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    )/ 1,3/ 8A4 8S :1. 0 7t5-421-7384 hJI DNT T55


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    RevisisnNurnbar ContHod.Dategn$/2004 HetChange$3S.33$.S7 Atrrgdsd pntraat Amount$11,100,000.00RoutEq.1OEntroct CIcetiartU$H51


    Re*sonr flR N*REA$E0FUEICO,$T$ $SOCIATED ITHEXCAVATIONOMMON NntsORROWREMOVING.ARGEBOULDERS fi02,030f, 3t70 Chengadar DOL 38s,000 41.8s000 $8,4se"65



    1E-1E-EEE4 E8:18 T158459558

    Cont. Mqd.; $


    Coflil$ot S0040S110?6 FEgB 0f !

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    Alrcl2A84 A*3,8 7L5-421-7382 i,l] gnT TSS


    COHTRACTJ|ODIFICATIONU$TIFICATION3Diatrict4?{Nl405It},16USHS!/STHXgCorridorWausnu,Lily L*ne to Orirle LannCTH N & U$H S|/STHZp ntsrchangsMarathonCountyI | 66.06.70,OMA ?{f04,ilJanresPeterron$ons,nc"

    Changeuettfication:'The FuelCostAdjuetmentfem sadded ue o continuedurrentuel ndexeapaymentothewntrastorior hesontractt*msHxcavatisnommonanu-Bonow- TheRemnvingal$eFoulderstErnsaddedat theopecified xexcavationcomrnon nitprice orunrk a*sociatedwith emovingiouldersovr cuhicyard nsieeandremoving granite ock ormationntheouteide itchandbnckelopef thesouthhpund SH81.- TheMillandPaveExistingGenterlineoint tem sadded o rrehabhedeterioratinglongitudinefointon Northbound$H51 rsm$tation 40- 5Sg. t waEelt hat hist.Vqefrepairwasnscse*ary incehe*outhhoundn$ide heel anewouidberight ver he oint.consequence* f ttris GonhactModificailon e not appravcd:NIAAlternative*con*idemdto eccomptish he change:N/AJu*tificationaf Frlce:'The MillandPaveExistingenterlinaointtemagreedumpeumpriceof $10,zi6.l? isreasonabfessedqll,pFyou*ly.agrced unitpriceo millanitnilexistingumble t*pat$4.0S/L.F.thiaBB00 ,F,woutd ave sEts 1i.400Deeign Materiat*nput:NIAl* therc FaderalOvemighton thin Froiect? yes

    al lf yeo,dose his son. Mod.change h* *cope of theproject? Nobl If sa is ye*' or 6 i* ye* and thigcon. illod. ie over so,ooo,prlorapprovalwa* rcc*irred rom Fl.fIlrAon -

    By phon*

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    fi .

    ContractModlfisationu*tifteation"dac1E-13-AEe4E: 11 T1=945!TI= a-27-0.2Hut-ts r \I f- tuLr u

    By attachede-rneil (Datsl

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    ContractModification"'-4!V.sconsin epartment f Transportation 313/2005:2 1PM

    FieldManager.3 bcontract: 0030208029,ccLEARyBRIDGE Apps,BOBIN N LAKE rNe t Change

    $0.00Awarded ContractAmount


    TimeExtensionDescription f ChangesAdd he ollowing greemento thiscontract:Th econtract ompletionil e of April10 ,2005, s hereby xtendedo June1 2005,du e to the authority f th e Engineerhe provisionsf subsection 05-1of t-he ;;biementai sp".itdionriooe roit ion " L" si"t l of wisconsin,Deparrmentf rransportation,tandard pecificationsolfirgh*uy ;isi;;;;; 6onstruction, oit ionoil 'ggo, shailappty.TimeExtensionsSite Site Description Site Type OriginalCompl.Date/Days AdditionalNo. of Days Ne wCompt.Date/DaysOOCOMPLETIONATE OrurNACrffi 4t10/2005 6/1/2005Reason: he Engineer xtendedhe completion at e n order o mprovehe overail uality f the project.

    contract: 0034708029 Cont.Mod.: Z, nevJ Page 1 of 2

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    1. Changeustification:This ontract odificationxtendshecontractompletionime omApril10,h,005,oJune1"2005' o allow hecompletionf 11th venue ftertheexistingtructures removed. hiswihavea major mpacton the long-term uatity nd maintenalce n itfi' ;;;;;. nr[r,utiConcrete avement,ypeE-3 s n-ot vailabtetter theexisting tructures removed ndbeforApri l10,2005'The asphalt lantwi l lnot be opendue o-Sect ion05.3.1 f the Stateowisconsin,Departmentf Transportation,tandard pecificationsor H=igt*uy"'un6"lrJ.rrr"Construction,dition f 1996. lt stateshatAsphaltic aterialhallnotbe placed uringhecalendar eriod etweenOctober Sth nd May1 exceptwithwritten pproval r orderof theEngineer.Gonsequencesf this contractModifications notapproved:lf hisContract odificationsnotapproved,1) Thecontractorould ompletehework n heallowedime rame.Todo his,woron 1 thAvenue ould ave o becompletedrior o thebride emoval. hiswouldecreasehequality f theroadwayincebridge emoval ouldpot_entiallygnragcompleted orksuchascurbandgutter ndpiving^. /*ft* *'*wi[-yir12) Theworkwouldbecompletedn manne, to prev6nt bmaBin{tnl oaoway. hismeans aiting ntil hebridges removedo corpoteterwn;&;.."j;"iti,

    "ur"ontractimewoutd nd\befcner"thqworkoutd$ecompteteflpdagg'tiqriOdamageqenlfie contracto(rxho outO ubmita claim o be compensated...sur!L i.r.0\ \\{ 'W t tU:* 4u srsuths{s\,y*nSfih$.iunvg*LO- -7f\AlternativesconsidePed o accomplisn fre change_: ,. rL..i;:yr . - *q, ,n\*.r I 5r v-( t . ' " t ;Donothing,onsequencesentionedbove. o*o*'q**" Ji .*"- , '..



    4. Justification f price:


    Thereare no unitpricechangesor thiscontractModifications it onlyextendshe contraccompletionate' The change n contractanguage oesnot crrangehe characterf workrequiredn hisproject.Design Materialsnput:spokewithwisDor staff Mark teidl) bout xtendinghecontractime. Mark s nagreementhatextendingontractimewill ncreaseheoverall rirityof thisproieci

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    ,+:;1"':-.,F / M-:. 5ary-Wisconsin epartment f Transportaiion

    ContractModification10t12t2010.4 5PM

    FieldManager.5aContract:20080610031,SH51/STH 9CORRIDORWAUSAU& STEWART VE,CITY

    Cont.Mod.N11mQey,i,':'72 1RevisionNumber Cont.Mod.Date

    10t12t2010Ne tChange$10,689.13

    Awarded GontractAmounts25.260.653.29

    RouteContractLocationLOCAL T USH51 #CNSI PROJEIShortDescript ionNB Shoulderepair ndverticalac ebarrier all nstallationDescriptionof ChangesAdd he ollowing pecial rovisiono hiscontract: , \\bhls\-?s

    rlSPECIAL2.NBSHOULDER EPAIRS NDVERTICAL ALL NSTALLATION,TEMSPV.OI05A. DESCRIPTION.Thisspecial rovision escribesemoval f and eplacementf cracked anels f existing oncrete houlder ndconstructinga verticalac ebarrierwall ier#18of bridgeB-37-362B. MATERIALS.Furnishmaterialsor concretehoulder onformingo therequirementsf Section 15.2 f he Standard pecifications.Furnishmaterialsorverticalaced oncrete arrierconformingothe requirementsn Section 03.2 f heStandardSpecifications.C.CONSTRUCTION.Remove nddispose f he cracked houlder anels ithin heremovalimits esignatedy he Engineer. onstructionfne wconcrete houlder hall e n accordance it h he requirementsf Section 15.3of he Standard pecifications.Constructerticalaced oncrete arriern accordance ith heapplicablerovisionsf Section 03of he StandardSpecificationsndas specifiedn he attached la n heets.D. METHOD FMEASUREMENT.Th edepartment il lmeasure B Shoulder epairs ndVerticalWall nstallations a singleump um unit, ompletedndaccepted.E. BASISOF PAYMENT.ITEMNUMBER DESCRIPTION UNITSPV.O105 SPECIAL2. NBSHOULDER EPAIRS NDVERTICAL ALL NSTALLATIONSPayments ullcompensationor removing nddisposing f heconcrete houlder;or preparinghe oundationf necessary;foriurnishing,auling, reparing,lacing,esting, uring ndprotectingheconcrete,or ointing nd ointmaterials,owelsand ie bars,and einforcement,ormeasuringavementhickness;nd oral l abor, ools, quipmentnd ncidentalsnecessaryo completehework.NOADDITIONALIME S PROVIDED YTHISCONTRACT ODIFICATIONXCEPT ARAGRAPHOF SUBSECTION108.4.2.4 HALLAPPLY.

    Contract: 00806'103 1 Cont .Mod.:72 Page 1 of 2

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    l{orth Gentral RegionCONTRACT ODIFICATIONUSTIFICATIONContractModifiationNo. 72

