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  1. 1. 10 DIFFERENCES BETWEEN FACEBOOK ADS AND GOOGLE ADS THAT YOU WERE UNAWARE OF : -' Delhi School 0! www. dsim. In J) Internet . '.. :1r? :2:lIng
  2. 2. Facebook Ads V/ S Google AdsFACEBOOK ADS GOOGLE ADSLaunchedin Launchedin(U2007Co 3!:2001' mun sunnul on ;lnlunazl'd:1r'. :lIIHl www. dsim. In
  3. 3. FACEBOOK ADS GOOGLE ADSYearly Revenue Yearly Revenue $14 Billion $ 64 billion/Ul, llllSllll'MlUl , ' | I1l. rn. :l? .: n'mil! )www. dsIm. nn
  4. 4. FACEBOOK ADS GOOGLE ADSTypes of ads Types of ads10CI72 F. !C(b00k ads160600336280 "'d"'300.250 Large Rectangleskyscrape medium rectangleFact-boolc newsk-ed 72B9O LL-adcraoard Video ads Text ads In apps ads Rich ads News Feed ads Video ads Mobile News feed ads Banner ads Right Hand Side (RHS) ads Call onl) ads Multi images newsfeed ads Engagement adsllt; llttSt: l1tmI Ill , - llll1.Hll; l:t: &ll'7l: lllHl www. dsim. tn
  5. 5. FACEBOOK ADS GOOGLE ADSTargeting options Targeting options Age Keyword Research Gender Radius interest TargetingEducation Age Workplace Gender 'C'3i Interest Racer 3CV'tY Manual Placement Partner apps Topics Custom audience Remarketing RetargetingUullll Stzltnnl DI / T!ltttt. rm, t,". :ituttntt wwwsdsimin
  6. 6. FACEBOOK ADS GOOGLE ADSOne feature that FACEBOOK One feature that Google copied from Google copied from Facebook CTRL + CTRL +Facebook rolled out Adset and relevance score In 2009 Google introduced interest Category for which is highly inuenced by Google Adwords its display campaigns which was inuenced by Adgroup and Quality score Facebook interest targeting optionI Delhi scnoot 0| /5; Internet Marketingwww. dsim. in
  7. 7. FACEBOOK ADSWhat Facebook has but Google doesn't ?Custom AudienceGOOGLE ADSWhat Google has but Facebook doesn't?Dynamic ads Shopping ads Network of partner site Ut, lillSl? lllIlIlU| ', - l| lll$| llt. |77.ll'ii. llll[J www. dstm. tn
  8. 8. FACEBOOK ADS GOOGLE ADSAnnual growth rate Annual growth rate ' [l. .liItS'. :lItt: ~.llll';lttIi. rii. xIt. it'i. ltiiti www. dsim. tn
  9. 9. FACEBOOK ADS GOOGLE ADSWhat they have in common ?Both spend huge amount of money,time and have dedicated team to gure out how to make you spend ore Utttltt Scitnnt til ';InIi. rnt: t 'i'. :tr' Ijllllll twzw. dsim. in
  10. 10. FACEBOOK ADS GOOGLE ADSWhat they don't want you to What they don't want you to know ?know ? @% @%Interest targeting option is not very precise and Keywords on which profit margin is high are includes not just interest but is a combination of more expensive.For eg- Insurance lot of criteriasW nctni Scltooloi / J Iliilill MBIIEIIHDwww. dsim. in
  11. 11. FACEBOOK ADS GOOGLE ADSwhich one is better?Which one is better? l FT *5Li Both are excellent ad serving platforms and provides very precise targeting. Facebook results in better brand awareness Google results in more Sales. 1 ilt; lIiISr. lmti' (ll 1 lttt. .tit. -,I T. ;it, .IIt'. tt www. dstm. in
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