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What strategies are you overlooking to keep your employees productive?


<ul><li> 1. 11 Things That Make Workers Happy What strategies are you overlooking to keep your employees productive? By: David Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Staff Writer </li> <li> 2. Strategy Index1. Employee Growth: Good or Bad?2. Training from Within3. Just how big does a bonus need to be?4. Offer Autonomy To Workers5. Tricks to improve your office living6. The Home Office7. Cutting the Waste8. Give Workers Balance In Their Lives9. Offer Unique Benefits Package10. The Fitness Program11. The Productivity Break </li> <li> 3. Offer room for growthEmployees are unlikely to be happy if they continueto come to a job that offers no room for growthand advancement.New studies have proven those who felt there wasa lack of advancement opportunity began searchingfor a new job.Maria Kraimer, co-author of one of these studiesmentioned that by providing developmentalsupport and career mentoring, you are able toreduce the amount of employees preparing toleave your organization in favor of betteropportunities. For more information on increasing employee productivity in 2013 check out our latest countdown. </li> <li> 4. Offer a good training programGreater engagement between the organization and employees hasbeen found in companies where a sponsored training session ormentorship is already in place.Socialized by Default vs. Socialized by Design: Helping new hiresadjust to the corporate culture is key for productivity. According toProfessor Jamie Gruman at the University of Guelph, inGuelph, Ontario who conducted research into this experience, byreducing the fend for yourself mentality, newcomers to anorganization can become empowered and leads to greaterengagement and productivity for the future. </li> <li> 5. Just how big does a bonus have to be? A new study reveals that 60% of workers would be happy with a bonus of just $25. Would this work in your organization? With businesses continuing to struggle in this economy, this is positive news for employers hoping to retain loyal employees despite their financial situation. This may be a simple solution to help maintain a productive workforce and competitive business. For more information on increasing employee productivity in 2013 check out our latest countdown. </li> <li> 6. Waiting for Approval?Motivate your employees from within. Research has found thatperformance, engagement and confidence will spike if employees havethe freedom to get the job done in their own way.Approvals should be used sparingly to show that new hires have the abilityand trust from their senior managers. This boosts productivity andstreamlines the reporting function so that employees wont waste timewaiting for an approval from management. For more information on increasing employee productivity in 2013 check out our latest countdown. </li> <li> 7. Tricks to improve your office livingIts shouldnt come as a surprise but employees are happier if they likewhere they work. Heres some quick ideas that may be able to boostmorale and recognize a job well done: Providing Food during breaks Playing Music Reduce Meeting Length Recognizing Employee AchievementCommunication is key with employees as it helps to alleviate manyconcerns they may have about their job. It doesnt matter how youcommunicate - in person, in an email or with a handwritten note allhelped to make workers feel better at work. </li> <li> 8. The Home OfficeMany workers today believe that ahome office could become thewave of the future as it allows youto still be productive whileachieving that level of comfortthat so many organizations arestriving for in hopes of retainingtalent. </li> <li> 9. Cutting the WasteAllowing workers to keep focused on their jobs without constantinterruption is another way to keep employees happy and productive.Employees were found to spend 100 hours a year dealing with pointlessemails leading to increased stress and inbox overload.Many employers are considering email blackout periods or timeouts tohelp deal with this overload and keep levels of productivity on the rise.With pointless emails eliminated, workers can focus only on relevant itemsrelated to work. That can lead to employees who are happier since theywill not need to deal with pointless and time-consuming issues. </li> <li> 10. Creating the Ultimate Work-Life BalanceJust how important is your own work-life balance and would you accept anew opportunity that only focused on career benefits?Balancing the work-life relationship presents an opportunity for companiestrying to keep their workers happy. Research has shown that employerswho excel at this balancing act are able to retain employees who feelconnected to the organization which in turn boosts morale and levels ofoutput.Something to consider: Over 67% of workers said they would stay at acompany because of the balance that it offers them in their lives. </li> <li> 11. Benefits that make senseCompanies can help workers improve their work life balance with the perks thatthey offer. Benefits that now stretch beyond traditional vacation days and 401Ksinclude: Child Care Tutors Senior Care Housekeepers Pet Care Personal convenience providersCare.com offered solutions like these above and the feedback was overwhelming:"Across the board, the feedback we get from our clients is that Care.com reallyhelps them manage their personal and professional obligations," said ChrisDuchesne, vice president of workplace solutions at Care.com. "The net benefitthere to the employee and the organization is increased productivity, work hoursand decreased absenteeism. Workers were also more loyal and engaged at work." </li> <li> 12. The Fitness ProgramKeeping workers healthy is key to their overallhappiness and productivity. Many companies nowincluded programs to help control health care costsand keep employee stress at all time lows.Program advancements in employee health can nowinclude biometric screenings, health riskassessments, on-site clinics and pharmacies andemployee assistance programs.Workers who participated in this research werefound to be less stressed and therefore happier andhealthier at work. Though many of these programsare in their infancy, workers are beginning to look tothem as an attractive option to keep healthy. </li> <li> 13. The Productivity BreakNew research is showing that there is a value to employees that take shortbreaks during the course of their workday .Many companies are now loosening their perceptions on break times foremployees. Whether its surfing the internet or taking a quick walk outside,employers are seeing increased productivity and better morale through theseexperiments.Workers, however, should not get overly excited about long breaks from work touse social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. The researchsuggests that breaks of just 10 minutes are enough to elicit positive benefits. For more information on increasing employee productivity in 2013 check out our latest countdown. </li> <li> 14. Thank You &amp;Follow us on Twitter @BNDArticles Facebook Google+ </li> </ul>