1 the materials are: reading comprehension reading comprehension a ct : rain forest wh-questions :...

Download 1 The Materials are: Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension A CT : Rain Forest Wh-Questions : How Wh-Questions : How Language Function Language Function

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  • *The Materials are:Reading ComprehensionA CT : Rain ForestWh-Questions : HowLanguage FunctionExpressing Hope/ExpectationVocabularyJumbled SentencesUN 06

  • *The Four Layers of A Rain ForestA rain forest is one of the richest wildplaces on earth. The forest supports differentkinds of plants and wild animals. The plantsvary from the highest trees to bushes thatcovers the forest floor. The wild animals alsovary. There are gorillas, orang-utans, tapir,parrots, butterflies, monkeys and hundreds ofother animals.UN 06

  • *There are four main layers of vegetation in rain forest. The lowest layer is the forest floor, which is covered with very short plants. Many wild animals live and find food in this part of the forest. The second layer is the bush. It is about one to four meters high. These trees are so dense that sunlight cannot penetrate into the forest. This makes the lower layers damp and dark.UN 06

  • *The main idea of paragraph two is .The main forest layerThe main layers of the rain forest (jb)The lower layers of the rain forestThe important part of the rain forestUN 06

  • *Which of the following is true according to the text?A rain forest is the richest wild place in the world.The are many varieties of the plants in the rain forest (jb)The canopy layer causes the bright of forest The highest trees cover the forest floorUN 06

  • *Many wild animals live and find food in this part of the forest. (par. 2)The underlined word refers to .four main layersrain forestthe lowest layer (jb)short plantsUN 06

  • *These trees are so dense that . (par 2)The word dense has the closest meaning as .thick (jb)rinseclearthinUN 06

  • *UN 06

  • *Wh-QuestionHOWHow berarti bagaimana dan sebagai question word digunakan untuk menanyakan:Keadaan (condition)How does she speak English?She speaks English very fluently.UN 06

  • *How + much/many, digunakan untuk menanyakan jumlah.How much money do you have?I have only Rp 5,000.How many participants will come tonight?It will be about 100 people.UN 06

  • *How + long, digunakan untuk menanyakan tentang length of time.How long did you stay there?I stayed there for about a week.How long has she been here?Two years.UN 06

  • *How + adj/advHow cold is it?How old are you?How soon you get here?How fast were you driving?How + often, digunakan untuk menanyakan frekuensi.How often do you visit your parents?Twice a week.UN 06

  • *A: money do you have in your wallet?B: Its about 50 thousand rupiah.A: Ok, It will be enough for a day.How manyHow much (jb)How longHow largeUN 06

  • *Usman: How people live in your village?Umar : They were about 100 people last year but now the amount is increasing rapidly.muchmany (jb)oftenlongUN 06

  • *A: is Bandung?B: It is about 6,542 square.How wide (jb)How highHow largeHow longUN 06

  • *A: is mount Salak?B: It is about 1,543 m.How longHow high (jb)How largeHow tallUN 06

  • *A: is Ciliwung river?B: Its about 567 miles.How fastHow highHow largeHow long (jb)

    UN 06

  • *A: does your car run?B: Its about 180 km/hour.

    How farHow soonHow fast (jb)How long

    UN 06

  • *Language FunctionHow to Express Hope / ExpectationHopefully .I hope .I expect .I am hoping .I am expecting .I was hoping .I wish .

    UN 06

  • *You go and visit a sick friend in hospital. At the end of your visit, you say to him/her.Take care of yourself!Whats wrong with you?I hope youll get well soon! (jb)How are you getting on?UN 06

  • *Lukas: Its cloudy. Do you think its going to rain?Bowo: . We are going to watch a football match, arent we?I dont believe itI think soIm not sureI hope not (jb)UN 06

  • *Hikmah: Im going to spend my holiday in Hawaii.Wati: Thats great! .Hikmah: Thanks.Thats not excitingI do agree with youYou must have a lot of moneyI wish youll have a good time (jb)

    UN 06

  • *Wati: Is father coming home today?Mother: I expect hell come back soon.The underlined utterance expresses .permissionapologysympathyhope (jb)UN 06

  • *VocabularyUN 06

  • *Check the contextAre there any clues in the surrounding words or phrases? Look particularly at the words just before and just after the unfamiliar words.

    UN 06

  • *Well, I may not be as lucky as you but my trip to Genting was equally thrilling. I had heard a lot about this popular gateway from a friend of mine and everything was just as exciting as she had described.Contoh UN 06

  • *Sometimes the writers realize that the word is an uncommon one so they define, restate, explain or give an example of it. Words that signal meaning often include is', means', refers to', that is', consists of'. Look for a definition UN 06

  • *Contoh : DefinitionSnoring is a noise generated by vibrations of the soft parts of the throat during sleep.'

    The word is' signals a definition.

    UN 06

  • *Look for connective words

    They are often near the unknown words and will usually help to identify the general direction of the argument which will help to give some understanding of the unknown word.

    UN 06

  • *And : additional informationBut / although : ContrastSo : ConclusionBecause : reasonUN 06

  • *Mother : Marni, this is the list of the things you have to buy.Marni : Ok. Mum, Ill go to the now.butchergrocer (jb)floristdrugstoreBread2 boxCandies1 packetSugar1 kiloCofee kiloTea2 packetRice2 kiloBananas1 bunchUN 06

  • *X : How much is a tin of margarine.Y : Two thousand rupiahs.X : May I ?Y : No, it is fixed price.tradebargain (jb)changeexchangeUN 06

  • *Mother wants to buy vegetables. It means that the she needs some .cabbages, potatoes and carrots (jb)apples, bananas and grapessalt, pepper, onion and clovessugar, coffee, tea and chocolate UN 06


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