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<p>As Mumbai gears up to worship its favourite god Ganesha, MiD DAY reporter Vaidehi Limaye lists 10 most popular Ganpati's in the city.1. Nikadvari Lane Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal, Girgaon 2. Sahyadri krida mandal, Tilak nagar 3. Lalbaug Sarvajanik Utsav mandal, Ganeshgalli 4. Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal 5. Sarvajanik Shree Ganeshotsav Mandal, Khetwadi 6. G.S.B. Seva Mandal, King Circle 7. Gaondevi &amp; J.K. Bldg Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandal, Girgaon 8. Ahkhil Mugbhat Ganesh Mandal, Girgaon 9. Khattar gali, Girgaon 10. Keshavji Naik chawl ganesh mandal, Girgaon</p> <p>Proud to see the best 5 from Girgaon.</p> <p>Nikadvari Lane Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal, GirgaonBy: A MiDDAY Correspondent Date: 2009-08-22</p> <p>History: The 82-year-old Nikadvari Lane Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandal, popularly called as Girgaoncha Raja, is famous for its 25-feet long ecofriendly Ganpati idol. In 1938 Ramchandra Tendulkar started the Ganesh Utsav and the Patkar family has been making the Ganesh idols since its inception. The eco-friendly idols are made of Shadu clay. Apart from organising Ganesh utsavs, the mandal has a social organisation called Adhar, which adopts 200 homeless children every year and support their education and all other needs of life till they are independent. The volunteers of the Mandal undertake coaching classes for students and also organise blood donation camps. Rajesh Naik is the working secretary of the mandal.</p> <p>Help line: Girgaoncha Raja has approximately 10 lakh visitors during the festival. Though a direct help line is not available, visitors can get assistance at kiosks set up by the mandal volunteers. Facilities: Prasad and water services are available at every end of the Pandal. Peak hours: 5pm-12 am Security: Ten CCTV cameras have been installed to monitor the pandal. Apart from the surveillance units, the Pandal has metal detectors at the entrance and the exit. How to get there: The easiest way to reach Girgaon Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal is by train. The nearest rail station is Charni road.</p> <p>Sahyadri krida mandal, Tilak nagarHistory: In 1977 Sahyadri Krida Mandal a small-time sports club started a Sarvajanik Ganesh utsav in Tilak Nagar, Chembur. In 1980, the mandal decided to shift the utsav to a nearby municipality ground, which added popularity to the festival. The mandal is well known for its creative decorative sets. Various art directors like Sudhakar Manjarekar, Roderick D'souza and others have decorated the sets over the years. Ashok Satardekar is the secretary of the mandal.Help line: The mandal along with the local police set up security counters at both the entrances. Apart from that there are no stalls or help lines. Facilities: Prasad and water facility is arranged by the mandal for all devotees. Peak hours: 3pm-2am Security: Eight to ten CCTV cameras are installed in the ground and the local police provide essential help. "No pick-pocketing cases have ever been encountered for past 33 years", says a proud secretary. Specialty: Gigantic decoration sets like replica of Pune's historic palace called Shaniwar Wada, Mysore palace and Red fort, and the Bollywood glamour is what brings people to this utsav. Celebrities like Anil Kapoor; who has spent his childhood in Tilak Nagar, Jackie Shroff, Suniel Shetty even form a line to visit the lord. Apart from ganesh utsav, the mandal has raised funds for Kargil war. They also indulge in other social activities like Sarvajanik Holi, felicitating merit rankers and many other events. How to get there: Nearest railway station is Tilak Nagar. Best bus nos: 353 and 385</p> <p>Lalbaug Sarvajanik Utsav mandal, GaneshgalliBy: A MiDDAY Correspondent Date: 2009-08-22</p> <p>History: Lalbaug Sarvajanik Utsav mandal was established in 1928 by the local devotees of Lalbaug to support the Ganeshotsav movement led by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Later its popularity soared up and people from all walks of life contributed to the festival. The mandal is situated close to the legendry Ganesh idol of Lalbaug. Both mandals are very close to each other and have equal amount of popularity. The Ganeshgalli mandal is famous for its traditional 22-feet Ganesh idols as well as the decorative sets. The mandal is involved with social activities like blood donation camps, Navratrosav, and donating funds for a good cause.Help line: "Ten days of Ganesh festival needs proper management and perfect communication skills," says the chairman of organisation, Pradeep Jadhav. A closely knitted network of more than 200 volunteers ensures that things are in order. Volunteer booths make up for help lines, which are situated in the pandal to provide immediate help to devotees. Facilities: Bappacha Prasad is bestowed to every devotee who comes to visit the mandal's Ganpati. The residents in the lane provide water tanks for all the devotees. The mandal has a website for the devotees, with collection of photographs of Ganesh idols. Peak hours: 3 pm to 2 am Security: "After the recent terrorist attacks in Mumbai, we have tighten the security by installing more CCTV cameras in all possible places and our volunteers survey the crowd and communicate through walkie-talkies." said Pradeep Jadhav, the chairman of the mandal. Specialty: The mandal is now aiming to raise funds worth Rs 5 lakh for an educational cause in Raigad District, and organizing blood donation camps at hospitals like KEM and Sion. They have also started a Ganesh book bank for needy students at a concession. How to get there: Railway stations like Chinchpokli, Curry road and Lower Parel are close by. Nearest bus stop is at Parel Gaon.