    20080610031USH 51/STH 29 Corridor'Wausau, Stewart Avenue,26th Avenue- 24th Avenue; USH 51/STH29 Corridor'Wausau,28th Avenue,ShermanStreet Stewart Avenuel USH 51/STH29 Corridor'Wausau,STH 29 West SystemRamp WA; USH sllSTH 29 Corridor Wausair, USH 51 Northbound; USH sllSTH 29Corridor \ilausau, STH 52 Off-Ramp from USH 51 NB; Stewart Avenue, 32nd Avenue - 26th AvenuelMarathonCounty;1166-09-77, TP2008353; 166-09-79; 166-11-75, H 2008354; 166-1 -76,NH 2008355;1166-11-79,H 2008356; 999-09-73,TP2008363; ocalStreet; ocal Street; SH 5l; U SH 51;USH 5l; LocalStreet;2.452 iles;Structures-37-350,8-37-354,8-37-362,8-37-371,-37-26,P.-37-23,R-37-25,-37-26,R-37-28,R-37-42,k-37-43,S-37-61,S-37-71,Borrow, Backfill Granula r,BaseAggregate, electCrushedMaterial,ConcretePavement,PavementMarkings, ConstructionStaking, Culvert Pipe, Storm Sewer, Concrete Curb,ConcreteCurb and Gutter, Concrete Sidewalk, Beam Guard,Asphaltic Surface,HMA Pavement,Route and Seal,ConcreteDriveway,Concrete arrier TemporaryPrecast, igns,Sign Supports, raffic Signals, ighting, Fencing,ConcreteMedianNose, TemporaryCrashCushion,Management f ContaminatedMaterial,High TensionCableGuard,Concrete arrier,Anti-SkidTreatment, ndManagement f SolidWaste.Zenith Tech., nc. - WaukeshaNeed or Ghanqe:A problem asdiscovered ith hevertical learance etweenhe shoulder nd he pierheadon Pier18.Or iginalesign lans howedhepieroverhangingheshoulder f nor thboundS51. f a tallvehiclewere o driveon the shoulder,he potential xists or he vehicle o hit hepierhead.As wasdoneon a previous roject, verticalacebarrierwas roposedo be addedto preventhis romhappening.Additionally,everal anels f existing oncrete houlder avement racked nd needed o bereplaced. he cracksoccurred fteropening he shoulder o servicewhen the projecthadsouthbound S 51 traff ic n the northboundanesandshiftedo theeast o avoida temporaryshoringowerneeded or tubgirder rection n 8-37-362. ince he shoulders ereoriginallconstructedo specifications,t s he department'sesponsibil i tyorpaymentor repairs.Consequencesf this ContractModifications not approved:lf thiscontractmodifications not approved,he cracked houlder ould emain n placeandthe verticalbarrierwall would not be constructed. bsenceof the barrierwould make itpossibleora tallvehicle rift o heedgeof heshoulder ndhit hepierhead.Alternatives onsidered o accomplish he Modification:Donothing. eeconsequencesboveJ ustification f Price:The contractorrovided etailed ecords f the abor, quipment nd materials sed o completethe work n accordance ith the forceaccountmethodology etailedn Section109.4.5 f theStandard pecifications.he costswere eviewed y the ProjectEngineer ndweredeterminedto be reasonable.

    5. ls there FederalOversiqhton this proiect?Yes. However,hedollar mount f h is ontract odif ications ess han$50,000 nd here sno changen hescope r ntent f heproject,o FHWA rior pprovals not equired.




    ContractMod fication ustification.oc 2t2t07

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    ?iSx il$i&* :ff$* q;;{ gii* gT*e z6if r53 s{6n$i3 4ft;3 f;{"s8;fgs!f ;4a*[ ls,e' Hir:** $:$*v k l$l;3 i:4$;$ &t* f i**:f i:* !$$s; t$;$gg;:

    :8,sqldLIc.l4' 1v*{l"{f4f.d*th1!fidu I(31ia=tflq1.211rfiwd

    :iii:I1"'"--$i*':'---*tli r* ' ,*3as{{






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    o5?, x

    >I ? *--i o,lfrS*i;u.s :dux.-*at/t E "{9* x$*xl*sSryl 46'drue; rzt ! :*ql n*i:* *gs*d *g.,_"E EiA X{'-rF* r'^B-r S, l| -u&*ss3f9xS*



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    $\gCOtSr-g( laeWisconsin epartment f Transportation

    CONST ROJECT"."F+UE''@@PY(tt"t"-ft-7L 4/30/2010 :0 1PMFieldManager.5 aContract:20080610031,SH51/STH 9 CORRIDORWAUSAU& STEWART VE,CITY


    RevisionNumber Cont.Mod.Date4t30t2010

    Ne tChange$30,654.80


    RouteST,51Contract LocationLOCALST ,US H51

    Short DescriptionFencing etween ridges

    Gontract: 008061031 Cont.Mod.:57 Page1 of 3

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    ra l Region


    :ffi080610031USH 51/STH29 Corridor Wausau.Stesart Avenue.26th Avenue- 24th Avenue;USH 51/STH19 Corridor'Wausau,28thAvenue,ShermanStreet Ste*ert -.tvenue:SH 51/STH29 Corridor Wausau,STH 29 West SystemRamp WA; USH SI/STH 29 Corridor \\-ausau. SH 51 Northbound; USH 51/STH29Corridor Wausau, STH 52 Off-Ramp from LSH 51 \B: Stenart -\venue' 32nd Avenue ' 26th Avenuel\{arathonCounty;1166-09-77, TP2008353;166-09-i9: 166-ii---r. TI 2008354; 166-11-76, H 2008355;1166-tt-7g,NH2008356; 999-09-73,TP2008363: ocalSretr Lo;a1Street; SH 51;USH 51;USH 51;LocalStreet:2.452 iles; Structures-37-350,B-37-354. -3i-15:. B-,1---1r1. -37-26,P.-37-23,R-37-25,-37-26'R-37-28,R-37-42,F.-37-43, -37-61,S-37-71, orrou'.Backfill Gnnular. BaseAggregate, electCrushedMaterial,ConcretePavement,PavementMarkings, ConstmctionSraking.Culr.ert Pipe, Storm Sewer, ConcreteCurb,ConcreteCurb and Gutter,ConcreteSidewalk,Beam Guard- {sphaldcSurface.HMA Pavement,Route and Seal,ConcreteDriveway,Concrete arrierTemporarl'Preca:LSign-.. ;= Supports. raffic Signals, ighting,Fencing,ConcreteMedianNose,TemporaryCrashCushion. lanagementof Contaminated aterial,High TensionCableGuard,Concrete arrier,Anti-SkidTreatment, nd Ianagement f Solid \'aste.Zenith Tech., nc. - Waukesha

    Need or Ghanqe:Ong'ilnalrcJect lansdid not nclude hain ink encing etween ridges.However,encingwascali-edor in the plans o restrict ccess o the right-of-wayn other ocations. ence s neededbetweenhe bridgeso restrict ccessothe right-of-wayf USH51.

    Consequencesf this GontractModifications not approved:tt tfriscontractmodifications not approved, o fencingwouldbe installed etween ridgesnpedestrianccessiblereas.

    Alternatives onsidered o accomplish he Modification:Do nothing. eeconsequencesbove.

    Justificationof Price:The unitprices or he chain ink encing nd he25 footwidevehicle ateswere negotiatedndagreeduponwith he primecontractor. hegate price s the sameas the priceon a previouscontract n the 51/29 corridor.The chain link fencingprice was justifiedby the fencingsubcontractory providing n estimate f the materials nd aborcostsanticipatedo completethework.A lineal oo tunitpricewas calculatedy dividinghe otalcostby theestimatedengthof fencing equired. ince his fencingwill incorporate ore erminalsn it than the averageinstallationf fencing, he unit cost s higher han he prices isted n available id tabs.TheprojectEngineereviewedhe costsprovided y the contractor nd determinedhat he price sreasonableiven hescopeofwork.

    5. ls thereFederalOversiqhton this proiect?Yes1loweverJhe dollaramountof this contractmodifications less han$50,000 nd here sno changen hescopeor ntent f he project, o FHWApriorapprovals not equired.(Note: Look on proposalcover page o determine f Federal Oversight.)





    ContractModificationustification.doc 2t2t07

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    I t { . ,h6t ' '-**$'**?,p 1 g'n, a&:ff iFF&l;;;**'

    WsconsinDepartment f Transportation1/2812011:0 8Al /F ie ldManager.5a


    42RevisionNumber Cont.Mod.Date

    1t28t2011Ne tChange


    .bz3.zou.o3J.zvRouteST,51ContractLocationLOCALST ,US H51

    Short DescriptionSignMountingHardware nd SignBridgeRetrofit


    Contract:200806'1031 Cont.Mod.:42 Page 1 of 3

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    North Gentral RegionCONTRAGT ODIFICATIONUSTIFICATIONContractModification o. 42

    20080610031USH 51/STH 29 Corridor Wausau, Stewart Avenueo 6th Avenue- 24th Avenue; USH 51/STH29 Corridor Wausau,28th Avenue,ShermanStreet StewartAvenuel USH sllSTH 29 Corridor'Wausau,STH 29 West SystemRamp WA; USH 5llSTH 29 Corridor'Wausau,USH 51 Northbound;USH 51/STH29Corridor Wausau, STH 52 Off-Ramp from USH 51 NB; Stewart Avenue, 32nd Avenue - 26th Avenue;MarathonCounty;1166-09-77, TP2008353; 166-09-79; 166-11-75,H 2008354; 166-11-76, H 2008355;1166-11-79,H 2008356; 999-09-73,TP2008363; ocalStreet;LocalStreet;USH1;USH51;USH 51;Localstreet; .452Miles; Strucrures-37-350B-37 354,B-37 362,B-37-371,C-37 26,P.-3723 ,R-37 25,R-37-26, -37-28,F.-37-42,R-37-43, -37-61,S-37-71,Borrow, Backfill Granular,BaseAggregate,SelectCrushedMaterial,ConcretePavement,PavementMarkings, ConstructionStaking, Culvert Pipe, Storm Sewer, ConcreteCurb,ConcreteCurb and Gutter,ConcreteSidewalk,Beam Guard,AsphalticSurface,HMA Pavement, outeand Seal,ConcreteDriveway, Conoete BarrierTemporaryPrecast, igns,Sign Supports, raffic Signals, ighting, Fencing,ConcreteMedian Nose,TemporaryCrashCushion,Management f Contaminated aterial,High TensionCableGuard,Concrete arrier,Anti-SkidTreatment, ndManagement f SolidWaste.Zenith Tech., nc. - Waukesha1. Need orChanqe:Plans or this contractncludednstall ing Type signon an existing ign bridge ut did not

    include nyprovisionorpayinghe contractoror he mounting ardware. ormallyhe mountinghardwares ncluded nderhesignbridgeiem,but n hiscase hesignbridge asbuilt nderprevious ontract.Additionally,he City of Wausau equested change o the sign hatwas to be mountedoexistingignbridge -37-60. s a result f hischange,hesign ncreasedn sizeandan analysiswasundertakeno determinef thesignbridge ouldaccommodatehe arger ign.The analysisconcludedhat heexistingignbridge ould equireomeadditionaleinforcement.2. Consequencesf this ContractModifications not approved:lf thiscontract odif ications notapproved,hesignwouldnotbe able o be nstalledn hesignbridge.3. Alternatives onsidered o accomplish he Modification:Donothing. eeconsequencesbove.4. Justificationof Price:Theunitpriceswerenegotiatedndagreed ponwith he contractor.or he mounting ardware,the contractor rovided quote rom heirsupplieror he hardware ndestimatedhe amount flaborhatwouldbe requiredor he nstallation.5. ls thereFederalOversiqhton this proiect?Yes. However,hedollar mount f thiscontractmodifications less han$50,000 nd here snochangen hescope r ntent f heproject,o FHWA rior pprovals not equired.(Note: Look on proposal cover page to determine if FederalOversight.)

