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  • 1. Top 10 Things to Know Before You Hire an Online Marke;ng Agency 1 Will there be a method to the online marke0ng being done for your business? If yes, nd out what that method is. It should include keyword research and managing search engine op:miza:on. Managing, crea:ng, edi:ng and publishing content-based projects.2 Who is responsible for crea0ng the content for your online marke0ng? Clarify how the content required for your online marke:ng success will be created. The op:ons are: it will be done by your sta, included as part of the outsourcing or a combina:on of both. How will your marke0ng sta be included in the agencys process? The answer to this important ques:on should be 3 dened up front. An agency or consultant wont know the strengths and weaknesses of your sta. So as youre working together designing the plan, assigning your marke:ng sta to work on key areas based on where theyd best t, is vital to your success. 4 How well does the agencys experience line up with your businesss needs? If youre a Veterinarian or and the agency youre interviewing has only worked with restaurants, its not impossible for them to be successful, the learning curve will just be 5 Does the agency guard the conden0ality of other clients? This is major. The integrity of your marke:ng plan should be taken very seriously, and if the agency youre interviewing is blabbing about conden:al informa:on of their clients, you can be sure they would do the same to you. 6 What types of success has been demonstrated for other clients? What client successes can this agency brag about and back-up with case studies, and client tes:monials? 7 What results can you expect from hiring an agency to manage your online marke0ng? Based o the demonstrated successes theyve had with other clients, are you provided with a range of what you should be able to expect from hiring them to work with you? 8 How are the marke0ng results measured? This ques:on determines the quality of the results you receive. How will your success be measured? Is it quan:able backed up by numbers? Will the successes be repeatable and measured the same way every :me? 9 How will you be kept informed of progress and setbacks? How frequently? Nothing is worse than being kept in the dark about something youve payed someone to do. The agency should have a repor:ng system set up so that you are given the necessary feedback at a minimum of monthly intervals. The frequency should be something that you both agree to and adjusted as needed. 10 Does your gut tell you that its a good t? APer you have the answer to the above ques:ons, the last thing to consider is does it feel right? Do you get along with your account manager and anyone else youve come in contact with from the agency? Have all your ques:ons been answered honestly and any misunderstandings cleared up appropriately? Are you comfortable hiring this agency for the job? Document Created By Louve Notes Media Group, LLC 2011