1 They found _____ lost cat at home next morning. A.There B.Their C.they

Download 1 They found _____ lost cat at home next morning. A.There B.Their C.they

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>1 They found _____ lost cat at home next morning. A.There B.Their C.they Slide 2 2 _______ swimming in the lake. A.They're B.there C.they Slide 3 3 My old car was ______. A.blue B.blew C.blur Slide 4 4 The wind _____ the kite very high. A.blue B.Blew C.blur Slide 5 5 Peter _____ the race this year. A.one B.won C.urn Slide 6 6 They _____ a medal every season. A.Earn B.Urn C.Arent Slide 7 7 They put the ashes of the soldier in an ______. A.Earn B.Urn C.Arent Slide 8 8 A heavy _______ fell on my toe at the gym. A.Wait B.weight C.way Slide 9 9 I dislike to have to _____ for the bus. A.weight B.wait C.way Slide 10 10 Mary just bought a ______ bike. A.knew B.New C.noo Slide 11 11 I like Las Vegas, I went _____ on my birthday. A.they're B.there C.their Slide 12 12 The book I am reading is ____ Beverly Cleary. A.buy B.by C.bye Slide 13 13 I went to Wal-Mart to ____ new shoes. A.bye B.Buy C.by Slide 14 14 My grandma left to Mexico, she said ____ before leaving. A.buy B.bye C.by Slide 15 15 I got a _____ in my shoelaces, I need help. A.knot B.not C.gnat Slide 16 16 Joseph did _____ do that. He is not like that. A.knot B.not C.gnat Slide 17 17 Tom has ______ marbles in his pocket. A.ate B.eight C.height Slide 18 18 Johnny _____ a whole pizza by himself. A.eight B.ate C.height Slide 19 19 ______ have been to Europe before. A.I B.eye C.ice Slide 20 20 Rose got dirt in her ______. A.I B.eye C.ice Slide 21 21 My brother was very _____ during my chess game. A.board B.bored C.bard Slide 22 22 The teacher let me write on the _______. A.bored B.board C.bard Slide 23 23 To ____ a doctor you have to study very hard. A.bee B.be C.B Slide 24 24 Angel got a _____ sting on his finger. A.bee B.be C.B Slide 25 25 The angry sister _____ his little brother often. A.beats B.beets C.bits Slide 26 26 A ____ attacked the campers in the woods A.bear B.bare C.bits Slide 27 27 ____ cow! My mom said, this is been quite a trip! A.holey B.holy C.wholly Slide 28 28 My brother fell in a _______. A.hole B.whole C.wholly Slide 29 29 The night was so cold I woke up with the ______. A.flu B.flew C.floe Slide 30 30 My doggy was hungry, he wanted some ______. A.meet B.meat C.mitt Slide 31 31 At night ______ were some growls that got me scared. A.they're B.there C.their Slide 32 32 While climbing a hill, I said "keep pressing ______." A.forth B.fourth C.four Slide 33 33 My sister was the ______ in line to buy her ipod. A.forth B.fourth C.four Slide 34 34 The ranger told us that there was a ____ in the mountain A.links B.lynx C.lincs Slide 35 35 Some thieves took my bike. They broke the chain ____. A.lynx B.links C.lincs Slide 36 36 While hiking we saw a ______ slowly walking by the stream. A.doe B.dough C.Dow Slide 37 37 We saw how they make the ____ at the bakers. A.doe B.dough C.Dow Slide 38 38 We were camping at night and I heard a _____. A.grown B.groan C.groom Slide 39 39 My cousin came to visit from Texas. He's ___ a lot. A.grown B.groan C.groom Slide 40 40 At night I could hear the sound of the water in the _____. A.creek B.creak C.crick Slide 41 41 Yesterday it rained and there was a ___ on the roof. A.leek B.leak C.lick Slide 42 42 Everything was silent, suddenly I heard a ____. A.Creek B.creak C.crick Slide 43 43 I went to the ___ and got on the farris wheel. A.fair B.fare C.fore Slide 