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This presentation explains what students need to do to get a career advantage from their study abroad experience.


<p>Study Abroad</p> <p>Enhancing the Career Value of Study AbroadSheila J Curran, Curran Consulting, April 5, 2011Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comThe International Careers Consortium Annual Conference, 2011Sheila J CurranCareer and organizational strategy consultant to colleges and universitiesFormer executive director, Duke Career Center, and director, Brown Career ServicesCoauthor, Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads: Finding a Path to Your Perfect Career, Ten Speed Press, 2006Website: curranoncareers.comCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comServices includeEnhancing international programs and careers offices through organizational development initiativesStrategic planningBenchmarking</p> <p>OUR TOPIC TODAY IS THE CAREER VALUE OF STUDY ABROAD, AND ITS A PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT ONE FOR TWO REASONS:</p> <p>2Why a career advantage is necessaryCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comThis is the worst year in recent memory for college grads to find workCollege students need every advantage they can get to set themselves apart from their peersBEFORE WE GO INTO HOW TO GET THAT CAREER ADVANTAGE, WANT TO STEP BACK FOR A MOMENT AND ASK YOU WHY STUDENTS PARTICIPATE IN INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION</p> <p>POLL3Why students go abroad: what they sayCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comBroaden horizonsUnderstand different cultureExploreGain language skillsI THINK THERE ARE SOME OTHER REASONS THAT TYPICALLY STUDENTS DONT TELL ADMINISTRATORS4Why students go abroad: what they thinkCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comGet away from collegeFigure out who they areCareer boostTHESE DAYS, PARENTS ALSO HAVE A LOT TO DO WITH THE DECISION5Parent PerspectiveCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comSee a different part of the worldpreferably somewhere they would like to visitBuild new friendshipsExplorein safe environmentAND.Have something to put on the resumeTHERE ARE PARTICULAR REASONS WHY PARENTS ARE INTERESTED IN THEIR SONS AND DAUGHTERS GETTING A CAREER BOOST FROM STUDY ABROAD6Why a career advantage is necessaryParents want a return on their tuition investment and they wont get that if their kids are unemployed or underemployed!Their worry:College is expensiveCollege grad salaries havent kept up with inflationEven the best colleges dont guarantee top jobs Unemployment rates continue to riseCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comA colleges success in getting its graduates good jobs is considered very important in college selection by 56.5% of entering freshmen</p> <p>Average cost of private 4 year college in 2010 was almost 40K; college costs increased 2.9% above rate of inflation between FY98 and FY08</p> <p>Average salary for new grads between 2004 and 2008 rose only 2.6% a year</p> <p>UNEMPLOYMENT RATES CONTINUE TO RISE, AND EVEN THESE DONT TELL THE WHOLE STORY BECAUSE A HUGE NUMBER OF RECENT GRADS ARE UNDEREMPLOYED.</p> <p>LETS PUT THE UNEMPLOYMENT STATS IN PERSPECTIVE</p> <p>7The Real Deal for Young GraduatesUnemployment Rate for Bachelors graduates 20-24:</p> <p>March, 2011: 8.5%March, 2010:7.2%150% increase over 3 yearsMarch, 2009: 7.6%March, 2008:3.4%</p> <p>Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comSource: Bureau of Labor Statistics, March, 2011: Unpublished Table 10 dataTHREE YEARS AGO THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE FOR GRADS UNDER 25 WAS 3.4%. NOW ITS 150% HIGHER</p> <p>THAT PUTS THE RATE AT APPROXIMATELY THE OVERALL RATE OF UNEMPLOYMENT FOR THE WHOLE COUNTRYINCLUDING THOSE WITH NO EDUCATION AT ALL.