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In todays branded world, it is almost impossible to imagine a company that does not own the domain associated with their name or brand. But several of todays famous domains had a very different use before they were big. For example, did you know that iCloud.com once was the personal homepage of a Japanese professor?


<ul><li> 1. pingdom.com10 famous domainsbefore they were bigWednesday, March 6, 13</li></ul> <p> 2. pingdom.comYou can read the full article athttp://royal.pingdom.com/2013/03/05/famous-domains/ Here is the short version.Wednesday, March 6, 13 3. pingdom.comThis is what the 10 domainslooked like once upon a time.Wednesday, March 6, 13 4. pingdom.comMinimalistic design Amazon.itWednesday, March 6, 13 5. pingdom.com When Android was sci-fi Android.comWednesday, March 6, 13 6. pingdom.com Share via Dropbox Intranet mail Dropbox.comWednesday, March 6, 13 7. pingdom.com Bright and shining Goal.comWednesday, March 6, 13 8. pingdom.com I, cloud iCloud.comWednesday, March 6, 13 9. pingdom.comA custom created space Myspace.comWednesday, March 6, 13 10. pingdom.comNot Microsofts Outlook, butAndrews Outlook.comWednesday, March 6, 13 11. pingdom.com Anything at all to do with photos? Photoshop.comWednesday, March 6, 13 12. pingdom.com Probably not THE Walmart Walmart.comWednesday, March 6, 13 13. pingdom.comFamous domain for a not sofamous cause iPhone.comWednesday, March 6, 13 14. pingdom.comSource and screenshots: http://archive.org/index.phpWednesday, March 6, 13</p>