10 tips to take you from transactional recruiter to talent advisor

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Youve already proven yourself as a skilled and steadfast recruiter, but now youre ready to take your role to the next level. These 10 steps can help you go from transactional recruiter to talent advisor. Subscribe to Talent Advisor at: http://cb.com/TalentAdvisor


  • 1. TIPSto Take You fromTransactional Recruiterto Talent AdvisorYouve already proven yourself as a skilled and steadfast recruiter, but nowyoure ready to take your role to the next level. These 10 steps can help yougo from transactional recruiter to talent advisor.powered by:

2. Be assertive.Unless you speak up, your opinions and ideas will never be heard. Be boldand share your ideas without being asked. (And dont be afraid to repeatyourself once isnt always enough.)powered by: 3. Do your research.Be able to back up your opinions and ideas with research to prove howthey align with key business initiatives.powered by: 4. Know the lingo.Half the bale of geing executive buy-in is having the right elevatorpitch. If you want to get the C-Suites aention, you have to be direct,speak in terms of business impact and prove your expertise.powered by: 5. Pick your battles.You probably have more ideas than you will ever have time to realize andyour CEO would ever consider so focus on the ones that will have thebiggest impact on the organization and align with the overall business strategy.powered by: 6. Familiarize yourself with thetechnology.There are a variety of soware solutions designed to automate many HRfunctions. Educate yourself on these different platforms by signing up forfree trials and asking for recommendations from industry peers.powered by: 7. Create a succession plan.A good succession plan can help identify the next generation of leaders, prevent costlyhiring mistakes and increase retention, yet 65 percent of organizations dont have a formalprocess to identify and grow the talent they need. Show youre ahead of the curve bypresenting your CEO with a succession plan that aligns with desired business outcomes.powered by: 8. Expand your network.Find opportunities to meet and connect with people outside your innercircle. Make connections who can expose you to new ideas and newstrategies to improve your own organization.powered by: 9. Focusonengagement transparency.Todays most successful companies understand that employee engagementand leadership transparency are key to success. Use employee surveys togauge how well your organization is doing in these departments, and lookfor any roadblocks that are holding the company back and impeding success.powered by: 10. Understand the role of data in HR.Big data has the potential to transform the way HR operates; yet research showsonly 6 percent of HR departments feel they are effective in the area of big dataanalytics. Get ahead of the game: Familiarize yourself with the data analysis toolsout there and learn how to use them for key HR initiatives.powered by: 11. Become a business expert, notjust an HR expert.Youve aended enough HR industry conferences. Use some of thatbudget to take a business class or aend a conference that falls outsidethe realm of HR.powered by: 12. Forget what you think you knowAbout HR its all about to change.This content was created for CareerBuildersTalent Advisor Portal, an online hub of exclusive contentdesigned to empower you with the insight necessary to go from HR professional to Talent Advisor.THINKOFITASHRINHD.Meet the Talent Advisor Team: You see them at conferences; you read their blogs. You probably evenfollow them on Twier. They are the original Talent Advisors.MCCLURE RUETTIMANN STOLK BROWNE SACKETTbusiness leader, entrepreneurand executive coach.speaker, strategist andauthor of I AM HR.Ph.D., associate professor atSt. Norbert College.executive director of humanresources for LaRosa's, Inc.SPHR, president of HRUTechnical Resources.TAKEMETOTHETALENTADVISORPORTAL SUBSCRIBETOTALENTADVISOR 13. ABOUTCAREERBUILDERRecruiting is complicated. CareerBuilder makes it easy. We understand as the economy changes, so do the needs ofthe businesses and individuals we serve. Whatever your situation, were here to empower you with the resources youneed to find, hire and keep the best people. From candidates sourcing, to comprehensive, easy-to-understandworkforce data, to soware that streamlines your recruiting process, our solutions are designed to make yourrecruitment strategy simple, fast and effective, so you can focus on your No. 1 asset your people.CONNECTWITHUSFacebook.com/CBforEmployers Twier.com/CBforEmployersYouTube.com/CBforEmployers Blog: www.TheHiringSite.comLinkedin.com/company/careerbuilder-for-employerspowered by:


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