10 banks with upside june 2014

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10 Banks With Incredible Upside Potential

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The banks with the most potential to pop


  • 10 Banks With Incredible Upside Potential
  • 10.) JPMorgan Chase (JPM) One of the big four U.S. banks, JPMorgan Chase has about $2.5 trillion in assets Operates in more than 50 countries One of the worlds leading investment banks Possible the most diverse product line of the big banks Price: $56.79 Avg. Target: $63.97 Upside: 12.3% Wikipedia/Ed!
  • 9.) TD Bank, NA (TD) Known as Americas Most Convenient Bank Open on weekends and some holidays Some branches open until midnight Only closes 7 days a year Has grown aggressively through acquisitions, with assets more than tripling in the past 10 years Price: $50.17 Avg. Target: $57.36 Upside: 14.3% Matthew G. Bisanz
  • 8.) United Community Banks Inc. (UCBI) The smallest bank on this list, with operations in Georgia, North and South Carolina, and Tennessee Known as The Bank That Service Built, with the highest customer satisfaction rating in the U.S. Banking Industry Price: $16.27 Avg. Target: $18.82 Upside: 15.7%
  • 7.) Flagstar Bancorp (FBC) Largest banking company headquartered in Michigan Trades for just 7 times TTM earnings Currently valued at just 93% of its book value Price: $18.10 Avg. Target: $21.13 Upside: 16.7%
  • 6.) First Financial Holdings, Inc. (SCBT) Operates as several subsidiaries across the southeast U.S. Founded during the great depression, SCBT trades for a premium valuation to peers due to its high asset quality Price: $60.79 Avg. Target: $71.71 Upside: 18.0% Source: SNL Financial
  • 5.) Citigroup, Inc. (C) By far the cheapest of the big four, Citigroup trades for just 74% of its book value (88% of tangible book) Uncertainty related to its international exposure and the Citi Holdings legacy assets have held the valuation down Citi Holdings is being wound down, and is a fraction of its former size Price: $48.93 Avg. Target: $58.28 Upside: 19.1%
  • 4.) BofI Holdings, Inc. (BOFI) B of Is business model is to cut its costs by doing its business exclusively through the internet Operates from a single location in California By cutting costs related to physical branches, B of I operated at a TTM net profit margin of 34% (versus 25% industry average) Price: $79.83 Avg. Target: $96.40 Upside: 20.8%
  • 3.) E*TRADE Financial Corp. (ETFC) Best known for its brokerage business, E- Trade also has a thriving retail banking business Offers customers such perks as ATM fee reimbursement and the ability to link a debit/ATM card to a brokerage account Price: $56.79 Avg. Target: $63.97 Upside: 12.3% Thomas Hundt
  • 2.) First Bancorp (FBP) Located in Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Florida Plans to expand its FL operations Largest ATM network in Eastern Caribbean Core deposits have grown by 35% since 2009 Price: $5.32 Avg. Target: $6.80 Upside: 27.8% Wikipedia/Coolcaesar
  • 1.) Hilltop Holdings, Inc. (HTH) Hilltop has operations in banking, mortgage origination, and property/casualty insurance Tier 1 Leverage Ratio (13.1%) is better than most peers Very well-capitalized Price: $20.63 Avg. Target: $26.63 Upside: 29.1%
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