    Priorapprovalwas received rom FHWAon N/ABy phone

    Contract odficationustification.oc

    By attachede-mail (Date)


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    ! b(t-o? 77grrefjre t, t{R#.*;;"9"

    Wse$sin Depa*$:rfl{f TrE$spsrtetisn

    *nntrautM*diflratic*R'3t20** 1.11 pi,it

    FieldL{enagqr "t,3eCsntract 'S*Sn6{Sf3{,{J$HS'liSTNl 9 CGRRIDSRWATJSAU*T61fSARTVfi, CITYCo*L fi#*d.f{urnber14

    R*vi*i*nNurnter Cent. *od.Date6r2i?8ssF*st fhang*$3S"S73.58

    Aw* rdsd Cg*tr*xt Am n*nf$:5.260,653.3S

    Roi*tesT.5'n**filrast l-6ra1i0nLSCAL $T. U$fl.{SJ

    $hsrt See*ript*o*Sridgens*t s:aining

    Comtrsc*,0088fr1*f31 ***L l*l*d.: 14 Fag* *r4

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    t*t*tJ' (5{t! =(gs

    l& (o

    w;:sx{J a)$6{V*,rE:*

    o,; x"* >a{s lr;flI *3





    r*t* rq tn

    ca11;!I;lriil-'t IIIIIIIIII. !tal1.4 1-lfr l., 1--1I'II!!III'I

    iIJIJI1IIq-\ lqt*t {F]4: l ,1* t'! l

    i-T3l r

    -!- -i7. 1il I*T

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    eilth Sentral Region

    S*I'{TRACTMODIFIGATIoHU$TIFI*ATI*fIICcntraciiicdiicai,c- , :

    3u$8061&i-1 L:l-{ :i STH i9 Ccrrid*r'!vaus*uo,$teuartArenu*,26th A,rrnue J{th Arensel US H f;l/$Tl-I39 corridar 1\ri. 'su. l5th.{renue, ShermanS{r*et - S{e*'*rt Avrnuel Ug H sUST}l lg f*rridar \4,'eusiru,STH:9 \\*: \rsiern R=n.ip }.{; {,t iH 5ll$Ttt 39{c;.ridsrr\4,'*usar, iSt{Sl l\*rthtr*rsntl;LjXHSllSTlJ:gcorri i i- 'r \\:ussu- ST H 5: ofl '-Fsmp frr*r l:-$il $t l i$; sfslr,*rt Ar,e*ue, 3nd Ar.enue l6th Ar,e*uell '11:':r:,-'L :' :' - : i+f-:-:v-:7. rF2{.]*sl5j: t t{r6-*Q-?g: l6$,{ -7i. NI-{ {}*&jj.91 t&s-l -le" xi l l***iJ5:l / r1- -- : \ i - ' l r-: - '$-1-;3.6?9!-09-?3.STp:*Sg:dl:Ls: ra l r r r r* t i * {a l Smrt: u-$["]l : USH5l: Li lH i l : L*r :ats::;:: l:5t \! i* . S::-iciui '*s-i?-l i$, B-j?-ii4. s-i7-3s:. B-l?-_]?tr.-3?-:$, R-i?-l:. lc.-l?=:i"R-:?-:*. R-l*-lS i--:---:-' fr'--i---1-r'-i7-sl- 5-i?-?t" Bsrr*rl ' . 3;ickij l l ira*u]*r. }a:e Aggregarr- rl*ct ru:hrri !{arerial.{r-1:--r--iri :''sEe-i. Pavetn*nfM;lrkings. [*!ls{ril{i1,:fi $takillg. f*lr,*rl pipe, Ft*n31S*r,sr. f,*nsr*t* 4;*r1,.'i-+i;:::: .:::::ii (ltil*r. flon*r*re Sid*r".alk,E**r.t {llrar-rl, rfhaltir, Eur{sce,.{fui,{Filren.r**r. {r:uteanqlS*n,,rl i ' i ir: l i i lri ' : ' . tai. Concretr arri*rTtyn1ra3, Fr,rcasr"irrrs..5ign upgr*fis. rafi ic$ig**ls. -. ighring,ancing.'ll':ri:s:i \1':li:'a \o*e. Ten':p*rnT r**h Cirsiri*rr.L{*nngitrc*t r: f CnntenrincrerJ.lareni*}. -liiih.l'ensir,::r gblee i=rc. f.ri l ; ir: ' : Berrier. nri-Shid'l 'r*atmrnf.n* 3 lanagelrrnr 5t!id lVsrte.ZenithTerh,, nr. - Wsuhe:ha

    1. Need or Chanqe:originai *signplans allsd or cnlyseleflt ridges r pnilions f bridgeoo recsiv*darkxtainnnthe ecessedanels f hepier tems-ndpara[ets f heusH 51lsr-H gcorridorridges. ponadditi*nalevslufrtioilhat ccclirfd gftere*i'*p,etioil f $sil-r*prsjects nd in the rnidstsf sther*,theC*rridorAesth*tic*Commitiee *cided hat all of th* bridg*aandntherbarrierwallsbeflruesnihe STH?9 fast inter*hange *d SridgeS#eetshould e*civAdarkstainsn th reces$ed anelsf*r ae*thetic c|'!5ist*n*y"ark stainwa* reappli*da bridges on$tr{*}f{*dnderh* ,,Rd,,proiie*due a differing *lor sil*s.

    lf th*s ontras m*di{ications net apprsved,he ccntracterwouldn*t hfive he bid terns egu;redt* c*mplet* hew*rk.Thework n*uldnoi b* compleledn ecr*pliance /ith h* sp*cific *qilestsftl-*eC*rrid*rAe*theti**esn"lrniit**,f d*n* lat*r, *nraining ridges#s#ldhavs * b* re-preppedpri*r * appli*ati*n,*$i.lltingna high*rc*st,

    I!* appar*nt lternativ*,snseqrl*neesfienti*nsd hove"4. -.ilt**tifi*afi*nf Fri,q,q;

    Th* ulit pric** were negotlated nd agreedupol r,vithhe prirn* c**tract*r. These ,.!nit ri*e$wers fffiffiparabln similarw*rk *n *tl'rsrWisil*T pf*j*rts sr]d o*n* acceptable y g"**Fr*j*ctEngin*er.

    2. ffitdi*catian


    C*ntf etM*Sificatis'-rustificaii*n.d*c 21?l*7

  • 8/3/2019 1 Merged 1


    l ltn(t*aq-77"{"; d{ >*,t\.":;**

    !\ti$'fi in $epa:tlffe*i ai Transpa{talon

    Contract Fjlodfication*l1el18$* 1S:*,{AM

    Fisls{Sn8gsf 4,s

    contraer:20s8$51$631,$H5li$Tlt 3Se0nRlnGR-wAusAu a sTElltlART VE,GITYHet Gh*n'gesr8.602.?7

    CanL $gd.Xulrnber?0

    Rputesr,slesntraet l-tcationiLOCALST, SH51

    S*o* il*ccriPtianC*nerqte p*v*m**t iterlrs

    Avvard*d Ccntract Arnounts?5,26S,653.e9


    flontraet 2*0&ffi1f,031 ConL [\lod.: 29 Page 1 sf6

  • 8/3/2019 1 Merged 1


    rmrth Gentral RegionCONTRACT ODIFICATIONUSTIFICATIONContractModificationo, 29

    20080610031 SH 5l 5TI{ 19 Corridor \\.ausau.Ste*art Avenue, 6th Avenue 24th Avenue;USH 51/STH29 Corridor \\-ausau. 28th -{r'enue.Sherman Street - Stewart Avenue: USH 51/STH 29 Corridor Wausau,STH 29 \Yest S-.rstem emp \\'-t: t SH sliSTH 29 Corridor Wausau,USH 5l Northbound; USH SliSTH 29Corridor \\-ausau. STH 52 Off-Ramp from LSH 5l \B; Stewart Avenue, 32nd Avenue - 26th AvenuelMarathonCountlr 1166-09-:-.STPl008-r5-i: i66-09-79: 166-11-75, H 2008354; 1 66-11-76, H 2008355;1166-ll-79,1r1I2008356:999-09---1.TP 008i6i: LocalStreet;Local treet;USH 1; USH 51;USH 5l; LocalStreet; .452Miles:Stmctures --r--i50.B-,17-35+.-37-362.8-37-371, -37-26,R-37-23,F.-37-25,-37-26, -37-28,R-37-42.R-37--13. -3i-61. S-3a--1.Borrou. Backfill Granular,BaseAggregate,SelectCrushedMaterial,ConcretePavement.Parement {arkings. ConstmctionStaking, Culvert Pipe, Storm Sewer, Concrete Curb,ConcreteCurb and Gutter.ConcreteSidesalli. Beam Guard.AsphalticSurface,HMA Pavement, oute and Seal,ConcreteDriveway.ConcreteBarrier Temp,crarlPrecast. igns,Sign Supports, raffic Signals, ighting,Fencing,ConcreteMedian Nose.Temporarl Cra.h Cushion. lanagementof Contaminated aterial,High TensionCableGuard,Concrete arrier.Anti-SkidTreatment. nd lanagement f SolidWaste.Zenith Tech., nc. - Waukesha

    Need or Chanqe:The Removeand ReplaceConcretePavement NB US 51 itemwas neededdue to a failingpanelof concrete.WsDOTdirectedhe contractorn a previous rojecto placea traffic ounterloopdetector hile rafficwas counter irectionaln he SB anes uring ome ubgirder ifts. hetimingwas right o replacehe panelof concrete, ut imeof yearand emperaturesnthe springof 2008 would lend themselveshat the concretewas potentially lacedon frozengrounc,causing he slab o fail.Afterswitchingrafficon thisprojecto construct new rampwe wereable o replaceheslabwitha singleane losure.The Remove nd ReplaceConcrete idewalk BridgeStreet temwas needed ue o concretesidewalk ettlementssues t the endsof theBridgeStreet ridge hatwasrecently onstructedyearsago. The settlementesultedn a 2 inchdifference etweenhe bridgeand he sidewalk.Since heprojectha t t was nstalled n hasbeenacceptedt was necessaryor ourprojecto therepairhe riphazard.The Remove nd Replacement oncrete avement 'F ' Ramp temwas needed ue o failingconcrete anelswhichdemonstratedignificantracking. t is notclear he possible ontributorsto thisconcreteailing, ut concrete as placed n the previousBridgeStreet" rojectha thasbeenaccepted nd neededo be replaced.Consequencesf this ContractModifications not approved:Remove nd ReplaceConcrete avement NB US 51 - Panelwouldhavebeen eplaced t alaterdatewithmorecostandmore raffic serdelay.The Remove nd ReplaceConcrete idewalk BridgeStreet tempresented trip hazardonWisDOT right of way, pedestriannjuries ould have been the resultwithout emovalandreplacementf the sidewalk.The Removeand Replacement oncretePavement 'F ' Ramp tem had signiflcant rackingwhichwas a detrimento the ramp hatwouldhavecompromisedraffic low. We were able o



    ContractModificationustification.doc 2t2t07

  • 8/3/2019 1 Merged 1


    torth Gentral Reglomrreplace he paLnamrr'rllmwn"e|]|l[lrfiu-ewfi!]HlBnmbPiacingan epoxy overlay antiskidtreatmentona bridge6l,drs urplrm l ltrltlqu, umttlqgumumeser delays or a rampclosure o replace he panels.

