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<p>Abhijit Chatterjee</p> <p>17PROFESSIONAL PROFILE</p> <p>Professional profile</p> <p>Resume</p> <p>ABHIJIT</p> <p> CHATTERJEE</p> <p>(First Name)</p> <p>(Middle Name)</p> <p> (Surname)</p> <p>EducationBachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Calcutta University, West Bengal. (Year 1997)</p> <p>Work Experience17 years 6 months of Software Consultancy with TCS</p> <p>SKILLS PROFILE</p> <p>Operating SystemsWindows 9x/NT/XP/2000, HP Unix, DOS</p> <p>Data BasesOracle 9i/10g, SQL Server ,SQL Base, MS Access</p> <p>Languages / ToolsVB , VB Script , Crystal Reports 7.0, Commerce Server 2000, ASP, Java, J Scripts, Visio 2000 , SQL, HTML</p> <p>Business AreasFinance , Stock , Insurance , E-Governance, Media, Metals</p> <p>Total Experience </p> <p>(No. Of Years)17 years &amp; 6 Months</p> <p>TCS Experience </p> <p>(No. Of Years)17 years &amp; 6 Months</p> <p>Education B. Tech in Computer Science &amp; Engineering, July 1997 from Calcutta University </p> <p>Project / ThesisHotel Management System (Using Oracle 6.0)</p> <p>Hospital Management System (Using Oracle 6.0)</p> <p>Academic Performance</p> <p>Degree/ ExamBoard/UniversityYearSubjects% of MarksClass obtained</p> <p>B.Tech (Comp. Sc.)Calcutta University1997Comp Sc &amp; other Engineering Subjects72.51st</p> <p>B.Sc. (PHYS Hons.)Calcutta University1994PHYS. CHEM. MATH, ENGL60.71st</p> <p>ISCISC, Delhi Board1991Eng, Hindi, Phys, Chem., Math., Bio70.11st</p> <p>ICSEICSE, Delhi Board1989General Combination 78.61st</p> <p>COMPUTERS WORKED ON</p> <p>Computer SystemProgramming Languages Special Software</p> <p>COMPAQ PRESSARIOPro * C, VB , SQL Server, PL/SQLVisual SourceSafe</p> <p>Pentium III / IV / Core 2 duo processorVB, ASP, IIS, JavaFront Page</p> <p>Projects Summary</p> <p>Project TitleSoftware / PlatformRoleDuration</p> <p>Tata Steel Supply Chain Transformation ProjectMS Word, Excel &amp; PowerPoint, CORDYS BPM Tool, Soap UI, Xml, XsltDelivery Manager1 Yr &amp; 6 Months</p> <p>McGraw-Hill EducationMS Word, Excel &amp; PowerPointAccount Manager1 Year</p> <p>Passport Seva ProjectMS Word, Excel &amp; PowerPointProject Manager,</p> <p>NonIT Rollout</p> <p>Eastern India2 yrs &amp; 1 Month</p> <p>Business Development - BangladeshMS Word, Excel &amp; PowerPointBusiness Development Manager1 yr &amp; 9 months</p> <p>Business Development - Coal India ProjectMS Word, Excel &amp; PowerPointBusiness Development Manager</p> <p>North East Value Added Tax Management System (NEVAT)HP UX 11i, J Developer, VSS, Oracle 10gProject Manager3 yrs 6 Months</p> <p>BPR Study for Public Works Department, ChhattisgarhMS Word, Excel &amp; PowerPointTechnical Consultant7 Months</p> <p>(s-Governance Project)</p> <p>WEBEL ASP ASP, HTML, VBScript , </p> <p>SQL Server 2000Technical Lead 1 yr 2 Month</p> <p>Eveready Group(WSD system)ASP, HTML, Oracle 8iLead System Tester2 Months</p> <p>Eveready Group(PSQDB system)ASP, HTML, Oracle 8iLead System Tester2 Months</p> <p>(Insurance Group)</p> <p>AIU Manila MaintenanceVisual Basic 5.0 , Crystal Report 7.0, Sybase , Microsoft Word 7, Microsoft Excel 7Module Leader / Backup Project Leader1 yr 1 Month</p> <p>Feasibility Study of Integrated Information &amp; Communication System (IICS) for Food Sector of IndiaMicrosoft Word 7, Microsoft Excel 7, Microsoft Power pointModule Leader5 Months</p> <p>Engelhard AES project</p> <p>(Automotive Emission System)ASP, HTML, Commerce Server 2000, VB 6.0, Microsoft Access, SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Visio 2000 Programmer5 Months</p> <p>Stock Exchange (NASD)</p> <p>Tech RefreshVB 6.0 , ASP, Oracle 8iModule Leader 2 months</p> <p>Stock Exchange (NASD)</p> <p>C-FOCUS </p> <p>(Centralised Focus)Pro * C , Oracle 8i, SQL Server 7.0, VB 6.0 , IE 4, UnixProject Leader / Module Leader 8 Months</p> <p>Stock Exchange (NASD)</p> <p>MMPMR </p> <p>(Market Maker Price Movement Report Card)VB 4.0 , Pro * C, Oracle 7.2.2, SQL * NET (2.2), Maestro, UnixModule Leader8 