</p> <p>SO, CAN STUDY ABROAD MAKE A DIFFERENCE?8The truth about careers and study abroadCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comCareer impact of study abroad can be:</p> <p>Negative</p> <p>Neutral</p> <p>PositiveMANY PARENTS AND STUDENTS JUST ASSUME STUDY ABROAD IS A POSITIVE ON A RESUME. </p> <p>VAST MAJORITY HAVE WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE. BUT HAVING A GREAT TIME DOESNT NECESSARILY MEAN YOUD ADD VALUE TO A POTENTIAL EMPLOYER</p> <p>IN MY EXPERIENCE, CAREER IMPACT CAN BE NEGATIVE, NEUTRAL OR POSITIVE</p> <p>POLL: THINK ABOUT YOUR STUDENTS</p> <p>HOPE BY END OF THIS PRESENTATION, YOULL BE ABLE TO IDENTIFY WAYS TO DOUBLE THE NUMBERS OF YOUR STUDENTS WHO GET A CAREER ADVANTAGE</p> <p>9What employers needGlobal perspectiveGreater maturityCultural understandingLinguistic proficiencyAnd maybe evenunderstanding of global business issuesCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comSPEND A COUPLE OF MINUTES THINKING ABOUT HOW EMPLOYERS VIEW STUDENTS WITH STUDY ABROAD ON THEIR RESUME</p> <p>SAD FACT: MOST DONT THINK ABOUT IT AT ALL</p> <p>THOSE WHO DO HAVE AN OPINION EXPECT ..</p> <p>YOU MIGHT FIND IT STRANGE THAT MOST HIRING MANAGERS DONT REALLY PAY ATTENTION TO STUDY ABROAD, BUT THINK: THOSE INTERVIEWING GRADS ARE OFTEN IN LOWEST LEVEL POSITIONS</p> <p>10Sad factsThose hiring for entry-level positions rarely check for these attributes</p> <p>and if they did, theyd findFew of those who study abroad are able to demonstrate these attributes any more than students who remain on campusCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comFACT IS: STUDY ABROAD ADVANTAGE OFTEN ONLY COMES INTO PLAY LATER IN ONES CAREER. </p> <p>FOR EXPERIENCE TO BE MEANINGFUL TO CAREER, IT HAS TO BE ENGAGED EXPERIENCE. 11The Engaged ExperienceLive with local families; participate in local customsDrink mint tea; go to the local hammamMake efforts to communicate in language of countryWork, volunteer or intern as well as study and travelOperate out of comfort zone</p> <p>DONT HAVE AN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE ABROAD</p> <p>Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comWHAT CHARACTERIZES THE ENGAGED SA EXPERIENCE?12Study abroad isnt what it used to be</p> <p>Number of students going abroad increased every year until FY10More students have American experience abroadParents dont want students to take risksFew students go abroad for a whole year Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comA look back 25 years</p> <p>Its no longer an unusual experienceIn FY10, numbers went down by .8%</p> <p>THREE BIG CHANGES HAVE HAD ADVERSE IMPACT ON CAREER IMPACT OF SA</p> <p>AS MORE STUDENTS GO ABROAD, MORE WANT TO GO WITH THEIR FRIENDS; AMERICAN EXPERIENCE (TALK ABOUT ITALY)</p> <p>PARENTS CODDLE KIDS; BLAME UNIVERSITIES IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG</p> <p>HARD TO HAVE AN ENGAGED EXPERIENCE IN A SEMESTER OR LESS</p> <p>LUCKILY, THERE ARE PLENTY OF WAYS YOU CAN GET AN ADVANTAGE OUT OF SA; THEY JUST ARENT AS OBVIOUS.</p> <p>THE WAY TO THINK ABOUT THIS IS TO PUT YOURSELF IN THE EMPLOYERS SHOES</p> <p>13Skills Required for EmploymentVerbal communication skillsStrong work ethicTeamworkAnalytical skillsInitiativeProblem-solving skillsWritten communication skillsInterpersonal skillsComputer skillsFlexibility/adaptability</p> <p>Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comAccording to NACE, here are top ten general skill sets EMPLOYERS REQUIRE OF NEW COLLEGE GRADS</p> <p>EMPLOYERS CONSISTENTLY SAY THEY CANT GET ENOUGH STUDENTS WITH RIGHT SKILL-SETSMarked in red where most students do not have the skills that are required of employers</p> <p>WHERE THERE IS A PROBLEM, THERE IS OPPORTUNITY</p> <p>Almost all of these skills can be demonstrated through SA</p> <p>AND145 key skills from study abroad Verbal communication skillsInitiativeProblem-solving skillsInterpersonal skillsAdaptability</p> <p>Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comSA