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Download 1080P HD SPY WIFI CAMERA User Manual - Wilpe.com 2017-10-07آ  1080P HD SPY WIFI CAMERA User Manual HD

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    User Manual

    HD WIFI camera instruction This product is an external hd 1080 p @ 25 T F card storage WIFI camera with photo, video and motion detecting, storage in one multi-functional high-tech new product.This product AC220V power supply, can work long hours. HOT Sale ◇ Ultra clear lens OV9712 makes the effect more clearly. ◇ Zip file feature that allows more storage space. ◇ Appearance design is exquisite and meticulous, ◇ Exquisite and meticulous appearance design is more concealed. ◇ Hidden lens let you rest assured to use anytime and anywhere . ◇ Hidden switch designed make your manipulation experience more science and technology. ◇ Full HD 1080 taking photo and video recording are clearer and more fluid. ◇ Brand new high-speed USB interface design connected directly to the computer to access the data. ◇ Supporting HD webcam function, face to face to experience clear world. ◇ Supporting high-capacity storage, maximum support 32G. ◇ Powerful functionality with photographic sound recording, take photo and motion detection function etc. ◇ External storage design is more practical and convenient, the information is more secure.

    ◇ Motion detection function doesn’t to miss splendid moment.

  • 2. APP Software Download

    (picture 1) (picture 2) A. Using a mobile phone browser scan QR code directly (picture1), Enter to (picture 2)

    1) This installation way is only used in mainland China

    2) Android mobile can download APP software named “iminicam” when you click

    “Google Play” and install directly.

    3) Apple mobile/Ipad can download APP software named “iminicam” when you click

    to APP store and then install directly.

    3. To Make camera connect with Internet

    a) How to set up remote connection?

    1) Use a TF memory card connect with your computer;

    2) Create new file named Wi-Fi;

    3) To input your own Wi-Fi user name and pass word directly, for example:

    Or copy the file from CD directly and then change your Wifi user name and your Wi-Fi password.

    1) Save the file into your TF memory card, and then insert it to your camera, it will

    be connected by automatically.

    2) It’s connected when you saw red and yellow light keep steady on.

  • 3) To Click APP mark, you will enter this image

    and click mark on the top right corner and finally

    You will see this image ,and then click first column directly.

    You can see video directly when see user online status. Pay attention: If you want see the video via another mobile in the same time, click the second

    column , connected camera by your hand. Input UID and then you will finish this action.

  • B. How to set up short range connection?

    1) Camera rolled to the remote router mode by default,.

    2) Camera will be restart when Press “Reset” key and keep 5 minutes until you saw the light off.

    3) Mobile can connect with camera directly. 4) Cameras rolled to the remote router mode by default,Please put the camera to

    reset.(To press reset key with 5 seconds). Camera will be auto reboot.

    5) Open mobile to research WIFI signal after 20 seconds .

    6) To click APP and this mark on top of right corner when connected, and

    then click this column, You can see video directly when see user online status.


    the signal is UID number, each camera is different, but format is same.

    3. Guideline for mobile connect with Camera (Remote mode 2)

    1) Open camera (Router mode): Open App and connect with camera.

    Pay attention: you can also click APP

    This mark and then enter this image

    click on top of right corner, you will see this image >

  • and then click this

    column Choose your own signal and input your password. For example:

    A. B. To click

    C. D.

  • E. F. Attention: You can click app and add your camera when the light keep steady on.

    G. H. To click and watch video directly. 5. How do view image on LAN web page ( Must keep your camera to connect with Internet)

    Open CD, and double click , It will search image, see below

    Double click,you will see below image

  • Input your user name and password and click to confirm, Finally you can

    see it directly Attention: You need to download the plugin and choose the language if this is your first time to use.


    Click and Setup

  • You will see UID and password(Original password: 8888), you can change to your

    own password.

    6. How to watch camera by Computer remote

    1) To Open your CD and put this software to install to your computer

    2.You will see this image and then click it, you can see this image

  • Input your user name and password, click this key. (Remark:Original user name is admin, no password)

    Click this image and you will see below image

  • click to add camera

    Click this key and then click this image Attention: Equipment: you can set up by yourselft P2P UID Paster Original password is 8888 7. Specifications

    Pixel 1200 Mega CMOS Resolution Ratio 1080P/720P/640P/320P

    Video Format ASF

    Frame Number 25

    Visual Angle 140 degree

    Motion Detection Camera


    Straight line 6 meters

    Minimal Illumination 1LUX

  • Battery Capacity 2200MA

    Video Duration Over 4 Hours

    Compressed Format H.264

    Recording Range 5㎡

    Consumption 240MA/3.7V

    Storage Temperature -20-80 degree centigrade

    Operating Temperature -10-60 degree centigrade

    Operation Humidity 15-85%RH

    Memory Card Type TF card

    Maximum capacity of

    memory card


    Player Software VLCPlayer/SMPlayer

    Computer Operating


    Windows/Mac OS X

    Mobile Phone Operating System


    Web browser IE7 and above,chrome,firefox safari.etc Largest customer 4


    1. Why remote monitoring is not smooth? You should choose suitable resolution to watch according to your Internet.

    2. Why SD card cannot save?

    SD card must be formatted if this is your first time to use.

    3. Why Connection is not on the network?

    Select the correct connection way according to your network

    4. Why APP remote viewing SD card video is not smooth?

    As a result of the mobile decoding ability are different, and you can adjust video

    equipment according to your mobile’s resolution

    5. How to find my password?

    To press reset key with 10 seconds and Restore the factory Settings.

  • Note: The device name easy to remember just write Paste on P2P UID Password had not been changed, then that is 8888 if you have modified, please fill in the date. Special note: 1. If the camera is not connected to the router, please reset, even after a hot machine to configure. 2. If the camera does not read the memory card, or mobile phone in the LAN advanced settings in the background formatting after use. 3. To play a video file on your computer, please use the disc in the player vlc_play software.


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