10/12/20151 Fillmore Middle School Fillmore Unified School District School Site Council (SSC)

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  • **Fillmore Middle School Fillmore Unified School District

    School Site Council(SSC)

  • Why do we have an SSC?

    Every district school is required to establish and maintain an appropriately-configured School Site Council. Meaningful consultation on site plan and categorical budgetsCalifornia Education Code 52852

  • Myths about SSCs The principal is a non-voting member of the SSC. The principal has veto power over SSC decisions. A majority is 50%. Operational issues and student discipline come under the SSCs purview. Roundtable is an appropriate SSC agenda item. The SSC is an advisory group.

  • SSC Responsibilities Develop, monitor, and evaluate a Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) for categorically funded programs operated at the school to improve student achievement. (Education Code Section 64001)

  • SSC ResponsibilitiesSSC members must have knowledge of, review, and monitor:Student achievement data (STAR, API scores, reading and math benchmark assessment results, CELDT results, attendance rates, suspension rates, etc.)The implementation of the various components of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)The effectiveness of the SPSA strategies and make modifications as needed

  • Purpose and Duties of the SSC

    Establish the Council and Bylaws.Establish/Review school goals and select specific improvements.Develop the SPSA with collaboration and input from other advisory groups.Allocate categorical expenditures associated with the plan.Monitor progress of plan implementation.

  • Purpose and Duties of SSC (cont.)

    Review/Modify plan as needed.Collaborate with other advisory groups. Develop/Oversee Title I Parent Involvement Policy and Home/School Compact.Recommend plan to Board of Education.

  • Roles and Responsibilities of SSC MembersRegularly attend SSC meetings; come prepared with materials and good ideas.Review district policies and procedures regarding categorical programs and budgets.Review meeting procedures.Focus on improving student achievement for all students.

  • The School PrincipalIs a voting member of the council. Provides information and leadership.Is responsible for staff and student elections of the SSC.Is responsible for the proper functioning and implementation of the SSC.Is responsible for any program and/or fiscal implications due to non-compliance with federal/state policies, rules, and regulations.Directs staff to implement the approved Student Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) and monitors in conjunction with SSC.

  • OfficersThe council shall elect officers, including:Chairperson to organize, convene, and lead meetings of the councilVice-Chairperson to serve in the absence of the chairperson*Secretary to record events and actions taken at council meetings

  • Organizing the SSCOpportunity and Equal Education Access

    The District does not deny any person the opportunity to participate as a member of planning or advisory committees on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic group identification, race, ancestry, national origin, religion, color, mental disability, or physical disability.

  • Organizing the SSC

    Elementary/Middle School Composition

  • Elementary Model10 Total Members of School Site CouncilPrincipal-1 ClassroomTeachers-3Other Staff (1)Parents/Community(5)

  • Rules of OrderMeetings must be open to the public.The public must be given the opportunity to address the School Site Council (SSC) on topics under the jurisdiction of the SSC.Notice of the meeting must be posted at the school site or other accessible place at least 72 hours in advanceThe SSC cannot act on an item not described on the posted agenda unless, by unanimous vote, it finds a need for action unknown when the agenda was posted.

    The notice must specify the meeting date, time, location, and the agenda.If these procedures are violated, upon demand of any person, the SSC must reconsider the item at its next meeting, after allowing for public input on the item.(Education Code Section 35147)

    The Greene Act - The council must observe the following rules of order:

  • How To Hold ElectionsCan be in the Spring or Fall.Call for Nominations (via school newsletter, website, at PTA meetings, registration, etc).Elections must be open to all eligible constituents.

  • SSC BylawsBylaws should clarify such matters as:Duration of terms for members and officers Election procedures Meeting timesQuorum requirements Attendance proceduresMeans of electing members and officersNotice of elections for each peer groupResponsibilities of the councilA policy of non-discriminationElection of alternate members

  • The Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)The intent of the Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) is to create a cycle of continuous improvement of student performance, and to ensure that all students succeed in reaching state academic standards.The school plan serves as an official document in audits to determine appropriate expenditures of categorical funds, including equipment purchases, and personnel responsible to complete multi-funded and semiannual certifications.

  • Guidelines for Categorical ExpendituresProvide direct instructional support to students to improve academic achievement.Supplement the districts core program.Support professional development.Foster parent partnerships.

    Categorical funds must be:Reflected in the school plan.Approved by the SSC.



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