    3. ilro f,odfrcation:ffimffi'ffiffiiM Parerrcnt - fffi [-,S51 - An alternative ould have been torffi||ffiffiilil{ffimffi; @lnm nerlfmled above.ffifffiMmnil mqnrp CsseF Sidsmak - EridgeStreet No apparentalternative.lWhffimrurcd @ftacermentConcreb Fansrnent 'F' Ramp tem could havebeenreplacedatnlffiulr.tfinms"nrssqueillces bbd abore"

    {1, lnfficdion of Price:The conbaclorprovided breakdomn,f [email protected],guipment nd materials osts hat were ncurredhr tNe work for each pay item. Ttnecofrs rcre reviewedby the ProjectEngineerand weredeterminedo be reasonable.

    5. ls there Federal Oversiqht on thlb srE*ect?Yes. However,he dollaramounto'f hb contraclmodifications less han$50,000 nd here sno change n the scopeor intentof ffieproiect. o FHWApriorapprovals notrequired.

    (Note: Look on proposal covv ge fo de{errnine f FederalOversight.)Prior approvalwas rec,eivedrom FHWAon N/A(Date)By phone By attachede-mail

    ContractModificationustification.doc 2t2t07

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    I--5$\l l!rzz7r-_

    --- / l), -=-/- tu !- \-WisconsinDepartment f Transportation

    Contract:20030708029. CCLEARY

    ContractModification4t11/20059.37 MFieldManager.3 b



    Cont.Da14t1 /2

    lod.))05 Ne tChange$1,255.00 Awarded ContractAmount$8,746,64s.45RouteNContractLocationCT HN

    ShortDescriptionITEM 6341 , 63412, 3822, 0005H,

    Contract: 0030708029 Cont .Mod.: 13.Rev.9 Page 1 ol 4

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    CONTRA( 2003070s02e McCtearyBridge and lApproaches, Robin Lane to Lake Street;MarathonCounty;6999-03-73,OMA 2003541;CTH N; 1.025 Miles; Grading, base course,storu sewer,concretecurb and gutter,concretesidewalk, asphaltic concretepavement, rafficsignals, lighting, pavement marking, andStructure -37-335.1. change ustification: PHETFERBROTHERS CoI\STRUcrroNA. the quantity f PostsWood 4 x 6-lnch14-FTwas reduced ue o the requesto use he steelsignsupportas described elow.B. Wood Posts,4 x 6-lnch 16-FT,were added o the project o provide ign supports hat wouldmeet herequirementsf standard etailsor typical nstallationf permanentype l signson singleposts. The planonly ncluded 4'wood posts,whichwerenot ongenough o support he largeJ-assembliesnd maintaitheproper urial epth.C. MovingSigns,Type ll was required ue to staking he sign offsetsaccordingo MUTCDguidance.Thisguidancewould have the sign offset oo far back from the roadwaysuch that vegetationwouldblock hevisibility f these signs. Also, his guidance ad sign placement oo far from the roadway or what thetraveling ublicwouldexpect n an urbanarea.D. SteelPostswere added o the project o provide ign supporls hat wereconsistentwith he Cityof Wausau'sexisting igning nd currentpolicy.The city equestedhe steelsignsupportso be used n ieuof the woodposts alled or n he plan.E. SteelPosts,Galvanized ereadded o the project o provide ign supports hat couldbe placed n existinasphaltic reaswithout aving o remove avement.Also, his ypeof postwillblend n with he environmewhere heyare o be placed nd are similaro existing ignsupportshat havebeenused n h eTownof RibMountain.

    Consequencesf this GontractModifications notapproved:A. lf thisContractModifcations notapproved,he planquantityor he PostsWood4 x 6-lnch 14-FTwouldnotbe reducedo zero o reflect he reductionn useof this tem. Also,additional or kwouldbe required urinofinals o explainhepaymentor his tem.lf thisContractModifications not approved,he contractor ouldnot have he bid tems equiredo completthe work hereforehe postswouldnot be installedo specifications,r the contractor ould nstall he 16postsand submita claim o compensatedor hi swork.lf this ContractModifications not approved,here would not be an item in order o pay the contractororMovingSigns,Type ll. The contractor ouldbe forced o leave he signswhere hey ar e or move hemwithoutcompensation. f the signsare not moved, he signs would be hard to see once vegetationsestablishedn the spring. This could ead o WisDOTgetting ued or any collisionshat occurdue o thetraveling ublicno tbeingable o see hesesigns. f thecontractormoves he signsand WisDOT efusesopay, he contractor ould ilea claim n order o be compensaled.The onlyotheroptionwouldbe for theproject taff o violateour engineering thicsand commitcivil raud and pay fo r moving he signs undeanother id tem.lf this ContractModifications notapproved,he SteelPostswouldnotbe consistentwith he signposts n thesurrounding rea. This would createa maintenance eadacheand increase osts or the maintaininauthority s theywouldhave o stockan additionalypeof sign post. Also, he woodpostsdo not fit in withtheurbannature f this oadway ndwouldnotbe asvisually ppealing s the steelsignposts.lf this ContractModifications notapproved,he woodsignpostswouldbe installed s called or n the planinsteadof the proposedSteel Posts,Galvanized.This would result n additional osts n order o removeexisting sphaltic avement.Also, he woodpostswouldno tbe as visually ppealing s thegalvanizedignposts n heseareas.

    Alternativesonsideredo accomplishhe change:A. Do nothing,onsequences ent ionedbove.B. Donothing, onsequences entioned bove.C. Donothing, onsequences entioned bove.D. Donothing, onsequences entioned bove.E. Donothing, onsequences entioned bove.





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    4. Justification f Price:A. There s no unitpricechange or this tem; his contractmodification nly decreaseshe quantity f PostsWood4x6- lnch14-F1.B. The unitprice or PostsWood 4 x 6-lnch16-FTwa s negotiated nd agreeduponwith he primecontractoThis pricewa s comparableo similarwork on otherW|SDOT rojects nd foundacceptable y the projecengineer.C. The unitprice or MovingSigns,Type l was negotiated nd agreeduponwith he primecontractor.Thispricewas comparableo similarwork on otherW|SDOTprojectsan d found acceptable y the projecengineer.D. The unit price or Steel Posts was negotiated nd agreed upon with the primecontractor. This pricewascomparableo similarworkon otherW|SDOT rojects nd oundacceptable y he project ngineer.E. The unitprice or SteelPosts,Galvanized as negotiated nd agreeduponwith he primecontractor. hispricewas comparable o similarwork on other W|SDOTprojectsand found acceptable y the projecengrneer.5. Design Materialsnput:A. NoneB. NoneC. NoneD. NoneE. None

    6. ls thereFederalOversight n this proiect?YESa) lf yes,does his Con.Mod.change hescopeof the project?Nob) lf 6a s yes,or 6 is yes and his Con.Mod. s over$50,000:priorapprovalwas receivedrom FHWA n N/A(Date)By phone N/A Byattached -mail N/AContractModifcation ustifcation.doc 8-27-02

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    //u6-0q-7yWisconsinDoparlmentoI Transoortation

    GontractModificationtl18l?o,0s :1 7AMFieldManager .Z c

    Gontract: 20070213049,USH S1ISTHZ9GORR|DOR- WAUSAUNet Change$15,592.16

    Awarded Gontract Amount$27,525,182,83Route

    51, 29

    FILECOPYShort Descriptionconcrele avementxtra ork premiumTirne coldweather rotectionDescriptionof ChangesAdd the ollowingspecialprovisions o lhis contract:SPECIAL 4. CONCRETE AVEMENT. PREMIUMTIME& COLDWEATHERPROTECTION,TE MSPV.O105sPEclAL25' CONCRETE AVEMENT'PREMIUMT|ME& colo wenrHER pRorEcloN, trEM spv.010sA. DESCRIPTIONIn order o compleleconcretepaving operalionsnecessary o switchnorthboundusH 51 trafiic onto the new norlhboundavemenlbeforeadverse-weather onditionsprecludeds11c1 orr

  • 8/3/2019 1 Merged 1



    /r Central Region


    20070213016 USH 51 / STII29 Corridor - Wausau, STH 29Westbound, Sherman Street Flyover Bridge; USH Sf / STII 29Corridor - Wausau, USH 51 / STH 29 Northbound, MallardLane to Sherman Street; USH 5l / STH 29 Corridor - \ilausau,Sherman Street, 28th Avenue to 24th Avenuel USH 51 / STH29 Corridor - Wausau, STH 52 to USH 51; USH 51 / STH 29Corridor -'Wausau, USH 51 Northbound, Sherman Street toSTH 52; MarathonCounty; ||66-O9-74; IJ.66-09-76; |66-09-78:1166-10-72, H2007019; 1166-11-77, H 2O07020; TH29;USH 5l; LocalRoad; STH29; US H 57;2.565Miles; Grading;BaseAgpgegateDense; ConcretePayementSpecial; HMAPavement;StmcturesB-37 344, 3 46,348,352,3 S , 356, 57,3 59,360, R-37-21,3-37-58,59,60, 68,72,73, and82 ;Routeand Seal;Culverl Pipes; Storrr Sewer; ConcreteWall MechanicallyStabilized Earth; Concrete Curb and Gutter; ConcrefeSidewalk;Concrele Banier; Pipe Underdrain; SteelPlate Beam Guard; ChainLink Fence; Signing; PavementMarking; Conduit; Loop Detectors;Traffrc Signals; Lighting; Painting Epoxy System; ConcreteStaining Sfructures;and Management of PetroleumContamjnatedMaterial. Zenith Tech.. Inc. - Waukesha

    1. Need or Chanqe;In order o complete oncrete avingoperations ecessaryo switchnorthbound sH 51traffic nto he new northboundavement efore dverseweather onditions recludeduch' work,project taffenteredntoan agreement ith hecontractor hereby he ollowingconditionsouldapply: )TheDepartrnentil lpay orallpremiumime abor osts ncurredby he contrac{or..neces.Tryo performhework; nd 2) The Departrnent illpay orE0%ofthe costof providingoldweather rotec{ionor he newlynstalied oncrete avement.Thereason.thisgreement asestablished as o aid nthe advancementf theprojectschedule.he concrete aving ubcontractorasnotcontractuallybligatedo.completehepavingnquestionn he allof 2OO7ince heschedulehowedt-being-Oonen hespring f2008,Thaicombined ith hedeteriorating eather onditionsmade he contractorapprehensivef installinghe--pavement.emperatures ere allingand he contiactorwasconcernedhat t wouldbe difficulto meetcompressivetrength Jquirementsor hepavemenl. hey efusedo assume llof the riskbutagreed6 proceedf the Departmentwere o share n the riskby payingor halfof the additional oldweather rotectionequiredandpay oranyovertirne ndpremiumirnecharges y theirstaff hatwouldbe necessaryocompletehework.Sinceweatherorecasts howedlrat he rnost avorable onditions eregoing o occuron a weekend, remiurnimechargeswerea significantactor,Withouthg9o-ncreteaving eingcomplete,rafficwouldhavehad o remainon theoldnorthboundSH51 anes'Thiswouldhavedelayedemoval f thebridges verSherrnanStreet nd he railroad, hich n turnwoulddelayconstructionf pier#6Lf bridge8-37-360.Withouthatpierbeing onstructed,ompletionf theentirebridgewouldbe deiayed. hemain ssue hat makesadvancem"l!of theproject chedule dvlntageouss impacts nddelayso the ravellingublicwouldbe reduced nce raffics counter-directionai.fre originaContractModificationustification.doc 2nrc7

    rotrslf l HHgt:8 8002 Lo qa9'd OEEZSGZS I L

  • 8/3/2019 1 Merged 1


    //=,r Gentral Reglonscheduleshowed-traffic eingcounter-directionaln July,and this contractmodificationwouaid n allowing raffic o be counter-directionarnnptt.