Months</p> <p>Stock Exchange (NASD)</p> <p>ISS to NCS Conversation System (INC)Pro * C, Oracle 7.2.2, SQL * NET (2.2), Maestro, UnixModule Leader6 Months</p> <p>GECARS </p> <p>(General Electric Capital Accounts Receivable System)Visual Basic 5.0</p> <p>Pro * COBOL ,</p> <p>Oracle 7.3, SQL Server 7.0, UnixTeam Member1 yr 5 Months</p> <p>PROJECT EXPERIENCE</p> <p>Project TitleTata Steel Europe - Supply Chain Transformation Project</p> <p>Client</p> <p>Tata Steel (Europe)</p> <p>PeriodJune 2013 to till date</p> <p>Project DetailsThe TSE (Tata Steel Europe) Supply Chain Transformation (SCT) project was conceptualised to replace commercial functions, currently residing on the Tata Steel IBM mainframe, such as Order Entry and EMH, with the SAP Sales Order Distribution and Handling modules. The core aim of this is to support different order fulfilment strategies; notably this will result in significantly higher volumes of make to stock orders.</p> <p>SCT Project involves design and installation of common and integrated processes across TSE. It includes design, installation and integration of SAP, MES, JDA planning system and Broner scheduling systems across various locations in Europe.</p> <p>ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) is required to support SCT by providing standardized service oriented messages to and fro across all the system (e.g. SAP, JDA, RF, Legacy system, external etc.). An important key driver of this new functionality is to support faster roll out of future deployments by avoiding unnecessary point-to-point interfacing. The communications between applications is via a series of integration services focused on business activities. The SOA architecture was adopted for developing an agile and reusable integration solution. These in turn reduced the effort, cost and time to develop the integration assets required for future go -lives in SCT and TSE IT as a whole. </p> <p>The highlight of this project is a cross integration across multilevel systems with the help of Cordys BPM tool, which is one of the largest BPM implementation in history of TATA Steel Europe.</p> <p>RoleOffshore Delivery Manager of Integration Layer (ESB) project</p> <p>Responsibilities IT delivery of ESB Interfaces Building Cordys competency in offshore Coordinating with Onshore &amp; SAP,JDA and MES team for testing</p> <p> Growth planning of the project</p> <p> Visa Planning of associates</p> <p> Problem analysis and process Improvement</p> <p> Planning and executing CORDS tool training</p> <p> Preparing training plans and closing competency gaps in team</p> <p> Communication with TCS Senior Management</p> <p>Operating SystemWindows 7</p> <p>Language/ToolsMicrosoft Office 2010, CORDYS BPM tool, SOAP UI, Xml, Xslt</p> <p>Work LocationTCS Victoria Park Office, Kolkata, India</p> <p>Project TitleMcGraw Hill Education Account</p> <p>Client</p> <p>McGraw Hill Education</p> <p>PeriodMay 2012 to April 2013</p> <p>Project DetailsMcGraw Hill currently has 4 major Segments McGraw-Hill Education MHE): Educational book publishing, Assessment &amp; Reporting</p> <p> Information &amp; Media (I&amp;M)a. McGraw Hill Construction: Information services on construction projects and products</p> <p>b. Platts: Information Services on energy segments</p> <p>c. JDPA: Information Services on consumable products</p> <p>d. Aviation Week: Information Services on aviation business </p> <p> Standard &amp; Poors: Credit rating and credit risk analysis services</p> <p> McGraw-Hill Financial (MHF): Financial information services including research and analytical tools</p> <p> TCS has major presence in McGraw-Hill Education including GTS, CTB and Higher Ed</p> <p> TCS has considerable presence in I&amp;M particularly in Platts and Construction</p> <p> Onsite : NJ, NY, OH, TN, CA in USA, Offshore: Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Chennai in India</p> <p>RoleAccount Management</p> <p>Responsibilities Client Relationship Management Communication with TCS Senior