PROVIDES PLENTY OF OPPS TO DEMONSTRATE 5 OF THE TOP TEN SKILLS</p> <p>RECENT TRENDS MAY BE HELPFUL TO STUDENTS AS THEY GATHER EXAMPLES OF THESE SKILLS 15Recent trendsNumbers of students going to Europe are down 4%, while numbers going to South America and Africa are up 13% and 16% respectively</p> <p>Big increases in number of students going to South Korea and PeruCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comRecent trends over the last year</p> <p>South Korea and Peru which were up 29% and 32%</p> <p>ANY TIME YOU GO TO A LOCATION THAT IS UNUSUAL, YOU SET YOURSELF APART FROM OTHERS</p> <p>HOW DO YOU DO THAT?</p> <p>BY ACING THE 2AM IN JAPAN TEST</p> <p>ALL EMPLOYERS ASK IT IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER</p> <p>MEANING; WOULD I WANT TO BE STUCK IN AN AIRPORT IN JAPAN AT 2AM</p> <p>ARE YOU AN INTERESTING PERSON; DO YOU HAVE A PASSION? DO YOU HAVE AN INTERESTING STORY?</p> <p>16Importance of languagesLanguages can provide a competitive advantage in the job searchFew students go to countries where difficult languages are spoken (Chinese, Russian, Arabic)</p> <p>Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comSOMETIMES YOU DONT KNOW HOW THE LANGUAGE WILL BE HELPFUL: LONDON I-BANKERS WANT GERMAN SPEAKERS</p> <p>ABERCROMBIE HIRED GRACE BECAUSE SHE KNEW MANDARIN SPEAKERTHEN SENT HER TO SINGAPORE</p> <p>SOMETIMES, THE FACILITY TO LEARN LANGUAGES AND TO BE GEOGRAPHICALLY MOBILE IS MOST IMPORTANT SKILL</p> <p>TOO BAD: FEW STUDENTS STUDY THE LANGUAGES MOST IN DEMAND. </p> <p>SOMETIMES KNOWLEDGE OF A LANGUAGE CAN MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. IN CHRIS CASE, HE WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN ABLE TO GET INTO STATE DEPARTMENT IF HE HADNT BEEN FLUENT IN ARABIC17Keys to making study abroad a career advantageUnderstand what employers valuePlan in advance, meeting with career advisorHave an engaged experienceDe-brief transferable skills upon returnCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comSO LETS RECAP.</p> <p>NOW I WANT TO TALK ABOUT SPECIFICS: WHAT DO STUDENTS NEED TO DO BEFORE LEAVING CAMPUS, WHILE THEYRE AWAY, AND WHEN THEY RETURN18Before leavingTake advanced classes in the language of the host country</p> <p>Take courses in history, political science, sociology, or other disciplines with a focus on the region of the world the student wants to study</p> <p>Read newspapers from the foreign country</p> <p>Identify an intellectual interest that can be developed in a particular programCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comWhile abroadGet out of your comfort zonePractice your language skillsGet to know the people; make local friendsWrite a blogFind opportunities to do internships or volunteer workCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comWhen you come backDe-brief your experience with a career advisor</p> <p>Tell stories</p> <p>Identify transferable skills</p> <p>Find your hook!Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comHAVE TO COME DOWN TO EARTH</p> <p>LOTS OF EMOTIONS</p> <p>RE-ENTRY ISSUES</p> <p>TALK ABOUT WHAT THE EXPERIENCE WAS LIKE</p> <p>WORK WITH CAREER ADVISOR TO PINPOINT THE EXAMPLES YOU COULD USE TO ILLUSTRATE WHAT SKILLS AND ATTRIBUTES YOUVE ACQUIRED21Finding your hookDid your study abroad experience help you develop a special skill or attribute?Can you tell employers a relevant story that sets you apart from the competition?Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comWHATS A HOOK</p> <p>ITS SOMETHING RELEVANT TO AN EMPLOYER THAT SETS YOU APART, OR A STORY BY WHICH THEY CAN REMEMBER YOU.