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<ul><li> 1. Facebook Page Customization Ideas to make your page stand out hatsinitforyou Pinnacle Ryan Clark Web Development Consultant </li></ul> <p> 2. Customizing Your Picture 3. Customizing Your Picture 4. Customizing Your Picture Great way to convey your message and brand 200px wide, but up to 600px tall Doubles as avatar next to your activity Doesnt need to stay the same 5. Facebook.com/apps 6. Facebook.com/apps Utilize the default apps Explore the business category Link content from other sources (blog, Twitter) Look at what others use 7. Apps of Note: involver 8. Apps of Note: involver 9. Apps of Note: ShopTab 10. Apps of Note: Payvment 11. Key to Customization: FBML 12. FBML Examples displays a specific users profile picture in the standard Facebook format allows you to include Flash applications in your tab posts a Facebook live stream widget on your Tab (you must create a new application to do this) adds a Facebook comments box to your Tab 13. More info on FBML http://wiki.developers.facebook.com 14. Landing Page </p>