    2.lf thiscontractmodifications notapproved,to he original chedule nd herewouldbetravel i.e, ncreasedsercost).

    the projectwouldhavebeenconstructedccorgreater raffic mpactsduring he monthsof hea

    3.The only alternativehatwas e,onsideredas to continueconstruction asedon the origproject chedule,

    4- Justificationof price:Theunitpricewascalculated asedon timeandmaterials osts ncured by the contractor.ProjectEngineer eviewedhe costbreakdown rovided y the contractor nd determinedhthepricesreasonable.

    5.Yes' However,he dollar mount f hiscontractmodifications less hang50,000and hereochangen hescpeor ntent f heproject,. rHwn.piiir"r is not equired.

    (Note: Lookon pn posal cover page o determine f Fedaraloversight)priorapprovalwas eoeivedrom FHWAon &. (Date)By phone N/A By attachede-mail N/A

    Contract odifiation ustifi ation.oc 2t2t07rotrs I t l 1. lu9t 8 8002 Lo q'd osezE6zs t

  • 8/3/2019 1 Merged 1


    Contract Modification1/3/2011 :0 1AMFiddManaget-5aWsconsinDepartmentf Transpodation

    Contract:20030708029, CCLEARY RIDGE& APPS'ROBINLN - I-AKEST

    ShortDescriPtionExpenses f he DisputeReviewBoard DRB)or

    resolUtionf hreeclaims y hecontractor'Description f Changes1. DRBCosts,tem90MLA. DescriPtion.work inctudes xpenses f the Disputefeview Board DRB) o'tT"]s.-"X^"lljue daimsby PheiferBrother'work by

    theDRB ncludesndependentnd mpartialevie* of he Limi ano o prwidenon-ninoins,'itt"n findin9-a1drecomrnendationsasecl";A;'il#;a Lppri*ur" "ont'acttaw' ndustry

    racticesnl'fact=presented' he ollowingtiiimi *"t" includedn thisDRB eview:. Repairto oids ncolumns -3. Repairs ndreconstructio-ntine Pier1east ooting.andssoo*:d-:l9::3"tu*. paymento th. O"p"ronlnito; il""dg;t6", anatyiii,engineering,nO 'p"it'isionretatingo thePier1 east ootingdefectiveconcreteB. MeasurementThedepartment i,,pay or DRBCostsas a lumpsum ota*ngone harf he otar ostof he expense f sefvicesendered

    ytheDRB.C. Pavment.pavm

  • 8/3/2019 1 Merged 1


    North Gentral Region


    ContractNo 200307080296999-03-73CTHNMccleary Bridge & AppsRobin Lane Lake StMarathonCounty

    1. Need or Ghanqe:Three claimswere submitted o the department y the contractor.A dispute esolution oard(DRB)was used o resolve he claims.The costof the DRB was mutually greed o be splitequallybetweenthe contractor nd he department.

    2. Consequences f this ContractModification s not approved:-.__department ould not ulfill t's agreement ith he contractoro split he costof the DRBequally.

    3. Alternativesconsidered o accomplish he Modification:The claimsprocesswas followed s describedn Section5.13,without esolution,equiringhe use of aDRB as the reviewpaneldescribedn Section105.13.6.No otheralternatives ereconsidered.

    4. Justification of Price:The cost of the DRB was mutuallyagreed to be split equally between he contractorand thedepartment.

    5.(Note: Look on proposalcover page o determine f FederatOversight.)

    Priorapprovalwas eceivedrom FHWAonBy phone By attachede-mail




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    McCleary Bridge Project Dispute Review Board DECEMBER , 20L0Wisconsln Department of Transporation fNVOICE #L5441264802 Sheboygan Avenue, Room 501-P.O. Box 791-5Madison, Wl 53707-7915

    39020-OOO0 McClearyBr idge Project

    - tal Fees $52,237.50Total DisbursementslCharges S1' 03 0 55Total Current Amount Due $53,258'05=============

    A completeescriptionf allservices nddisbursementsor hismatters attachedto this nvoice. f youhaveanyquestions,lease ontactKennethM. Roberts t(3121258 57O o e-ma kro e [email protected] ch ffha d n.com.


  • 8/3/2019 1 Merged 1


    's- -t '..)-r \ - , R'4

    Wisconln OepartsDeflof TraEportation

    ContractModiflcation1178,120'0,4.t15/tMF'bldManager .3bcontract 2ofilo7o8o29,MccLEAFy BRTDGE Apps, BoBtN LN- LAKEsr


    ShortDescriptlonITEM 90oO4GDescriptlon of GhangesAdd the tollowing tem to th'tscontraclREPAIRTOPARAPEI PFIESTRESSEDGIRDER RETROFIT,AND P]EF RETFIOFIT, TEM 9OOq4GThe workunder this item shall be in accordance wlth the Stateof Wlsconsin, Deparlment of Transporration, StandardSpecificationsorHishwavndstructureonstructlon,oition;i b96 -ES6;i#r;;UiSpeciricarion 2oozEdtlon,ndhe SpecialProvisionsor lhis conlractcontract time shall not change as a resull of lhis contract modification.New ternsProiest; @99-{13-?3,CCLEARY RTDGE AppsCategorf 0020,STRUCruREB?3S TTEMS

    Item Cod Unlt Unil Prlce Dollar Valua900o.1 ChangeOrder LS 1.000 1,925.770o,0 $1,925.77

    Subtotaltor Category0O2O: 91,925.2Subtolal for Prolect 699*O&23: $1,925.27


    z'd 6ZL8-8'8-SIe g aca f ou; e3p r ug t rJee I3c1. l Le?zI tooz 8I n

  • 8/3/2019 1 Merged 1



    20030708029...McCleary Bridge and Approaches,Robin Laneto Lake Street; Marathon County; 6999-03-73,OMA 2003541;CTH N; 1.025Miles;Grading, ase ourse, tormsewer, oncretecurb andgutter,concrete idewalk,asphaltic oncretepavement,traffic signals, ighting, pavementmarking,andStructureB-37-335. PHEIFERBROTHERS CONSTRUCTION COMPANY

    Change ustification:Aftera sectionof parapetwas pouredat an expansionoint, he bottomportionof the parapetwallcrackedanstarted o separaterom he ret oj the parapet.Upon ooking he areaover, t was found hai a section f parapspannedan expansion oint. This caused he bottomcornersof the parapet o be damagedwhen he bridgexpanded nd contractedand ultimatelyed to portionsof the parapetbeingremovedand replaced. n order prevent his rom happeningagain,a pieceof felt had o be addedat the bottomof the parapetn order o creaseparation etween he parapetand the deck,After wo deckpourswerecompleteand he falseworkwasstripped, t was reaffirmedhat he expansionointsothebridgewere ncorrectly esigned.A cornerof the prestressed irderson the bridgespannedromonbside otheexpansionoint o the otherdue to the widthof the girdersand the skewof the bridge.Thiscausedportionstheunderside f the deck to be damagedwhen he bridgeexpandedand contracted. Aretrofito theprestressgirderswas performedby placing elt on top o{ the remaininggirders,al expansion oints, n order o providebondbreakerha twillpreventhe deck rombeing amaged.After he ishingpierwas reinstalled, hangeswererequested y the MarathonCountyparks Department. heschangeso the fishingpierwereoverandabove he contract equirements.The part

  • 8/3/2019 1 Merged 1


    frpntra*t Modificatioe


    in hiscorrlractnder ro.iectJ1fio_11-7t ilte0ory $10B-lNCH,TEfrlSPV,01C)s 1/2-lNC1"l,l 'Et{$pV.0100

    lslTrzcsii.r0 tt

    Avril rded Contraci Arnoiln!$25,260,S53.29

    Ran]pan d h6resuttof this0r $uBsEcl't0N

    iieplace heels ,5 and3gof thepranr orproject116s-1.1.7$virhhea*arhrci evised rafl hssts.Replacehesxisung rlicle 6ol lha$pecial rovisionsvilhheattaehed*vi$sd pecial rovisionThe nlent t hi$contfaclnocjifica{ions a acilitale n,expeditedcherl$leor l1e onlf}'etionf he ,c,.;';nH,,,?tffffi1Hfr.herisinatnr.,t,n"ii'priiionari"tN;;ilJi6,iols ur,*rrorhansestr_'1i?jii,Ift;ps,i: pRsvr,EpByHr$CIrlrRAcronrFrsA'o*.xc'pl.FARA*RA'H'

    Ne tChange$20.5S9.41

    i lhh- c7-?'7. ., , . i , . . , ,1 .i '@i,l1., , , . , , . ; ; , r ' '

    lvrsc6nsin Fe$ailft*nl of TfgnspillamI

    iCantract ocationil00AL $T ,US H 1

    $hort lessriptianC RarnpcOfl$*t pilvemenlDescriptionaf fh*ngesf)ecreaseplsn qucntily or the foljowingbiri lenrsSPICIAL 02, CfiNCRETf PAVf fu.IEN'rPEC'AI.SPECIAL 4, CONCRETE AVETIEN'I PECIALAdd he ollawingid tem$o rh'econrracin*larprajecr1r66-1.r-?$aregory 010:$FECIAL2.CONCRETEAVIMENT A$SPECIAt 1I,-}NCH. -E,,JPV,O1SOp$rfomal lwork naccr:rcianceo seclisn 15of he*landarclpecificati*ns,ndashsreinafterrovjded.Replaceubsecrion15.2.1 frhestandard pecitiealior.,sirh fre oilowing:l"!:ffif$fixes used ofconcretPavemenllE$ $peciatg ,,-]nch,urnish rade air-enrained.sncrsronrorninrJ

    contract:0080slssrr, $Hgl/$THas oRRrooR wAu$AU srEwART VE, lryCont.Morl.Numbera1

    Conf. Mod.

