10 New Must Read Business Books - September 2014

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10 new must read business books coming out in September 2014. Books that will help you improve your communication skills, learn best practices from great companies, hone your memory, discover health and diet tips, read about the future of technology, valuable start-up advice, and maybe start a personal quest to reinvent your life.


<ul><li> 1. 10 NEW MUST READBUSINESS BOOKSSEPTEMBER 2014http://www.bookleverageblog.com</li></ul> <p> 2. 1. Everybody Writes Available September 15 Category: Writing Why Read? If you send emails, areon social media or havea company blog, writingbetter is a skill you musthave.http://www.bookleverageblog.com 3. 2. How Google Works Available September 23 Category: BusinessNarrative/Management Why Read? Who doesnt want toknow how one of themost successfulcompanies in the worldworks.http://www.bookleverageblog.com 4. 3. How We Learn Available September 9 Category:Learning/Memory Why Read? Dont you want to betterremember what youlearn and improve yourproductivity?http://www.bookleverageblog.com 5. 4. Slim by Design Available September 23 Category: Health &amp; Diet Why Read? Mindless Eating was agreat book and this bookpromises even moreinsight into theconnection between ourdiets and design choices.http://www.bookleverageblog.com 6. 5. Smartcuts Available September 9 Category: Management&amp; Leadership Why Read? Who doesnt want to getmore done in less time?http://www.bookleverageblog.com 7. 6. Superintelligence Available September 3 Category: ArtificialIntelligence Why Read? Will the robots followthe three rules ofrobotics?http://www.bookleverageblog.com 8. 7. The Happiness of Pursuit Available September 9 Category: Self-Help &amp;Motivation Why Read? The power of a personalquest to change our life.http://www.bookleverageblog.com 9. 8. The Sense of Style Available September 4 Category: Writing &amp;Grammar Why Read? We all need to be betterwriters to get ourmessages heard.http://www.bookleverageblog.com 10. 9. What Stays in Vegas Available September 2 Category: Big Data &amp;Privacy Why Read? A front seat to the battleof privacy, big data andthe present and futureof business.http://www.bookleverageblog.com 11. 10. Zero to One Available September 16 Category: Startups &amp;Innovation Why Read? The future is here andthis is Peter Thielsmanifesto on how it willbe distributed.http://www.bookleverageblog.com 12. FOR MORE GREAT NONFICTION BOOKS,READING LISTS AND BOOK REVIEWSCHECK OUTBOOKLEVERAGEBLOG.COM.http://www.bookleverageblog.com </p>