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<p>How to say thank you?</p> <p>Thank you. / Thanks.Thank you very much.Thank you so much.Thanks a million. Thanks a lot.Thank you for (your help/ time).Thank you. The same to you. </p> <p>It was nice of you. You are very kind. Im so grateful to you. I appreciate your help.I appreciate it.Im very much obliged to you. You are welcome. /Welcome. Im glad I could help. Dont mention it. / Nothing of it. Not at all. / It was nothing. No problem! Anytime! The pleasure is all my. / My pleasure.</p> <p>How to say hello?</p> <p>questionanswer</p> <p> How are you? </p> <p> Hi, hows it going? </p> <p> How are you doing? Im great! Im wonderful! Super! Pretty good Im good Im happy Im okay Im fine. So-so I m sleepy Im tired Not bad. Im hungry Im sick Im sad. Im bad</p>