10 things married men should never forget

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  • 10 Golden Rules To a Happy Marriage!Discover everyday happiness in your relationship


  • #1 Don't forget that God brought you together

    Marriage is a sacred relationship between man and woman

  • #2 Remember, marriage is not a scorecard game

    Both husband and wife are on the same side

  • #3 Happiness is about understanding and accepting partner as they are

    How to do it? http://bit.ly/1HJVNb3

  • #4 Never bring up the past during an argument

    Past experiences are painful to hear

  • #5 Commit to making your partner's life beautiful

    Remember, marriage is not about you, but about the other person in your life

  • #6 Listen to your loveListen to understand, not to reply

  • #7 Respect each other's need for personal space and privacy

    Relationship blooms only when there is enough space for both within the relationship

    How to do it?: http://bit.ly/1xhZYr0

  • #8 Don't be judgmentalLove unconditionally and see the bond flower

  • #9 Learn to forgiveForgiveness heals like nothing else

    How to do it? http://bit.ly/1CcZCkk

  • #10 Relationship is all about giving, not expecting

    How to do it? http://bit.ly/1EH5IIn

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