Management</p> <p> IT delivery of large programs P/L management Growth planning of the account</p> <p> Outsourcing / Offshoring Preparing training plans and closing competency gaps in team Visa Planning of associates in account Problem analysis and process Improvement</p> <p> Several projects provided Development / Enhancement support</p> <p> Several projects provided 24 X 7 Production Support (Incident Management, Problem Management and Service Management)</p> <p> Some teams took knowledge transition of the system from WIPRO and then continued to provide development and production support of the system</p> <p>Operating SystemWindows 2008</p> <p>Language/ToolsMicrosoft Word 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Power point </p> <p>Work LocationTCS Delta Park Lords Office, Kolkata, India</p> <p>Project TitlePassport Seva project</p> <p>Client</p> <p>Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India</p> <p>PeriodApril 2010 to April 2012</p> <p>Project DetailsNon - IT rollout of Passport Seva Kendras in Kolkata, Behrampore, Guwahati</p> <p>RoleProject Manager</p> <p>Responsibilities Identification of prospective Passport Seva Kendras (PSK) in Kolkata, Behrampore &amp; Guwahati</p> <p> Site visits in Kolkata, Behrampore and Gowahati for PSK site</p> <p> Office Rent Rate Negotiation with the building Owners &amp; Brokers</p> <p> Engagement of build partners for the interior work of the PSK sites</p> <p> Preparation of PSK dossiers for MEA approval</p> <p> Project Management activities related to the project</p> <p> Coordinate all activities / meetings related to project with PSK team in Delhi, CMC team, Architect etc</p> <p> Preparation of Cost Budget for PSK sites</p> <p> Prepare &amp; Review Lease Contract documents</p> <p> Execute Lease Agreements as Registration of the same Responsible for approval of all invoices Asset Capitalisation of the PSKs</p> <p> Oversee the snag rectifications at the PSKs</p> <p> Actively interacted with WBSEB to get power at Behrampore PSK</p> <p> Assets Handover, documents related to Kolkata &amp; Behrampore Complete IT (software &amp; hardware) rollout, biometrics installation and maintenance</p> <p>Operating SystemWindows 2008</p> <p>Language/ToolsMicrosoft Word 2008, Microsoft Excel 2008, Microsoft Power point </p> <p>Work LocationTCS SDF Office, Kolkata, India</p> <p>Project TitleIS Bangladesh &amp; Coal India</p> <p>Client</p> <p>Bangladesh Government &amp; Coal India Ltd</p> <p>PeriodJuly 2008 to March 2010</p> <p>Project DetailsPre sales activity related to Business Development and respond to tenders, EOIs for Government of Bangladesh (GoB) and Coal India ltd.</p> <p>RoleBusiness Development Manager</p> <p>ResponsibilitiesBangladesh Preparation of business roadmap Initiatives for finding IT companies as partners in Bangladesh Prepare &amp; respond to EOIs for prospects in GoB</p> <p> Prepare Bid Response document for Bangladesh Railways</p> <p> Help the bid team to respond to various bids and EOIs </p> <p> Liaising with IT company heads in Bangladesh Project Management activities related to the project</p> <p> Coordinate all activities related to Pre-sales in Bangladesh country</p> <p> Submission of Bangladesh Railway Tender</p> <p>Coal India Ltd</p> <p> Liaising with Coal India officials </p> <p> Provide technical data to substantiate the tender document </p> <p> Attend meetings and provide presentation on the mine software solution Digigov software presentation to CIL officials</p> <p> Prepare RFP on behalf of CIL </p> <p> Attend the coal mine exhibition and meet at Kolkata</p> <p>Operating SystemWindows 2003 &amp; 2008</p> <p>Language/ToolsMicrosoft Word 2008, Microsoft Excel 2008, Microsoft Power point </p> <p>Work LocationTCS SDF Office, Kolkata, India</p> <p>Project TitleNorth East Vat Project (NEVAT)</p> <p>Client</p> <p>Directorate General of System (Customs &amp; Excise)</p> <p>PeriodJan 2005 to June 2008</p> <p>Project DetailsThis is e-governance tool for maintaining Value Added Tax information. It keeps track of the dealers of the north eastern states of India. Project promoted to provide a flexible tax information network for their state specific tax collection &amp; computation in a very transparent way with some extended functionalities like inter state goods transaction tracking facility to reduce tax evasion.