44 44 It is not ___ that some people are rich and others poor. A.fair B.fare C.fore Slide 45 45 As I got on the bus I paid the ____ and sat down. A.fair B.fare C.fire Slide 46 46 The morning was so cold, the car was covered with ___. A.eyes B.ice C.I s Slide 47 47 The ___ of my bedroom is rough. A.Ceiling B.sealing C.healing Slide 48 48 The ___ of the pipeline is broken, so it leaks water out. A.sealing B.ceiling C.healing Slide 49 49 My mom _____ good iced tea. A.bruise B.brews C.crews Slide 50 50 My brother punched me so hard he gave me a ____. A.bruise B.brews C.crews Slide 51 51 My rich neighbor has a ____ that cleans the house. A.made B.maid C.maide Slide 52 52 My new toy is ___ out of cheap plastic. A.made B.maid C.maide Slide 53 53 _____ sandwich is your? I am confused. A.which B.witch C.weech Slide 54 54 My sister is going to be a ____ for Halloween. A.which B.witch C.weech Slide 55 55 I stubbed my ____ on the leg of the table. A.toe B.tow C.too Slide 56 56 They are going to ___ your car if you park there. A.toe B.tow C.too Slide 57 57 There were five ____ of flowers in the garden A.rows B.rose C.roes Slide 58 58 I gave my mom a ____ on Mother's day. A.rows B.rose C.roes Slide 59 59 The ___ of the perfume was delicious. A.scent B.cent C.sent Slide 60 60 I couldn't pay for my candy, I needed only one ____. A.scent B.cent C.sent Slide 61 61 I don't like coffee, I prefer ___. A.tee B.tea C.T Slide 62 62 I play golf, so I always have a ___ in my pocket. A.tee B.tea C.T Slide 63 63 I hope to ___ some money so I can buy new toys. A.Find B.fine C.fiend Slide 64 64 My library book was late so I had to pay a ___. A.find B.fine C.fin Slide 65 65 I have many things to ___. A.Do B.Dew C.doo Slide 66 66 Everything was wet this morning because of last night ____. A.Do B.Dew C.doo Slide 67 67 _____ car is not good. A.Your B.You re C.youir Slide 68 68 _____ food smells like chicken. A.Its B.It s C.it Slide 69 69 _____ Halloween, you should dress up. A.Its B.It s C.it Slide 70 70 Deep fried ____ tastes like onion rings. A.leek B.leak C.lick Slide 71 71 When we went camping our tent had a ____. A.Leek B.Leak C.lick Slide 72 72 Next time you should ____ your hair blond. A.Die B.Dye C.day Slide 73 73 He was sick, his son asked Are you going to ____ dad? A.Die B.Dye C.day Slide 74 74 This tree is so ____. A.Hi B.High C.hay Slide 75 75 Say ___ to your cousin for me. A.Hi B.High C.hay Slide 76 76 Who ___ the race? A.Won B.One C.an Slide 77 77 At midnight I heard a ____ and got very scared. A.Creek B.Creak C.crick Slide 78 78 We went to the lake last weekend. What a _____! A.cite B.Sight C.site Slide 79 79 The _____ of the battle of independence is sacred. A.cite B.Sight C.site Slide 80 80 You should _____ the author of the poem. A.cite B.Sight C.site Slide 81 81 I brought a ______ for lunch. A.pair B.pear C.peer Slide 82 82 I bought a ______ of walking shoes. A.pair B.pear C.peer Slide 83 83 I put a marble in my mouth and I ____ it. A.Ate B.Eight C.at Slide 84 84 I had ____ marbles and now I have seven. A.Ate B.Eight C.at Slide 85 85 I have to _____ my Christmas present. A.Rap B.Wrap C.rope Slide 86 86 My brother likes to ____ songs. A.Rap B.Wrap C.rope Slide 87 87 I had to _____ my puppy. It died. A.Berry B.Burry C.barry Slide 88 88 I lost my left ____ when I went in the bouncing house. A.Shoe B.Shoo C.show Slide 89 89 I made it to third _____. They didn t get me out. A.Bass B.Base C.vase Slide 90 90 My brother plays the _____ In his band. A.Bass B.Base C.vase </p>