</p> <p>IT MIGHT BE LEARNING HOW TO BARGAIN IN A MOROCCAN BAZAAR, OR IN MY CASE, WHAT I LEARNED FROM BEING ARRESTED IN IRAN WHEN I WAS 1922Career/ Study Abroad collaborationIdentify common goalsShare information about employer and study abroad realities with students AND parentsInclude career information in study abroad materials and orientations, and study abroad information in career orientationsCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comSO, WEVE GONE THROUGH HOW STUDENTS CAN GET A CAREER ADVANTAGE OUT OF SA, BUT HOW DO YOU GET THEIR ATTENTION IN ADVANCE OF THEIR INTERNATIONAL TRIPS</p> <p>HERES WHERE SA/CS COLLABORATION COMES IN</p> <p>WHAT IVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT IS NOT COMMON KNOWLEDGE; IT NEEDS TO BE</p> <p>MESSAGE HAS TO GET TO STUDENTS AND THEIR PARENTS</p> <p>HAS TO GET TO THEM EARLY IN MULTIPLE VENUES</p> <p>23Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comThe international career programEducate all out-going students about the potential career value of study abroadEnroll interested students in an International Career Program contract, with rights and responsibilities and a dedicated career advisorThe career advisor helps students identify foreign internship and volunteer opportunities, involving faculty where possible. He/she also helps student identify transferable skillsStudy abroad and careers staff work together to sign up local alumni mentors for studentsWANT TO SUGGEST A POSSIBLE NEW INITIATIVE TO YOU </p> <p>NOT ALL STUDENTS WANT TO DO WHAT IT WOULD TAKE TO GET A CAREER ADVANTAGE OUT OF SA</p> <p>FOR THOSE WHO ARE WILLING TO COMMIT TO CERTAIN ACTIONS, THE ICP WOULD GIVE THEM SUPPORT TO ENHANCE THEIR EXPERIENCE</p> <p>24Challenge for study abroad officesStudents and their families demand interesting and enjoyable programs in safe locations and frequent contact Faculty may favor formal education over experiential educationOnly a small percentage may be prepared to do what it takes to get a career advantage</p> <p>Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comTHERE REMAIN CHALLENGES FOR BOTH SA AND CAREERS OFFICES25Challenge for careers officesStudents want to return to their Study Abroad locationEmployers often required specialized skills before offering international assignmentsFew careers offices have staff with specialized knowledge of international opportunities, or are familiar with strategies for success in the international job search</p> <p>Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comResourcesGoing Global: http://www.goinglobal.com/en/college-services/Transitions Abroad: http://www.transitionsabroad.comLanguages Work: http://www.languageswork.org.uk/careers_advisers1.aspxSheila Currans website: http://www.curranoncareers.com/advantages-of-study-abroad/Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.com27What next?Write strategic plan for both career services and study abroad that discusses student outcomes relating to global education and experienceIdentify, gather and analyze success metricsConsider an International Career ProgramGOOD NEWS: The student who has the best educational experience is the one most likely to also find a career benefit from study abroadCurran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comWHATEVER THE CHALLENGES, THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT THE STUDENT WHO HAS THE BEST EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCE IS THE ONE MOST LIKELY TO ALSO FIND A CAREER BENEFIT FROM STUDY ABROAD28DiscussionContinue the conversation:</p> <p>Sheila J. Curran401 861 2278Curranoncareers.comSheila.curran@curranoncareers.com</p> <p>Curran Consulting, April, 2011: www.curranoncareers.comDO YOU HAVE A STRATEGIC PLAN? </p> <p>HOW COULD YOU USE YOUR STRATEGIC PLAN TO GET INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT TO HELP STUDENTS?</p> <p>WHAT ARE YOUR CHALLENGES? HOW WILL YOU SOLVE THEM?</p> <p>ARE THERE ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGES YOUD WANT TO MAKE TO ENHANCE THE CAREER VALUE OF STUDY ABROAD?</p> <p>DO YOU HAVE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES OF SKILLS STUDENTS HAVE ACQUIRED DURING STUDY ABROAD THAT THEY COULD USE AS EXAMPLES IN INTERVIEWS?29</p>