11 google plus best practices for businesses

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If you are a business, do not miss having a profile on Google Plus. Here are 11 Google Plus best practices for business.


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2. 1. Provide complete details about your company/business Image Name of the company/business Location Telephone numbers Link to the official website 3. 2. Add a Google+ badge too your website Google Badge holds good for other social platforms that your business is a part of. A Google Plus follow button, or a badge would help you establish Google publisher markup. Read HERE to know how it can benefit your business. 4. 3. Add Google+ sharing buttons to your website Have social sharing buttons on your business blog the more you share, the further it reaches. What ever is shared on Google+ is instantly indexed by Google, unlike Twitter and Facebook! 5. 4. Join Communities Communities help you interact with your customers and those in the same field. If want to build credibility and a name for yourself in that specific area, joining and participating in Communities will surely help! 6. 5. Create Google places account or a Google Plus Local Page for your business If local listings are important to you, Google plus local page is what you require. It will help you to connect with local customers. Read HERE to see what kind of profile your business needs. 7. 6. Engage, Engage, Engage. Post interesting things on your Google+ profile page If its a B2B company, share links to your blogs and ask your customers for their views. If its a B2C company, offer discounts on all social websites you are linked with. Hole competitions and encourage customers to participate. 8. 7. Set up a custom Google Plus Profile URL A custom Google Plus Profile URL makes it easier for your customers to locate and connect with you. With custom Google Plus Profile URL, you will be eligible for Google+ Direct Connect. Find steps to set up a Custom Google Plus Profile URL HERE! 9. 8. Encourage customers to write reviews Reviews for local businesses are a great way to attract new customers, and show up easily on organic search results. Experiences of fellow customers greatly affect the choices of new customers. They show up on local listings and search results. 10. 9. Use hashtags appropriately Hashtags help customers find exactly what they are looking for or something relevant to that, since they have hashtags. Dont over do it, use where necessary. Hashtags on Google Plus are specifically important as Google indexes G+ hashtags for search results. 11. 10. Customize your posts _ I am italic Text_ = I am italic Text *I am bold Text* = I am bold Text *_I am italic and bold Text_* = I am italic and bold Text -I am strike through Text- Customize your posts using these options! Also, create a complete post on Google Plus with its own URL! 12. 11. Make use of circles Family Work Friends Class- mates Create custom circles, customers, colleagues, family, friends etc. and share posts relevant to a specific set of people. 13. With LeadSquared, capture, manage & engage your leads till they convert Sign up for LeadSquared Trial Enjoyed reading? Share it with others Blog.Leadsquared.com