100 Days of Murder: The Rwandan Genocide, April 6 - June 22, 1994.

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  • 100 Days of Murder:The Rwandan Genocide, April 6 - June 22, 1994

  • The Origins the Rwandan GenocideThe Kingdom of Rwanda: Tutsis and Hutus

    1890Germany awarded Rwanda

    1918-1962Rwanda under the Belgians: Constructing EthnicDivisions, Racism, and New Hatreds

    1959Hutu Emancipation Movement

    Rwandan Independence, Hutu Nationalism, 20,000 Dead Tutsis

    1964/1974 Pogroms against Tutsis

    Rwandese Patriotic Front (Tutsis) Invades

    1993-1994Preparation for Genocide: Racist Propaganda and the Interahamwe Hutu Militias

    January 1994UN Commander learns of genocide plans; UN, USA, France, Russia, and China refuse material aid.

  • Timeline of Genocide (1994)April 6 Hutu Presidents Jet Shot-Down - Signal for Murder Hutu Militias round up and kill Tutsis and Hutu political opponents; UN Soldiers unable to prevent escalation of violence.

    April-July 800-900,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus murdered (equals Auschwitz efficiency); machetes weapon of choice; United Nations and Great Powers Do Nothing.

    April 29 UN concedes that acts of genocide may have been committed; 500,000 Rwandans killed.

    June 22 French intervene, do little to stop killing

    July Tutsi Rebels of RPF defeat Hut government and end genocide; Millions of Hutus, fearing retribution, flee to Congo, provoking a new war that leads to 3 million more deaths and continues today.

    1998 President Bill Clinton travels to Rwanda and apologizes for American inaction during the Genocide. 5000 American troops could have saved 400,000 lives.

  • The Interahamwe: The Killers

  • The Murdered

  • Counting the Dead

  • Orphans of the Genocide

  • Hutu Refugees

  • A Century of Mass Murder:CountryYearsApproximate Toll

    Soviet Union (Stalin)1930s-50s10-20 million

    Mao Tse Tung1950s-1960s20-30 million

    The Holocaust (Hitler)1939-19456 million

    Japan in China1937-19455+ million

    Cambodia (Pol Pot)1975-19761.7 million

    North Korea (Kim il Jung)1994-95c. 1-2 million

    Armenia (Turkey)19151.2 million


    East Timor1976-78600,000

    Darfur (Sudan)Ongoing250,000 & Counting

  • Darfur, Sudan(Today)


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