    iRoute$1"$1 CONSTPROJCT

    S0ntm$i; 0SS0610031 f ;ont, Mod.: 31 Pags 1 ol 1

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    hiCInthGeratratrRegionC*$UTRAffiTfi#MAF GATIOTq-JUSTI ICATgffiuContractModification o. 31

    20080610031 lSH 5l/STH 29 Corridor Wausau,Stelr 'art {1'enue! 6th Avenue 24th Avenue; USH 51/STH29 C6rridor Wausau,ZSth Avenue, Shermsn Street- Ster';artAvenuel USH 51/S:fH 29 Corridor Wfiusau,STH 29 lVest SystemRamp lVA; USH 51/S-I 'H 9 Corridor \\ 'ausau,USH 51 Northbound; USt{ 51/STH29C6rridor lVausnu, ST H 52 Off-Ramp from USH 51 NB: Stenart Avenue, 32nd Avenue - 26th Avenueit4ararhon ounry; 1166-09-77, TP?008353t 166-.J9-79r1r ,5-11'75, H 2008354;1166-11-76, H 2008355;\166-11-79, H 2008356;6999-09-73, TP200836i:Lcc: l S:reetr ocal StLeet; SFI51; USH 51; USH 51; LocalStreetl .452 r4iles; tructures -37-350,B-37-35.+. -17-352.B-37-371,C-37-26.R-37-73, -37-25,R-37-26,R-37-25,R-37-42, \-37-43,S-37-61,S-37-71,Borrorv.Backil i l Granular, ase Aggregate, e ect Crushed V{aterial,Concrete Pavenrelt, Pavement Markings, Construciion Staking. Culverl Pipe, Storm Sewer, Concrete Curb,ConcleteCurb and Cuttet',Co*crete Sidewalk, Beam Guard. Asphaltic Surface,HfvIA Pavement, loute and Seal.ConcreteDliveway, Concrete larrier TemporaryPreca-rt. !gr:. Sign Suppoils,Traffic Signals,Lighting, F'encing,ConcretcL4edianNose, 'l'emporaryCrash Cushlon. 'lanag:ment of ContamiuatedN4aterial, {iglr TensiottCableGuard,Concr*leBarrier,Anli*SkidTreatnrent. nd tianaeententf Solid Waste. enith Tech., nc . - Wauliesha

    Need.fo( hqFqe;ln the fallof 2009 permanent heeting ad o be added o retaining all R-37-28 long he C-Ramp o prevent couring f the footing. Also nvolvedn thatprocesswas gettingpefmissionfrom he DNR o place he permanent heetrngn a delineated etland rea. Thisentire rocesstook 2 weeks. Also on the C-rampwe encounteredery poorsoilswhichwe excavated elowsubgrade feet and installed eogrid ollowed y breaker un to correct he subgradessues.This processalso took 2 weeks o complete. By having o add these temswe delayed heproject chedule ritical athalmosta month. lt was critical o keep he compleiion ateof thisramp to November 0tn,2009 since his ramp needs o be open beforewe can constructcrossoverrom his ramp o NB 51 ye t thisyearso we can set he tub girders or 8-37-362 ex tspring.Underapprcval rom centralofficepavement ectionwe changed he concreteor thisentire ramp rDma 6 bag concretemix with fly ash to a 7 bag mix without ly ash to acceleratecure imes, hereby xpeditinghe schedule.Sqnsequerses f t h ag on94gl nns-djip-a$n is-npt enp svedProject chedule ouldnot be maintained,ompromisinghe ubgirder etting chedule extspring. he ub girder ettings scheduledo happen uring he owest raffic olumes f theconstructiCIneason.A grn atives pons d e e4 tq egcomp s h__th_nngdf eatig-n;Paying hecontractor lumpsum or an expedited chedule, utwiih hat scenario e couldno tspecifywhat materialshey were using.So we decided o put the money nto a fastersettingconcretemix,having hecontractorgree o he original ompletionate.Justific?tisnaf F[iqr:The unitpriceswere negotiated nd agreeduponwith he primecontractCIr,heunitpriceswerecomparableo similarworkon otherWisDOTprojects nd ound o be acceptable y he ProjectEngineer, ndwere much esc han he#2 bidder n hi sprojector a similartem.




    Contract \llodificationusiification.oc u2ta7

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    , : - ,4j-r l, I / bQ'^(\7- 7 ts contraettedifiesti*nwl5cansln *parlmrnr si Tlenspa'tatofl faiSl:008 1*iil?AMFildMF*tS*t4.43Sc'ntra*t: 308?fl 13t4S, USlt 5t ISTI{29CORRISSR 1f{AUSAU

    Ssnt. &sd.l!umb*rRoute

    r5t,2S. **tract L**alin*rt. lSH ]ISTH?S FILHCOPYShp*- s**cr*ptinnAdn^lilri*trativetemstCreckR*pair *anerni* Pav*nrsnta*d ftestsr*li*n Fo*t Ac.e*ptaneealvagedT*pDescriptianof Ch**ge*Add l' le al!*wing dministrativ*tenr* c this c*ntract:CRACK t FPAIR *SNCf?ETEFAVIIIEhlT,1 grd!S*4.70*ilRFSTfi RATjO ',1 OST,4C*FT,*if{r E $ALVAGEF T*P, l"l""F $06"*ff?5The w*rk under his tem cfraf be * acr*rdanceyri:tirh* Statenf Wise*n*inDeFarlm*nt f TransFariatirn tande dSp*eifr**tians*r ftighwayand StructureConstru*.{icn,CI*3 dition, Fl*Silpplerftentet pecificst]*nn.**& Editian, nd heSpectal rovisionsor hi scsntractNN ADDITIOMAL'MF tS FR*VINFA *Y T}JISTfiNTRACT$NSSJTIffATI*T.:,XCEPTPARAGRAPI-IOF SUSSECTION10s.4.?.4SL{ALL FFt_Y,

    NerrstsnrsFrsjec* J166-S*-7*, JSH5lJST+l3* C*RAjDOn - SfALISAUategory; &010"USHSJfSTH19

    IternFescrlption Item **ds Fr*p.Ln. lt*$tTfpe Unit Propased Gty. llnit Priee Eallar V*lue

    Cont. irsd,*st*,gl23J2S0SHet $hange

    s6,s*s.75Arv*rded e cntr*qt Arnaunt


    *RA*K REPAIN *T.'ffNf; THP&VEtl,lf'iTK350n. b$

    8*4.IS** 5340 Ch*ng* Grder DOL 374.?il0 J5,838$t &5,S?3.5s

    Subto{alforCategoryf0l!: S9,92i,5SSrrbto{Fl pr Frgjsst 1168"99-ISr t9*SU3"56

    fls*trar* ?007S?13S46 ffpnt. *lsd,: 65 Pa** 1 *l :

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    Fl*rrtf* *ntral ReEion


    : l"rrj-ail l*10+6.SH5l/STH 39 Corridrr_ ll,rag.s*u; TF I?*\\

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    'f{ort* t*mtrat *eg&onNospparent ltemative,snsequ*n*e*me*tisn*dabove.


    Jitttifi cationof Prit-:Th* unitprice or Crad

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    I t(oT-os-?*Wiscon$inD6Drtnlenti Transporlslion

    Contractfllod fication3141200S :40 A!,4

    FildMarasef {.4sContracil ?00?0213046, SI'I511STH29 ORRIOORWAUSAU


    tCont Mcd.0ate3ld/2009

    Net Change$237,576,03


    Route51'.tContract LocationusH 51/STH29

    $hcrtDescriptianEB $TH29lSBUSH51 barrierwallandrelatedwork


    Contract20070213046 Cont"Mod.r 83. Rev"1 Page of {

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    ftur& Gentral Regian

    CONTRASTrIONIF$ATIOHU$TIFISATNSNContract sdificationo. 83 .. .

    20S70313045 .SHSIISTH9Carridar - lVaussu;STH29lYesthaund, hrrman StreetFlyoverBridge;USII SI/STH29Csrridpr - 14'auss, USII 51/5TI{ 29No itrbound, Malla dLane o Sherman treet; SH5llSTH29Cnrridor Wnusau,ShermanStrert Z8th yenue oZ4s *v,enue;USHSI/ST-H 9Corridor Wausau, TH52 o USH51: USHSI/STH29Corridar Wausau, SH5I Northbound, hermsn trt oSTH 52:Jvlarathonounr.v:I66-Crg-74:166-09-76:i66-09-T3:1 66-10-??hiH00?0I* 166-t1"77,NH200?02ftTH 9:USH5l; LocalRoad: TH?9;USH51:2.565v{iles;Crading;EasrAggregaleense: oncreteavementpecial: MAFav-ement;tructur*l ;7-344,346,348.3J?.355"56. 3-iT.59.:6q, R-:?-21,S-37-58,9,d oS8,73,7J,a,nd ll RpurendS+al;CulveftFipes:StamrSerrsr;CencreteWail lrlechanicalfy-Stnbiliied afih;CcncrrtgCurbandeuffer;Concretsid-srvalk;Concrete anier;PipeUnderdrain; teeiPlqteBeamCuard:ChainLink Fe.neel'igning; avernentorhingConduit; oopDeteciors:TrafficSig:nals:ighria.glainingEpoxySysrenr; $flrpieStaining tructures:nd Vlana_gementf peiroleumContaminafed${aterial. ZenithTerhi Inr. * }vauk*h*

