110110r1 brief principio photovoltaic top roof projects in italy march 2011

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1. Photovoltaic Top Roof Projects in ItalyMarch 2011 Ref. No. 110110 rev1Italian Indicator: in March 2010the Italian PV aggregatedpower capacity is 4 GWsharing experience 2. PRINCIPIO energy consulting .01principio Spanish voice of principle noun (basicidea) /prnt.s.pl/[C] a basic idea or rule that explains or controlshow something happens or worksMISSIONEstablished in 2009, PRINCIPIO energy consulting is an independent company expertise inenergy markets, which provides independent consultancy services, energy projectdevelopments as well as outsourcing management services. We provide impartialadvise and support to the investors, producers, constructors, engineering and legalfirms, suppliers and end users of energy consumptions.Active in Barcelona and Milan is active in European and MENA energy markets.PRINCIPIOs goal is to become a large consultancy company by providing strategicconsultancy services which enable our clients to improve their business and technicalactivities.Our core strength is the ability to combine expert knowledge of the markets with firstclass quantitative analysis gathering the highest quality commercial, economic,strategic, and policy advice in the rapidly changing energy sector. 3. .02 PRINCIPIO energy consultingACTIVITIESPRINCIPIOenergy consulting offers his experienced services throughout thedevelopment chain of energetic projects, giving to our clients a strategic and integralserviceEnergy project development Chart FlowStage 1 Stage 2Stage 3 Stage 4Stage 5Project Engineering andProject EPC Engineering, O&MScouting /Design Financing Procurement andOperation andreliabilityConstructionPermitting / Financingmaintenance Mgmtstudy / GreenCommitment andProjectStructureField Energy consumptionsdevelopmentof theaware of EPCLand ScoutingProjectPermits, Lisences,Easements easements andstudies authorizationsEnergetic studyExit Strategy / Project Trade / AcquisitionOpportunity to InvestorNegotiation and Closing 4. PRINCIPIO energy consulting .03PV TOP ROOF PROJECTS ItalyNOTE This document is executed and addressed to industrial and commercialbuildings owners who are initially intentioned to get an economical profit by usingthe roof building as surface for a photovoltaic project implementation. Thisdocument describes the forms of integration with the project.PRINCIPIO energy consulting has develop part of its his activity in the RenewableEnergies Market, since the green economy and subsides to such energy resources hascaused an increasing on its development and consequently demand Photovoltaics isone of the areas of expertise.Italy is the current world wide country most active in photovoltaic energydevelopment due to governmental policy based in Feed in Tariffs, or subsides forgreen energy production, and the obligation to buy the produced energy by the PVfacility. Top roof photovoltaic projects are expected to have a large development andbe the focus for investments for the next years (2011 2012) based on a reduction ofthe traditional ground fixed PV plants. 5. .04 PRINCIPIO energy consulting PV TOP ROOF PROJECTS Italy Renewable Energiessharing experienceForms of integration with the PV top roof ProjectRoof Lease AgreementThe owner transfer the usufruct of the building roof through a rightsurface agreement and hence is established a lease fee for 20+ years.Scenario1Roof Lease AgreementBenefits / advantagesEconomical profit for a non used part of the buildingThe agreement could be extended to the parking shelterImage and marketing benefits Corporate social responsibilityWeaknessCoexistence with a PV project (right of way, maintenance, etc)Investment OpportunityThe owner of the building invests in his propriety roof and brings theProject to Operational and Maintenance stage.Scenario 2Investment OpportunityBenefits / advantagesInteresting Rate of Return (IRR) of the Project Approx. 10 15%(unleveraged).Reduction of Running Costs No surface lease costsThe investment could be extended to the parking shelterImage and marketing benefits Corporate social responsibilityFor large energy consummators reduction of energy costs throughtrading produced energy scenarioWeaknessModerated investment costs (CapEx)Coexistence with a PV project (right of way, maintenance, etc) 6. PRINCIPIO energy consulting .05 PV TOP ROOF PROJECTS Italy Renewable Energies sharing experienceModalities of CollaborationPRINCIPIO energy consulting can provide an integral consultancy service, both technical asstrategic, along all the phases of Top Roof PV development process. Stage 1Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4Stage 5 ProjectEngineering and Project EPC Engineering, O&M Scouting / DesignFinancing Procurement and Facility Management reliabilityConstructionPermitting / studyProjectdevelopmentScenario 1 Roof Lease AgreementPRINCIPIO energy consulting identifies reliable Italian and international investors to undersignRoof Lease AgreementsScenario 2 Investment OpportunityPRINCIPIO energy consulting develops the Project during the engineering and permitting stageand identifies and supports the awarding of an experienced, bankable and reliable EPCcompany for construct and maintain the PV facility.All inquires should be addressed toMr. Carlos Rey Micolaucarlos. rey@principioenergy.com 7. .06 PRINCIPIO energy consultingPV TOP ROOF PROJECTS Italy Renewable Energies sharing experienceStudy Case PV top roof Project 800 kW 15.000 m2Investment return for investor Integration scenario 2 Buildingownerbenefits Integrationscenario 1DISCLAIMER The above data is provided only for information and simulation purposes, thisdocument includes certain assumptions, statements, examples and estimations that might vary ina real project but represents a reliable PV top roof project case . All rights reserved 8. principioenergy.com info@principioenergy.com BARCELONA MILANO


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