnot in the staff room reach classroom

  • Nobody should go to staff-room after assembly

    Teach the children how to come in line

    How to stand for assembly in silence

    While they come for any programme /assembly they should come in order and silence

    Class teachers must stand along with children subject teachers at the back.

  • Nobody should be near the stage except person who operates audio systems

    PET master must arrange for assembly keep the students ready

    Theme will be given in advance for the week/ programme will be previewed- on Tuesday

    Everything should be ready before one week.

  • Lesson plan Should have always with you

    First duty Whole class- should be under your control

    Discipline All the place Assembly, play ground, library, programme

    Be with your class students

    Everyday - Tell children what they suppose do.

    2. In The Classroom

  • Explain the instruction given by the principal

    Every period children need to pick up papers and put it in the dustbin

    Check homework everyday

    You must submit the homework in the office before 12.30 .pm

    Talk to the parents in polite way

  • Any repair work fan/light intimate immediately

    Make the children come in proper dress code

    Check everyday for proper uniform/haircut/ nail trim

    See that prayer before /after class are said properly

    As soon the class is over see that all the children are out- stand in steps-make the children go

  • During interval and lunchtime PET master and extra subject Teachers mind.

    Teachers talking during the class next door avoid

    Class attendance should be maintain

    Call out name and take attendance

  • The class teachers should have lunch only along with his/her students

    Make sure children eat in a proper way

    Never allow parents to feed them even UKG

    3. Lunch

  • See that they use small towel

    After lunch-wash/be with friends never run/climb on the bench (teachers instruction)

    Never take meals from students

    Teach them how to eat

  • Avoid taking leave only when serious

    Every month teachers availing regular leave must be avoided

    Saturdays maximum 2 working days in week

    No phone call leave/permission will be sanctioned ONLY IN URGENCY

    Previous days avail leave only during your leisure period

    4. Substitute and Leave

  • Along with leave letter send class work for substitute teacher to accompany the students

    Leave letter should be signed by principal

    You can avail leave only permission given(Signed)

    3 permission/ late coming will be day salary cut

    If you come late meet the principal and the sign the masters

    When substitute is put kindly move to class in time

    Class hours avoid meeting principal unless it is urgent

  • Various in charge for important events will be allotted

    Programme in charge MC /items should be ready one week early

    No last minute preparations

    Any programme rehearsal /final should be ready before 5 minutes

    Only teachers in-charge of the program must be there near the stage

    5. Program and Function

  • When rehearsal -teachers substitute allotted be there

    Program organizers(2 persons) duty is to keep arrange programme in order without delay

    No staff-should be there near the stage while program except in-charge

    Once after presenting the program reach back respective class

    It is the duty of the teachers to make the children to bring them /once after program to leave

    Train up the children how to receive prizes(prize in-charge)

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  • Seating /stage arrangements should have done well in advance

    Fixing up chief guests for all the function (incharge teachers will see)

    Previous day arrangement -children unnecessarily moving should be restricted.(Always ensure children )

    Children should be allowed for practice only with proper permission

  • All the children along with class teachers/substitute teachers/incharge should be seated in the particular allotted place

    Teachers should be seated separately along with their respective classes -no sitting and talking among themselves

    Children should be monitored very strictly

  • Once after the function Disburse them properly stand

    Near the steps BE ALONG

    Children moving in between program for rest room restrict

    Children play in play field on street strict monitoring

  • 6. Duties

    Even you move have to spend extra time(morning/evening)

    Be ready-All planned well /see your duty list DO it

    When any duty is allotted Do it with a smile

    The duty is given as per your caliber

    Any clarification ask particular concern people

    Get involved consult with your co-teacher

  • There will be notice board at the entrance

    Every week theme/stories should be displayed

    According to the themes of the week

    The house master /or class wise house will be allotted-points system will be followed

    Divide the children into groups and make them do work


  • Exam need to conducted in a proper manner

    Teachers going for invigilation must be strict

    Dont send children for rest room unless its a need

    Paper dont sign in advance it may go waste

    Arrange them in order as per registration number

    8. Exam and Exam Hall / Correction

  • See that smaller section(Upto 5) whether they have answered all the questions

    Keep up the timings

    Submit to the exam committee in order

    Prepare the key before taking paper for correction and get signed

    Correction should be done in proper manner

  • Correction should be done in proper manner

    Progress report card submit on time for signing

    See that children get signature of the parents

  • Nobody without the permission of the principal should be in entering in the school office (staff)

    Office systems only by office people

    No unnecessary talking/joking

    Only office people will be there in case emergency help them with permission only

    9. Restriction In The Office

  • Any information is asked from the office respond immediately (Duty, phone numbers)

    During stationary distribute / admission time only in office

    Notice board will be there to monthly program will be displayed

  • Every month /15 days once there will be a meeting

    It will be intimated so that you are well prepared

    Be on time to attend the meeting

    Meeting for all /class wise /subject wise

    10. Staff Meeting

  • Prayer/reading will be allotted-person will prepare the same

    Incase if you are absent-get information from your friends

    Before any big function like sport day/annual day/meeting /special guest there will be a meeting.

  • LKG UKG - Teacher tr in

    I - III - Teacher tr in All program preparation

    IV V - Teacher inChecking of homework

    Principal - Co-ordinate of all programs

    11. Arrangement For In-Charge

  • Work allotment will be given - follow it up

    Exam days paper correction should be done

    Any problem kindly intimate the same to principal

    Be polite with parents

    Never use Iron scale to punish children

    No punishment for children

  • Special Class room will be allotted

    Exam committee will be in-charge of all.


    Roll numbers


    11. Exam Committee

  • Collection of answer scripts

    Correction al