</p> <p>RoleProject Manager</p> <p>Responsibilities Interviewing and selecting persons to support the data centre Liaising with Tax Commissioners (CoT) and State Tax officials, attending Empowered Committee meeting, Liaising with vendors for supply and installation of hardware and network equipment at data centre and remote sites Project Management activities of the project Tender floatation &amp; evaluation.</p> <p> Auctioning process</p> <p> Contract Management Setting up a state-of-the-art data centre at Guwahati</p> <p> Setting up a Disaster recovery site at Kolkata for VCMS system</p> <p> Providing Network connectivity and bandwidth through HCL Getting business from client by providing proposals for </p> <p> software enhancements, </p> <p> additional H/W &amp; N/W delivery &amp; </p> <p> Insurance of equipments at state and Data Centre Giving training to CoT personnel Provided 24 X 7 Production Support</p> <p> Incident detection and recording in a tool VCMS Tracker</p> <p> Categorized the incidents into software, hardware and network issues Prioritized the incidents based on urgency</p> <p> Did root cause analysis of the incident</p> <p> For software - Provided work around resolution within defined SLA, System Testing and implementing the solution in production environment, For Hardware and Network Took the services of WIPRO and HCL in hardware and network to provide remedial solution Incident closure</p> <p> Updated incidents and resolution in Known Error Database</p> <p> Provided fortnightly MIS report of Incident Management to client Provide Problem Management support Did proactive prevention of problems Identified the error trends</p> <p> Performed the root cause analysis Took Management buy-in for implementing the permanent solution and then implemented the same in production environment Updated knowledge database of the errors and the solutions provided Provided Service Improvements Support Reviewed the system to ensure that services are meeting agreed service levels Research on problems / discrepancies and presenting recommendations to senior management for changes to processes in order for improvement</p> <p> Continuously identify and implement improvements to systems that support business processes Document and provide Service Improvement reports to Client and TCS senior Management on a quarterly basis Development of new modules like Tax data exchange interface between North East states of India Managing Change Requests within agreed SLA Provided system enhancement support </p> <p>Operating SystemHP UX 11i</p> <p>Language/ToolsMS Word 7.0, MS Excel 7.0, MS Power point, J Developer, VSS</p> <p>HardwareHp RP 3410 server</p> <p>DatabaseOracle 9i &amp; Oracle 10g</p> <p>Work LocationTCS SDF Office, Kolkata, Guwahati, Assam, India, 5 North East States Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura, Nagaland</p> <p>Project TitleBusiness Process Re-engineering (BPR) Study for Public Works Department, Chhattisgarh</p> <p>Client</p> <p>Public Works Department, Chhattisgarh.</p> <p>PeriodJune 2004 to December 2004</p> <p>Project DetailsThe objective of the BPR study was to demonstrate the use of IT tools for better delivery of the services to the people of Chhattisgarh and enhance the effectiveness, transparency and accountability in the processes of the PWD. In this pilot project, the BPR study was undertaken with a view to improving the overall efficiency of the Department ultimately leading to sustainable and equitable provision of services in the state.. The major tasks carried out during the BPR Study were</p> <p> Organisational Review</p> <p> Mapping Organisatio...</p>