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Ten Marketing Strategies that put your app at the centre and make sure the wheel of profit and success keeps turning. Plus you’ll find advice and tips about the crunchy side of marketing – setting and measuring targets so you can really ramp up your ROI. Visit us at https://www.apphappening.com/ to get your app built now!


  • 1. How Not to Disappear 10 Marketing Tips to make your App Visible Marketing wisdom has it that you need to be talked about in seven different spheres in order to build any kind of successful profile. Weve upped that ante and are going to show you Ten Marketing Strategies that put your app at the centre and make sure the wheel of profit and success keeps turning. Plus youll find advice and tips about the crunchy side of marketing setting and measuring targets so you can really ramp up your ROI. Research So before we start rolling the Marketing Wheel of Success we all have to take a step back and focus on preparation. Research is the foundation of any marketing success story. Research, research and, did we mention research. Dont step blindly into the app market place. Get active and find out what is out there already. If someone else has already taken your unique, no-one-will-ever-think-of-this idea then its best to know before you begin. This kind of knowledge is not a hindrance its a gift. The more you know, the better placed you will be to create an app and a marketing approach that finds the exact right audience for it. 1. What apps are available that are similar to your idea? List them. Try them if you can. 2. What kind of feedback and reviews do these apps get from users? This can give you a goldmine of information about extra functionality people are seeking. 3. a good idea to create a table and rank the Top Ten Apps similar to yours. Include features, design, platform, Its category, user reviews and industry reviews. 4. What is the market size for your app? Is it everyone in the world (which will create a challenge for your campaign)? Or can you narrow a bit (music lovers who use iPhones, are highly social and download a lot of music this could be a description of the perfect Shazam user)? 5. What price point will gain optimum sales return? Account for both volume and per unit price. And of course be realistic about what the market will pay. In 2011, nine of Apples top ten free apps were functional and nine out of their paid apps were games. Is the market more willing to pay for entertainment than usefulness? Perhaps so. 6. What business model works best for your app? Free, Paid, In App advertising, In App Purchases, Sponsorship or a combination of these? Giving apps away can be part of a valid income generating strategy. 7. Create a marketing budget and either take charge of this yourself or make somebody responsible for delivering it. See our notes at the end of this guide on ROI for assistance with calculations. And now the fun begins. apphappening Pty Ltd. 2013 | 10 Marketing Tips V1.0 page 1
  • 2. 1.Blogging Start a blog about your app idea. Its a good idea to first see what other bloggers are in your space, what theyre talking about and are interested in. Presumably if you are creating an app in a particular area youre genuinely curious about what is going on in that sphere. You can start fairly low key make it a conversation, not a sales pitch. Ask questions of bloggers who are already experts people online like sharing knowledge. If you have an existing data base, reach out to them via your blog and ask for suggestions and ideas. Many people are concerned about giving away their idea at this early stage and thats understandable. The blog is more about creating conversations around the topic of your app, building up interest and cultivating a community of people who may be willing to help test your app once its ready and/or who will be ready to install it. The other area to focus on is the platform youre intending to use. Make contact if possible with influential people from the platform if its Apple, then find out who in Apple might be interested in your app, similarly with Android who at Google can you reach out to? Building kudos through blogging You may have heard of Benny Hsu, whose app Photo 365 shot to success in 2011. Benny had a personal development blog prior to creating his app and was actively involved in the blogging community. In fact, he attributes a large part of his success to reading another blog: The Smart Passive Income blog (Pat Flynn). Now Benny had a killer idea, did a lot of research and worked hard to develop an app that the market place was demanding. But his involvement in the blogging community definitely went some way to generating and upholding the interest in him personally online, which in turn continues to lead to interest in his app. Thats one way the marketing wheel turns. apphappening Pty Ltd. 2013 | 10 Marketing Tips V1.0 page 2
  • 3. 2.Website There are many good reasons to create a website for your app but were not going to list all of them. The Number One Reason To Create a Website for your App is to help people find it. The Apple App Store does not have a great reputation for search. We dont know why this is so and no doubt Apple will fix the problem one day, but for now: users are more likely to find your App searching on Google than in the Apple Store itself. By building a website and doing some basic SEO (search engine optimization) you can make sure that when people search for your app via its name or category or function, they have a good chance of finding it. Bottom line is, if you can rank for the terms connected to your app, your sales will increase. Ingredients for app success Have you heard of 4 Ingredients? Its a well known brand with a clever name, because even if youve never heard of it, you now can probably guess what its about. A strong, simple idea: how to cook great meals with just 4 Ingredients. The smart people at 4 Ingredients sell recipe books, do television appearances, have an interactive website and since its release in 2009, their app has been in the Top 25 in the iPhone lifestyle category. 4 Ingredients easy to remember, easy to search. And where does the search take you to the Apple Store? Of course not straight to the 4 Ingredients website with links directly to iTunes where you can purchase the app and along the way maybe join the website, like the Facebook page, recommend it to a friend apphappening Pty Ltd. 2013 | 10 Marketing Tips V1.0 page 3
  • 4. 3.CRM If you dont have one already, nows the time to get a simple Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application in place. The thing you want to do is build a community around your app before the launch date. From there you engage users and reviewers who will then have a vested interest in your app. You start to build buzz around the launch. The bigger your list, the better chance you have of a successful app launch. If you can create a lot of buzz and sales when you launch you might even get to be featured in the app store; which in turn will then drive even more sales. But how are you going to manage the database? Will you segment it so you can target different messaging to different groups? You can possibly tie this in with your existing CRM or database but that might get messy or confusing. A CRM app will help you create a solid data base, community and target launch audience that is solely dedicated to your app. You can categorize as you go and this will give you a solid way to track and communicate with your valuable contacts. A selection of CRM apps to choose from: Sugar CRM and Sugar Mobile Gist Kickapps InTouch CRM Infusionsoft Mobile specific apps: Batchbook Box.net Mobile Product or platform specific apps: Oracle Mobile Sales Assistant and Oracle Mobile Sales Forecast CWR Mobile CRM (for Microsoft Dynamics) Resco MobileCRM (for Microsoft Dynamics) Salesforce Chatter Rapportive (for Google Gmail users) apphappening Pty Ltd. 2013 | 10 Marketing Tips V1.0 page 4
  • 5. 4. Public Relations PR Firms Not so very long ago, Public Relations was dominated by exclusive PR firms. And the right kind of PR agency might be able to do wonders for your apps profile. If you have an existing relationship with a PR firm or have had one recommended then by all means, use their skills and contacts. Just be aware that there are no guarantees when it comes to PR. And if you are paying a firm at premium cost, you can burn through cash very quickly with little return. Approach media directly Do you have an existing contact at a major TV network or newspaper? Are you interested in cultivating one? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then cultivate this relationship key people within mainstream media can push your publicity to the top of the pack. Dont forget local media. This is often an easier route as local papers and community radio or TV stations are always on the look out for local stories. This can give your marketing campaign a real kick start. Youll need a well written and punchy press release and a bit of time to call each publication or organization and find out who to send it to. Then follow up with a polite (and not too pushy) phone call. Use the communities youre already part of Are you a regular contributor or well known user of an existing social network site such as www.digg.com? If people already know and respect you they will respond positively when you start talking about your app. Be authentic. Avoid being overly sales-y and keep generating and exploiting the great existing energy of online communities. Have you heard of Dark Marketing? This is a method where a PR campaign is launched but the company behind stays in the background. You would never do this in a deceptive way, its more a way of capturing an audience that may resist your brand at face value. Youre looking to create an alternative way to reach them. Its used partic

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