</p> <p>Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav MandalBy: A MiDDAY Correspondent Date: 2009-08-22</p> <p>History: Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav mandal, Lalbaug was founded in the year 1934 after the local fishermen and vendors were allotted a plot of land to construct the Lalbaug market. The first Ganesh utsav was held on 12th September 1934. The idol was dressed in the customary fashion of fisherman. The Lalbaug utsav is popular, as people believe that it fulfills the wishes of the devotees. The mandal will celebrate its 75th year in 2009.</p> <p>Help line: Every naka in the Lalbaug lane has a help line number, which is connected to the main office. Volunteers handle emergency situations. Facilities: Considering the popularity of the Ganpati festival, facilities provided by the mandal are miniscule. The mandal provides prasad and water. Special queues are set up for pregnant women and old citizens. But no other facilities are provided to the devotees coming for the darshan. The mandal has a website with a collection of photographs of Ganesh idols. Peak hours: 6 pm to 12 am Security: The members of the mandal and the local police decide the security facilities for the utsav. CCTV cameras and metal detectors are installed at key locations. The mandal also provides high security for all the celebrities visiting the utsav. Specialty: The mandal is active since 1934 and have undertaken various social responsible tasks like blood donation camp, rehabilitating a rural town in Raigad district, free study room facility, relief funds, workshops for IPS and IAS students and many more workshop for people. How to get there: Chinchpokli, Curry road and Lower Parel are nearest railway stations. Nearest bus stop is Parel Gaon.</p> <p>Sarvajanik Shree Ganeshotsav Mandal, KhetwadiBy: A MiDDAY Correspondent Date: 2009-08-22</p> <p>History: Sarvajanik Shree Ganeshotsav Mandal, Khetwadi, Khambata Lane was established in 1970 with the help of founders like the late Balkrushna Gandhi and others. They handled the mandal for 23 years and made it big. Hindus, Muslims, Parsis and Christians come together to celebrate the festival of Sarvajanik Shree Ganeshotsav. People from Khambata Lane also visit the 12-day utsav to get a glimpse of "Khetwadi Cha Raja". Help line: "The mandal has no specific help line. But the volunteers help devotees in every possible way", says Santosh Narkar the secretary of the mandal. Facilities: The mandal has tied up with Lions club Prathana Samaj; they help the ladies, old citizens and pregnant women to get darshan. The stalls along the pandal provide Prasad and water for all the devotees. The mandal has website for the devotees which has</p> <p>collection of photographs of Ganesh idols of all the years. Peak hours: 5pm-12am Security: The mandal and the police in the area look after the security. There are eight CCTV cameras and 2 metal detectors in the pandal. Specialty: The mandal has earned lot of fame over the years. Many celebrities like Adesh Bandekar, Shilpa Shetty and Suresh Wadkar regularly visit during the utsav. This year the mandal has decided to reduce the cost of the idol and spend more for decoration. How to get there: Buses like 66, 65, 69 get you to the Khetwadi mandal's Ganpati. Charni road and Sandhurst road are the nearest railway stations.</p> <p>G.S.B. Seva Mandal, King CircleBy: A MiDDAY Correspondent Date: 2009-08-22</p> <p>History: Ganpati is considered as the golden god of GSB Seva Sadan. Seva Mandal is an organisation founded by the Gowd Saraswat Brahmin community from Karnataka. The community is settled in Mumbai and because of good business opportunities the organisation has prospered.