    1. Need for Chanqe:Orig'is1pf."l* satledor 3$-inchTypeA 4-inchmountableoncrete u$ andgutteradjaeentoeastbound TH29 andsouthbound SH51 where hetworoadwaysmerg;. n the"'orange"Projgct,tohe soulh,2025LF of curbandgutterand 1141 Y of #''Concr6!e houlders ertsoriginallyneluded, ut not constructedo ellow ar llexibilityn crossoverloratiofisor:futurestagesandwere o be built nsteadn conjunciion ith he curband shculdern tnispro.i*.iY.pnnsrn?yai.ofhe temporary rossov*r$nstalled nder he "nrange" rejet, amagewasdiscpveredc the *dg,es f theconcrei*and he eps{yon hepevemeniies wbsrn}tsd.FDM 11-2A'lstateshe following:ln general, either ertical orsloping ilrbsaredesirabtefor useon high-spsedoadways. herefore, liminate urbson urbanh-rgirpeed oadways,where t is practicelo do so."Thiscurbwa$ ocated n a horiaonialuive or SiH 2g,andadjacento theweavllqsectiono1lhemergingrafficrom heSherman treet ff-ramp,riorothe merg*beh,rreenTH29 andUSH51,providiilg ssparationufler"Althor:ghhabesign fthe eurbmetsFDMguidelinesorvrhen urb s nstallednhigh-speedrban Jadways, ri,=""istaff fBIt it was indeed practicaland prefrable o eliminatecurb in this locatian nareoommendednstalling ingle-face oncretebarrier nstesd. t was felt that csncrgtebarrierwouldprovide moresubstantialeparationf the tratlic onsideringhe ocation, speciallyduringhewintermonthswhencuibcouldbe partiallysvered y sncw,This ecom,mendationwasapprovedyMattBronson, roject upervisor.ue o heslight arrowingf the anesrorngleanig up the concretepavement dges, he shaulder djacento the bairierwas changedfrom8. csncrete avemento 10-112"ighearly trengthonirete avement.he hicknessaschangedo matchhe hicknessf headjacentravelane,

    sdificationlustificalion.doc 2t2!47

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    ilorth Gentral RagionDue o the timingal the d*cision o changersm curb o ben'ierwall and the need o mobili:edifferent quipment,roject taff nstructedheconbactorouse highearlystrength oncreteorfaster breakson both the shoulder nd barrien Thisalso allowed or the original rojectcompletion eadlineo be rnetand oreastbound Tll 29 to be openedo twa lanesof traffic.Covering he barrier wall with i:nsulated tanketswas neoessarybeq.auseof the coldtemp*raturesxperie*ced t the imeoi thewaltconstructionnd o promcte horiercure ime"Becaus* h* lengthof the barri*rwall was so great, he contractor id n#t have enoughinsulatingblanketsn their stockpiles.Projec,t taff agreed o pay for the purchasepf new, blankets ith hestipulationhat heblankets ould ecomeheproperfyf he Departmentfter1\ they were removedrom the banierwall.Th* b,lankets ere givento variaus ocalcaunty{I\highway eparlme:ntsor use n heirmaintenanectivites.Pavementies werenecessary ecausehe exisling avementieson eastboundSTI{2g andsouthbound SH51weredamaged y tempnrarysphalthatwas nstelledn these ocalions.Th* *porycoating n he *xisting iesappearedo havemelted nd h* steelwascsil'aded. heexistingieswerecut off andnsw iesweredrilledn.,SqnetpqnEesf th,is,Qsntractrilndifieations not sppr{}v"+{:lf tftiscontractnodifications notapproved,he contractor ouldnot have hebid tems equiredto compleiehework.Theworkwouldnotbecompletedr he contractor ould ubmit claimio be compensatedor t. f theproject asconstructederplan,mountableurbwouldhavebeenconslruqtqdn a high-speed,urvedu:rbonoadwaynaweavi,ngrea. Perdirection ivenin tlaeFDM, f it is practic*ltoeliminate urbon high-spdedrban rnJd''niays,t sl^rnulde Jsne.PrCSeStteffbelieveshat the saf*tyof this roadways improved y eliminatinghe curbandinstalli,ngarrierwall n itsplace.Alternatiyes efisidere. tp acporn | ehth? tgod fiqatipnTheprojectoilfdhavebeenconstructederp,lan.ee consequencesentionedbove.A double-facedanierwasssnsideredn lieupf two singleacedbarriersn this ocation, utfurther rraluationf thisalternativeevealedssueswith he resu:ltinghoulder lope*.Theiewottldhavealsobeen di$icuftyying nto he drainage ystemwithpreviouslyo,nstiuctedr"lletlocalionsased n frecurb low ines.Justification f Price:Th* unitprices or the concretebarrisr,h* concretspaven"ient,nd the paven'renties wsrenegctiated nd agleedupon withthe prirnecontracior. he unit priceswere comparableosimilarworkn otl'rerWIsDOT roiectsnd oundacceptabley he Prqject ngineer-he umpsu*r price or coveringhe bar*erwallwes calculated asedon time and materials ostsincu,rredby he contractor. he Projectingineereviewedhe cost breakdoyrnrovided y thecontrac;tolnddeterminedhat heprices reasanable.ls. hereFederaOversiq t o n th s p.rpisct?Yes.




    ContractModificationustificalian.oc 2tuav

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    ContractModificationWisconsinDepartment f Transportation 12t2/2005 ..13 M

    FieldManager.3 b


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    ContractModificationWisconsinDepartment f Transportation

    Increases DecreasesPTOJECT:166-06-70, SH 51/STH 9 CORRIDOR WAUSAU, IL YLANETO ORIOLELANE,CTH N & USH51/STH 9 PROJECTCategory: 0010,ROADWAYTEMS& R-37-19

    Item Item Code Item Unit c Unit Price Dol larValueWALL MODULARBLOCKGRAVITY 532.0200.S 1010 Original SF -78.000 21.50000 $-1,677.00

    Reason: CSubtotal or Category0010: $-39,406.00

    Subtotal or Project1166-06-70: $-39,406.00New ltemsProject: 1166-06-70,SH 51/STH 9 CORRIDOR WAUSAU, IL YLANETO ORIOLELANE,CT H N & USHS1ISTH 9 TNTERCHANCategory: 0010,ROADWAYTEMS& R-37-19

    Item Descript ion Itemcode Prop.Ln. ltemType unit ProposedQty. Unit price DollarValue

    12t2t2005 13 PMFieldManager.3 b


    j.. , SPEC|AL 4.DAMAGED ENCE SpV.01051 REPAIRReason: C




    Reason: C


    3440 ChangeOrder LS

    3445 ChangeOrder LS

    3450 ChangeOrder LS

    3455 ChanqeOrder LS

    3460 ChangeOrder LS

    3480 ChangeOrder LS

    1 000 15,100.92000$15,100.92

    1.000 '157.58000 $157.58

    1.000 264.62000 $264.62

    1.000 1,900.52000 $1,900.52

    1,000 630.00000 $630.00

    1 000 20,013 .64000$20,013.64

    Subtotalor Category010: $38,067.28

    Contract: 20040511026 Cont .Mod.: 12 Page2 of 3

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    CONTRACTMODIFICATIONUSTIFICATION12District420040511026USH 5llSTH 29 Corridor'Wausau,Lily Lane to Oriole LaneCT H N & USH 51/STH29InterchanseMarathon Countylt66-06-7 0, ol'.A 2004419JamesPetersonSons,nc .

    ' , . Changejust i f icat ion:- The contract tem Obliterating ld Road s decreased ue to thisworkassociated ith removingthe old CTH N Roadway/DMv nd DNRdriveways includedwith he additional ork ncludedwith he new temDMV/DNRParking ot.- The contract tem ConcreteBarrierPrecastContractor urnished nd Installed, tateOwned, sdecreaseddue to Departmentdecision o not use barrier o close off the southbound51129outside uxil iaryane rom Station 30- 446 andnorlhbound utside ane rom504 517. Thebarriers replaced ith raff ic ontrol ertical anels ndpermanent arricades ithsigns.- The contract tem Traffic ControlVertical Panels,One-Sided, s increaseddue to replacingconcrete arrier s discussed bove.- The contract tem Wall ModularBlockGravity s decreased ue to not being nstalled t thesouthwest ide of DMV/DNR ot and utilizing construction ermit o fill onto adjacentproperlyandreplacing allwithcurbandgutter.- The newcontract tem SSPRCSpecial48-lnchGrouting s added or extracostsassociated ithgroutingvoids created from encounteringarge boulders during the boring and jackingoperations f the contract tem Storm Sewer Pipe ReinforcedConcreteSpecial48-lnch. Rockexcavations not ncludedwith he work associated ith boringand ackingand the necessarfinalgrouting ue o rocks s aEreed n.- The new contracttem DamagedFenceRepair s added or repairinghe chain ink ence romStation494+50 o 495+20 eft hatwas hitby a vehicle.- The new contract tem Low ProfileManholeFrame s added o replacean existing " high rameat storm sewerStructure#219 with a 4" high frame to improvedrainageon the west side ofpedestriannderpass -37-77.- The new contracttemPermanent arricades ith Signs s added or install ing arricades ithsigns n the final northbound nd southbound utsideclosed anes n conjunction ith theincreased se of trafficcontrol erlicalpanelsandelimination f concretebarrier.- The newcontracttemMovingFixedMessage ign s added or he necessarymoving f the 11x 11.25'raff ic ontrol ignNorthbound 1 at Station 03 on the left. The sign s moveddue oconflictwith he adjacentprojectsemporarywidening n the median.- The new contract tem DMV/DNRParkingLot is added or work associatedwith improvingheexisting arking ot. The improvements ere added by the Departmentn cooperation ith theplanchanges nddrivewayealignment. hiswork ncluded ulverizingnd relayinghe existinasphalt,emoving xisting urbandgutter, emoving xisting oncrete avement,oughgradingditching, nddetention ondexcavation,reparationor asphalt urface,inishing nd cleanup.

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    'rn" new contract tem 8-37-340 Deck StrippingFlagging s added for flaggercosts onSeptember and 9, 2005. The Departmentgreed o reimbursementor flaggeicosts o thatcontractor ouldnotcloseCTH N belowUSH51/STH 9 allowed er hecontract.The new contract tem C-37-77 LightingRevisions s added due to a requestby theDepartment'slectricianso pull additional ire and add one circuit o the pedestrianunnel ight ing.Gonsequencesf this ContractModifications not approved:N/AAlternatives onsidered o accomplish he change:N/AJustif ication f Price:TheSSPRCSpecial 8- lnchGrout ing greedumpsum uni tpr iceof 91S,1OO.g2s reasonablThe totalof EJM'sgrouting ostswas $20,545.47. he hourly ostsof operations nd aboreris wellbelowacceptedorceaccount ates. Equipment nd material ostsare reasonable nddocumented. JM accepteda 30% reductionn totalgrouting osts or groutingnot associatedwithencounteringarge ocksandboulders.The Damaged enceRepairagreed umpsum unitpriceof $157.58 s reasonableortwo menallzhour, plusskidloader,ndsix replacementosts.The Low Profi leManholeFrame agreed ump sum unit price of $264.62 s reasonableorremoving nd replacing previouslyethigher asting ndcompareso thecontract nitpriceof$364each or salvaged nletcovers.The Permanent arricades ithSignsagreed umpsum unitpriceof $.1g00.52s reasonableorprovidingnd nstal l ingType l l Barr icadest $250.00 achand oursigns org810or g1gpers.f. The priceof the barricadesompareso the Steward venueProject 166-1 -73174hichhasa quantity f sevenanda unitpriceof $200each.The MovingFixed Messagesign agreed rump sum unit price of $630.00 s reasonablconsideringhe workassociated ithmovinghissignwas estimated t threemenat fourhourswith ravel imeplusan auger ruck. Twelve aborer oursat $S0/hours $600withoutheaugertruck.The DMV/DNRParkingLot agreed ump sum unit priceof $20,013.04s reasonableor themagnitude f work nvolved.AmericanAsphalt 's riginal uote or the pulverize nd relay, inegrading, atering nd compactinghe parkingotwas $9812withprime,s % markup xciudinany base course. Their actualcost for this porl ionof the work came to $7762with prime'smarkupand includedrucking nd material osts or 88.61 ons of 1 T+" ase. The balance fworkby Peterson pannedseveraldaysof workoperationswithwork completed n Septembe12, 14,15' 19' 20, and October 3 and November 5 of 2005. The work ncluded bi i terat inroadway, oncretecurb and gutterand pavement emovals, ommon excavation f detentionpondandcleared reas,placing ndcompactingil l ,300+ eetof ditching, learing rubbing ndditching rainage wale o east,and general leanup. l l hoursof labbranOequ'ipment ereagreed n daily.




