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Max David Cameron Brian Linder Joey Alan Andres Matthew Angel Alan Joshua Eric Adolfo Christopher Ryan Johnny Ramon Ricardo Jose Christian Carlos Emma Cincere Massire Roxana Natalie Sualee Mitzy Nyashia Gia Crystal Brianna Elizabeth Writing Journal: October is Eat Better, Eat Together Month. Write an invitation to a friend or a family member to join you for a meal. Include details about when you'll meet and what you'll eat. Writing Journal: Pretend that your town is considering banning trickortreating because it disturbs some residents. Write a letter to the council offering a solution that will please everyone.

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  • 1. WritingJournal:OctoberisEatBetter,EatTogetherMonth.Writeaninvitationtoa friendorafamilymembertojoinyouforameal.Includedetailsaboutwhenyoullmeet andwhatyoulleat. WritingJournal:Pretendthatyourtownisconsideringbanningtrickortreating becauseitdisturbssomeresidents.Writealettertothecouncilofferingasolutionthat willpleaseeveryone. Brianna Johnny Mitzy Joshua Roxana Joey Emma Max Nyashia Cincere Ricardo Ramon Eric Natalie AlanChristian Jose Gia Adolfo David Andres Massire CameronElizabeth Carlos Linder Brian Crystal Christopher Angel Matthew Ryan Sualee Alan
  • 2. ITBS TEST
  • 3. Reading - page 117Pipiolo and the Roof DogsGenreFantasy: tells a story about characters andevents that could not exist in real life.Generate QuestionsCause and Effect: As you read, use your Cause andEffect chart.Read to Find OutHow does Pipiolo change the lives of the roof dogs?
  • 4. Generate QuestionsWhen we read we can generate our ownquestions about a selection and then read on tosee if they are answered.For example, what does Lupe mean when shesays that her dog Pipiolo is the "savior of theroof dogs?" What is a roof dog?Ive never heard that term before. I willcontinue reading to see if my questions areanswered in the story.
  • 5. Cause Effect A cause in an event or action that makes Pullsomething happen. An effect is what happens because of an event or action. Ask, "What happened?" to find the effect. Ask,"Why?" to find the cause. Signal words, such as because, so, since, and as aresult, can help locate cause-and-effect.
  • 6. page Cause Effect 120 Lupes house does not Pipiolo is free to walk Why doesnthave a flat roof with Lupe to school. Pipiolo share the same fate as the other dogs in San Pablo Etla?
  • 7. What things is the author comparing when hewrites that Lupe and Pipiolo "howled right alongwith them in their symphony of celebration?Metaphor: The writer is comparing the howlingof the dogs to the sounds of musical instrumentsplaying. They are expressing their joy by howling,just as a person might express joy by singing.
  • 8. Like as
  • 9. page Cause Effect 122 Lupes house does not Pipiolo is free to walkhave a flat roof with Lupe to school. Why is Pipiolo so tired during thePipiolo stays up all He is tired duringnight. the day. day?
  • 10. FortheWeekofOctober10,20111.clear 11.blurt2.nerve 12.thirst3.squirt 13.spur4.verse 14.engineer5.surf 15.jeer6.lurk 16.sneer7.year 17.dreary8.stern 18.squirm9.spurts 19.swerve10.lurch 20.yearns
  • 11. Pumpkin Craft!
  • 12. HomeworkSummaryFriday,October14,2011Other1.BringapackofpenonMonday:)Enjoyyourweekend!
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