10 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Business

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<p>10 Way Social Media Marketing Can Benefit Your Business</p> <p>10 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your BusinessMarketing Talk, Lunch &amp; Periscope @Stellar_BizPro</p> <p>#1 Expand the ability of your business to support your products and servicesthereby keeping customers in the know developing and maintaining relationships with themhumanizing your brand / being you and relating to customers and potential clients</p> <p>#2 Identify and Build Relationships&gt; Relate to influential people and decision makers in your industry&gt; Include vendors and suppliers&gt; Companies with which you partner and form collaboration </p> <p># 3 Generate Leads&gt; Post interesting updates&gt; Target Market&gt; Use amazing visual content &gt; Videos, graphics, be creative&gt; Social Media Covers&gt; Blogs, Stock photos&gt; Make sure to be Micro-more visuals </p> <p>#4 Watch Your Competition&gt; Follow your competitors&gt; View clients feedback&gt; Trends Updates&gt; Stay ahead of the game</p> <p>#5 Stay connected &gt; Instant ways for business and customers to interact and engage&gt; Twitter and Facebook are ideal platform for interaction</p> <p>#6 Easy and Quickly getting the word out!</p> <p>&gt; Publish new developments&gt; at little or no cost&gt; low cost advertising</p> <p>#7 Improves your Visibility &gt; Search engines captures you&gt; Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn&gt; Optimize profiles</p> <p>#8 Publicize events and campaigns&gt; Facebook events&gt; Twitter&gt; Integration of social media, email marketing campaigns</p> <p>#9 Own Your Space on The Web&gt; Supplementing or Substituted for a website&gt; Own Your Presence&gt; Be Consistent&gt; Have Fun </p> <p>#10 What is Your Audience Saying? &gt; Through comments, reviews, and recommendations&gt; Use this a road map to better your services, products, to repackage and recreate marketing materials and your website</p>