10 Quick Tips to Give a Boost to Your Website & Online Marketing Efforts

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10 Quick Tips to Give a Boost to Your Website & Online Marketing Efforts. If you are following on Twitter . Tag your tweets with: #SMBTOOLS. Agenda. What you can expect today Speaker introductions 10 tips to give a boost to your website and online marketing. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>10 Quick Tips to Give a Boost to Your Website &amp; Online Marketing Efforts</p> <p>1If you are following on Twitter </p> <p>Tag your tweets with: #SMBTOOLS</p> <p>2Agenda</p> <p>What you can expect today</p> <p>Speaker introductions</p> <p>10 tips to give a boost to your website and online marketing</p> <p>3Is This How People React to Your Website?</p> <p>4</p> <p>5Is this your business? Nowhere online? Practically invisible? Today were going to talk about how customers, prospects, the public can find you more easily online and how to become more promimentWhat You Can Expect Today </p> <p>Improvements you can start on right awayPractical advice for every budgetMake it easier for customers to find you online and buy from you Broken down by: Site tips Customer acquisition tips</p> <p>6About Your Speakers</p> <p>7</p> <p>ModeratorAnita Campbell, FounderSmall Business Trendshttp://smallbiztrends.comTwitter: @SmallbiztrendsGuest ExpertJennifer Geh, Marketing ManagerThe Karcher Grouphttp://tkg.comTwitter: @OhioSEO </p> <p>8</p> <p>Poll</p> <p>9Question: Which of the following techniques has been most successful for you online? Search engine optimization services (SEO)Search engine ads (e.g., Google AdWords)Company blogOnline yellow pages, such as SuperPages.comSocial media sites such as Facebook and TwitterEmail marketingOnline press releases Guest posting on 3rd party blogs; or article marketingMobile marketingNone just getting started</p> <p>10</p> <p>Poll Results</p> <p>11</p> <p>10 tips to give a boost to your website and online marketing </p> <p>12</p> <p>Tells visitors why youre better than the competition Shows visitors that youre reputable, customer-oriented, reliable, etc.Provides opportunity to differentiate with personality &amp; passionAdds credibility to your businessTip #1 Create/Improve About Us Section13</p> <p>Things to include:Company historyWhy youre better than the competitionCompany awards/accoladesCertificationsAssociationsEmployee bios (if applicable)Images (office, employees, signage, etc)Message from the president/ownerValues/mission statementTip #1 Create/Improve About Us Section14</p> <p>Tip #1 Create/Improve About Us Section</p> <p>15</p> <p>Tip #1 Create/Improve About Us Section</p> <p>16</p> <p>Tip #2 Update ContentWhy is Fresh Content Important?</p> <p>Helps build authority for your siteIncreases frequency of search engine spideringIncreases return visitorsEngages users on your site Makes your site more linkable17</p> <p>Tip #2 Update ContentHow to Add Updated Content </p> <p>Add press releases and news articles Embed Twitter or blog feed(s)Add current informative articlesImplement tips of the day18</p> <p>Tip #2 Update Content</p> <p>19</p> <p>Tip #3 Add Testimonials &amp; Case Studies to Your WebsiteTheir Importance</p> <p>Establishes high-quality reputationInstills confidence in your product/serviceLends credibility to your businessEstablishes history of satisfied customersShows experience and track record</p> <p>Tip #3 Add Testimonials &amp; Case Studies to Your Website</p> <p>Tip #4 Incorporate ConversionsMake a purchaseContact you onlineFill out a quote requestSubmit a free consultation formDownload a PDF or white paper Sign-up for your newsletterPick up the phone &amp; callGet directions &amp; visit your storeDo you want your website visitors to:22</p> <p>Tip #4 Incorporate Conversions</p> <p>23</p> <p>Tip #4 Incorporate Conversions24</p> <p>Tip #4 Incorporate ConversionsDos &amp; Donts for conversion call-outs: Do put it above the foldDo match the rest of the websiteDont overpower the pages message/theme Dont put too many conversions on the pageDont ask too much information if using a form25</p> <p>Tip #5 Make Contact Information Easy to FindWhy Obvious Contact Information:</p> <p>Makes it easy for visitors to contact you Helps establish company is reputableInstills confidence in companyMakes it easier for visitors to find your physical locationIncreases local optimization opportunities</p> <p>Tip #5 Make Contact Information Easy to Find</p> <p>Tip #6 Implement a Search Engine Optimization StrategySEO CanIncrease online presence in search enginesIncrease traffic to your websiteIncrease the number of qualified conversions from your websiteIncrease your local presenceIncrease your online visibility</p> <p>Tip #6 Implement a Search Engine Optimization StrategyGetting Started with SEO</p> <p>Request a website analysis from SEM companyBring an experienced Search Engine Marketer in-houseResearch &amp; hire a reputable SEM firm to handle your websites SEMLearn the SEO basics (webinars, seminars, etc)</p> <p>Tip #7 Capitalize on Email MarketingTips to Increase Your Email List</p> <p>Include a checkbox to subscribe within your website contact form(s)Add downloadable content to your website that requests contact info before downloadingInclude sign up conversions throughout the website, particularly in your news sectionBuild a list of your current customers/clients30</p> <p>Tip #7 Capitalize on Email Marketing</p> <p>31</p> <p>Tip #8 Use Custom Landing PagesApplies to all types of marketing campaigns: email marketing, pay per click, direct mail, banner advertising, etc. </p> <p>always use a unique landing page32</p> <p>Tip #8 Use Custom Landing PagesImportance of a Unique Landing Page</p> <p>It takes users right to the content theyre interested inIt allows you to tailor your message, tone, etc. based on the copy that drove the clickIt can provide an opportunity to sell your services/products/company</p> <p>**the homepage could be a good landing page; however, most often its best to drive targeted traffic to a specific page just for them**33</p> <p>Tip #8 Use Custom Landing PagesLanding Page Creation Tips</p> <p>Provide conversion option(s) above the foldMatch the creative from the copy that drove the clickMinimize distractionsUtilize bullet points &amp; short paragraphsRe-enforce credibilityKeep the message constant, but not redundantInclude promotions or offersTEST to see what works &amp; what doesnt</p> <p>Tip #8 Use Custom Landing Pages</p> <p>Tip #9 Jump Into Social Media</p> <p>Tip #9 Jump Into Social MediaWhere to Get StartedBlog: secure a domain or create a section on your website &amp; start writingTwitter: secure your company name and start connecting with your marketFacebook: create a group or fan pageLinkedIn: create a company profile page or join an industry-specific groupYouTube: secure your company name; post videos if you have them</p> <p>Tip #10 Distribute ContentIncrease your online presence by distributing content on the web:</p> <p>Press ReleasesWhite PapersArticlesCase StudiesProductsVideosImagesQuestions?</p> <p>39Thank you!</p> <p>Anita Campbellhttp://smallbiztrends.com Twitter: @smallbiztrends ~Jennifer Gehhttp://tkg.comTwitter: @OhioSEO 40</p>