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    ;: i . .- ' .' * ,--, {GontractModification412612007:5 9PMFieldManager .2 c

    Contract: 20050712011USH 51/STH29 CORRIDOR-WAUSAU. OX GLOVE RD - LILY LCont.Mod.Number24


    Cont. Mod.Date4t26t2007

    Net Change$2,366.20

    Awarded Contract Amount$18,638,492.68Route29,51

    Contract LocationST H29 , USH 51

    ShortDescriptionADJUST ECKFORMWORK .37-338Description f ChangesThis work shall be in accordancewith he State of Wisconsin,StandardSpecificationsor Highwayand StructureConstruction,003 Edition,he Supplemental pecif ications004 Edition, nd he special rovisions f this contract.No additional ime is providedas partof this contractmodification.Add the followingnon-standardtem o the contract:1. AdjustDeckForms8-37-338, PV.O105.10A. Description. djust deck ormsat the ocations nd o the elevations s directed y he engineer.B. Construction. ll work shall conform o Section502.C. Measurement. he departmentwill measureAdjust Deck Forms 8-37-338as one lump sum satisfactorily omplete.D. Payment.Payment s fullcompensationor al l abor, ools,equipment,materials, nd ncidentals eeded o complete hework.New temsPTOJECT:166.05-70,USH51 / STH 29 CORRIDOR WAUSAU,STH 29 EASTSYSTEMRAMPS,FOX GLOVE ROADTO LILY LANECategory: 0030, STRUCTURE TEMS 8-37-338

    Item Description Item Code Prop.Ln. ltemType Unit Proposed Qty. Unit Price Dollar ValueSPECIAL OADJUSTDECKFORMS SPV,O1058-37-338


    2965 ChangeOrder LS 1.000 2,366.20000 $2,366.20

    Subtotal or Category 030:Subtotal or Project 166-05-70:


    Canfrrr f ' t1nF'n,74tn4F' Cont. Mod.: 24. Rev. 1 Page 1 cf 2

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    AnEqual mploymentpportunity mployer Constructingafely

    September,2006CIiffMashudaMashudaContractorsP.O.Box 16Princeton,WI 54968

    Re: SP# 1053-06-76BridgeStructures38Hwy. 29151InterchangeLundaJob# 8541

    DearCliff:On structure 38, he State ngineer rovidedncorrect radesor the deck.Lundahad orernove eckingalreadynstalledand ework he area,Thiswork wasdoneunderatimeandmaterial asis. heprice or thiswork s $2,129.79.leaseubmithis o the Stateor achange rder.If you shouldhaveanyquestions,ldase all meat (920)553-3522.Sincerely,LLINDA CONSTRUCTIONCOMPANY424Wade .HamacherProjectManagerWJITmlpc: BRF file

    Twin itiesffice 15623 laytonAve.Rosemount,N 55068 Ph: 651) 37-9666Fax: 651)37-i035Hilbertffice W2332.Crosstownd. P.0. ox 03 Hilbert,Wl4129ph:(920)53-3522Fax: 920)53-7170Mif aukeeffice W229 2520 uplainvilleoadWaukesha,l 53186 Ph: 262) 4i 1781Fax: 262)47-3080

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    CONTRAGTMODIFICATION24JUSTIFICATIONNorthGentralRegionZOOSOZTZOfSfff 29 East Interchange,OverheadDrive - Wisconsin River; USH 51/ STH 29 Corridor - Wausau,STH 29"ast SystemRamps' Fox-G,ov-eRoad to LilyLt.; USg Sf I STH 29 Corridor - Wausau, USH 51 / STH 29 Mainline' Fox GlovenorJto lity t uoe; MarathonCounty;1053-06J6, Y 2005432;1166-05-70'OMAioiiqza; ee-os-tt,srP 005434;srH29B;SrH29;USH 1; '349 iles;CiaaLngieaseggregateense; oncreteavemenqoute ndSeal;HMA Pavement;I.3i-iZ:1,lls,uii:5s; SignBiidges antilevered-37-54 nd80;SigrBridgesis"t$;;i s:lt-; ,*, ;, 7 ,7 , 78,ande;walls oncreteT"TSF11 1.?-d

    Changeustification:The contractor as provided eckhaunchnformation,hichwas han used o determinehelevation f the bottom f the deckof 8-37-338. fter he contractorad nstalledhe ormwofor the deck t was discoveredhat someof the informationrovided as in errorand wourequirehe contractoro adjust he ormwork n effected reas.Consequencesf this GontractModifications notapproved:The contractor ill not be able o pour he deckof 8-37-338 nd herefore ill not be ablecompletehestructure.Alternatives onsideredo accomplishhe change:NoneJustification f Price:Unitpricewas basedon the actual ost or menand equipment eeded o completehewoSeeattached upportingocumentation.Design Materialsnput:Nonels thereFederalOversight n this project?Yes

    a) f yes,does his Con.Mod.change he scopeof the project?Nob) lf 6a s yes,or 6 is yesand hisCon.Mod. s over$50,000:

    priorapprovalwas receivedromFHWAon N/A(Date)By phone






    ContractModification ustification.doc

    N/A By attached -mailB-27-02

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    . t \ . ' 1/\, u, ' , jd { ...t uu ContractModificationWisconsinDepartment f Transportation 4126/2007:16 PMFieldManager .2 cContract: 20050712015.USH 51/STH29 CORRIDOR-WAUSAU. OX GLOVE RD - LILY L

    Cont.Mod.Number26RevisionNumber Cont.Mod.Date4t26t2007 Net Change$8,160.45

    Awarded Contract Amount$18,638,492.68

    Route29,51Contract LocationSTH29, USH51

    ShortDescriptionREGRADE HE EB-LINEBETWEEN 9+OO ND 63+00LtDescript ionof ChangesThis work shall be in accordancewith the State of Wisconsin,StandardSpecificationsor Highwayand StructureConstruction, 003 Edition, he SupplementalSpecifications 004 Edition,and he specialprovisions f this contract.No additional ime is providedas partof contractmodification.Add the followingnon-standardtem o the contract:1. Regrade B-Line,temSPV.0105.12A. Description. he work shall nclude emovingexcess materialbetween59+00EB and 63+00EB and reshaping he areato conform o revisedcross-section heetsprovidedby the engineer.B. Construction. ll work shall conform o Section205.C. Measurement.he department i l l measureRegradeEB-L|ne s one umpsum satisfactorilyomplete.D. Payment. ayment s fullcompensationor all abor, ools,equipment,materials, nd ncidentals eeded o complete hework.New temsProject: 1166-05-70, SH 51 / STH 29 CORRIDOR WAUSAU,STH 29 EASTSYSTEMRAMPS,FOX GLOVE ROAD TO LILY L.ANEGategory:0010,ROADWAYTEMS

    ItemDescription Item Code Prop.Ln. ltemTvpe Unit Proposed Qtv. Unit Price Dollar ValueSPECIAL2REGRADEB-LINE

    Reason: lsPV.0105 2975 ChangeOrder LS 1.000 8,160.45000 $8,160.45

    $8,160.45ubtotal or Category 010:Subtotal or Project 166-05-70: $8,160.45

    Canfrarf. ,nr l-R 7' l tn{R Cnnf Mnd. ?A

  • 8/3/2019 1 Merged 1


    CONTRACTMODIFICATION26JUSTIFICATIONNorth GentralRegion20050712015STH 29 East Interchange, OverheadDrive - Wisconsin River; USH 5l/ STH 29 Corridor - Wausau,STH 29 East SystemRamps,Fox Glove Road to LilyLane; USH 51 / STEL29Corridor - Wausau,USH 51 / STH 29 Maintine, Fox GloveRoad to Lily Lane; MarathonCounty; 1053-06-76, H 2005432;1166-05-70,ONILA20054331766-0s't1,STP2005434; TH 29 EB ; STI{29 ;USH s1, 3.349Miles;

    ffi5?liii,iiflii3l?'Jiii;f,",iiii,iffi*:t}1T5fl!,HX1,5*"J,"*""'(Structures)-37-51,52 ,53,76,77 78, and79;WallsConcrete anelMSE R-37-17 nd18; ConcreteBarrier TemporaryPrecast;BeamGuard;Fence;Signs;Conduit ugidGhange ustification: ilrX1T,ilij"3;*llil;::i::""*"ase;pecialeeding;ndivementarkin!.While placingcommonexcavationmaterialsn the fills betweenstations59+00EB and 63+0EB Lt the contractorbrought o the engineer'sattention hat the cross-sectionsn this areamaybe n error.The engineer iscoveredhat he cross-sectionncorrectly rovided dditional feetof shoulder t and Rt.The engineer evised llof the cross-sectionslong he EB-line ndprovided hem to the contractor. he contractor ad alreadyplacedmaterials efore he errowas discoveredand now had to remove he excess material.The contractorhas requestecompensationor the cost o remove he excessmaterials.Gonsequences f this GontractModification s not approved:The effected reawillhave o be shape o blend nwithareasabutting t.Alternativesconsidered o accomplish the change:NoneJustification of Price:Unitpricewas basedon the actual ost or menandequipmenteededo completeheworkSeeattachedupportingocumentation.Design Materialsnput:None

    Is thereFederalOversight n this project?Yesa) f yes,does his Gon.Mod.change he scopeof the project?Nob) lf 6a s yes,or 6 is yesand hisGon.Mod. s over$50,000:priorapprovalwas eceivedromFHWAon N/A

    By phone By attachede-mail (Date)N/A