</p> <p>As a mark of respect to Mumbai, they conduct as various social programmes along with celebrating Ganesh utsav with lot of pomp and grandeur. The Seva mandal Ganesh idol is embedded with gold jewelry donated by generous devotees. It is considered to be the most expensive idol in the Mumbai.Help line: The mandal doesn't have any help line. Facilities: As the mandal is very rich in nature, it provides every devotee who visits the idol with free Mahaprasad and lunch on particular days. A balcony in the Pandal allows the crowd to have better look at the idol and segregates the people who want to perform pooja in the Pandal. Peak hours: The ganesh festival is for five days only. So every hour is crowed with visitors. Security: With a gold embedded idol, security is tight at this mandal. Apart from CCTV cameras and metal detectors, the organisers this year have planned to call in sniffer dogs to detect any bomb threats in the Pandal. Specialty: The Ganeshotsav celebrations are conducted with immense help from devotees and volunteers who contribute through their labour and donations. Seva Mandal also conducts various philanthropic activities like dducational assistance and financial assistance to needy individuals based on merits of the case. How to get there: The nearest railway station on central line is Matunga and King Circle station on harbour line. Buses going towards Kurla and Ghatkopar.</p> <p>Gaondevi &amp; J.K. Bldg Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandal, GirgaonBy: A MiDDAY Correspondent Date: 2009-08-22</p> <p>History: It's a 78-year-old Ganesh Mandal in the old lanes of Girgaon. One of its kinds, the mandal is famous for it flower decoration for lord Ganpati.</p> <p>Help line: Being a small mandal, specific help line number is not available. Facilities: New flower decorations are made every day as flowers are perishable. Devotees contribute flowers and money to the mandal. Prasad and other refreshment facility is available. Peak hours: 7 pm - 12am. Security: No special security measures are required. Specialty: During Visarjan a grand Dindi is organised for the lord. The mandal has started a small time ambulance services and a newspaper library is available for the locals. The mandal has neither political affiliation nor any backing.</p> <p>Ahkhil Mugbhat Ganesh Mandal, GirgaonBy: A MiDDAY Correspondent Date: 2009-08-22</p> <p>History: Ahkhil Mugbhat Ganesh Mandal was formed in 1932 and is considered as one of the heritage mandals in Mumbai. The utsav is famous for the 20 feet shadu idols. The Mugbhat mandal is made up of 8 lanes that are spread in Girgaon. They focus on set decorations that are mainly theme based. The mandal promotes eco-friendly shadu idols.</p> <p>Help line: The mandal volunteers set up help booths. Facilities: The mandal Ganpati artist's food clothing and other facilities are taken care by the mandal. The mandal encompasses every devotee who joins in the Visarjan of the lord. Mahaprasad is distributed to everybody.</p> <p>Peak hours: People in Girgaon have their own ganpati. So many of them decide to go out after the Visarjan of their ganpatis. Other people who travel all the way to visit the lord crowd usually in the evening between 7pm to 12 pm. Security: Earlier the mandal used to have stringent security measures. But from past 2 years they have eased on the procedures. They allow devotees to touch the idol and pray for a long time. Specialty: The mandal is very old and has lot of ganesh followers who visit the lord every year to get his blessings. High-profile people such as Tina Ambani, Vidya Balan, Uddhav Thackery and many others visit the pandel. Interestingly, a few years back, the mandal initiated a global theme in which Ganpati festival from across the world like China, Sri-Lanka were presented. How to get there: Best bus nos 66, 69, and 65. Churney Road station is the nearest rail station.</p> <p>Khattar gali, GirgaonBy: A MiDDAY Correspondent Date: 2009-08-22</p> <p>History: The mandal was created in 1965 with an aim to create social awareness by a gathering. The 12-ft Ganesh idols are attractive and are believed to enchant the devotees by the eye charm. Along with the Ganesh utsav, the mandal heads other socially driven project for local people with very little finance.</p> <p>Help line: With the help of volunteers and enthusiastic neighborhood the mandal manages to help the people who come to visit the ganpati. Apart from this they do not have any help line. Facilities: Basic facilities that are provided by the mandal during are Prasad and water. On the occasion of the festival they have contest for children and the Bhajan mandal sings for the Ganpati. Peak hours: 7pm to 12 am Security: No special CCTV cameras or metal detectors are installed, as the pandel does not have a queue system. Specialty: For the last ten years the mandal has been organizing blood donation camps in association with Nair hospital. The Mandal has set up a medication camp in a school in Shrivardhan in Raigad. The mandal has also started a test laboratory at cheaper rates for needy people. How to get there: Best bus nos 66, 69, and 65. Churney Road station is the nearest rail station.</p> <p>Keshavji Naik chawl ganesh mandal, GirgaonBy: A MiDDAY Correspondent Date: 2009-08-22</p> <p>History: Religious nature and love and admiration for Bal Gangadhar Tilak made the residents of Keshavji Naik's Chawl promptly respond to his call to observe Community festival of Lord Ganesh. Thus, the Ganesh festival at Keshav Naik Chawl began with the initiation of such festivals in Maharashtra in the year 1893 in a rather humble manner. This festival, which began like a small spring in 1893, progressed and matured over the last century. It has also witnessed a multitude of social, economical and po...</p>