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  • BaseballHistology: Tissues & SkinChapter 5&6

  • Identify all four general tissue typesAnswer: epithelial, connective, muscular & nervousWhich of the four basic types is described below:Contains free edgeLines hollow organsAnchored by basement membraneAnswer:Epithelial tissue

  • Which of the four basic types is described below:Lack blood vessels,Readily divideCells are tightly packedAnswer:Epithelial tissueWhich of the four basic types is described below:Attached to boneFound in the heartWalls of hollow organsAnswer:Muscular tissue

  • What does the term squamous mean or indicate?Answer: Flat, fish scale shaped cellsWhat does the prefix epi- mean?Answer:upon or above

  • Describe tissue that is pseudostratified.Answer:Pseudo means falseStratified means more than one layerCell arrangement is truly a single layer, but looks multi layered because of nuclei that are in two rows instead of one

  • What are cilia and describe their function.Answer:Hairlike projections which help propel mucusIdentify the protein which kills epithelial cells, but makes them waterproof.Answer:Keratin

  • Name the four layers the epidermis from deepest to outermost.Answer: Germinativum, granulosum, lucidum, corneumWhich of the four basic tissue types is classified according to shape & cell arrangement?Answer: EPITHELIAL

  • Which connective tissue is the most rigid?Answer:BoneName that tissueType & Subtype

    Answer: Connective/Adipose

  • What type of muscle tissue is best described below:Voluntarily controlledMultinucleated

    Answer: Skeletal muscle Identify the subtype:

    Answer:Simple Columnar (Epithelium)

  • Name that tissueType & Subtype

    Answer: Connective/BloodName the two types of nervous tissue cells.Answer: Neuron & Neuroglia

  • Name that SubtypeAnswer:Simple Columnar Epithelium Identify area labeled #4.Answer: Basement Membrane

  • Name that tissueType & Subtype

    Answer: Epithelium/Pseudostratfied cilated ColumnarWhat is the non living portion of connective called?Answer: the matrix

  • Name that subtype

    Answer: Stratified CuboidalConductivity & excitability are characteristics of which type of tissue?Answer: Nervous

  • Namethatmuscletissue

    Answer: SmoothWhat are two functions of neuroglia?Answer: support, binding, phagocytosis, insulation

  • Identifyarea #2.Answer: Pili MuscleIdentifyarea #10.Answer: Blood Vessels

  • Name that type of muscleAnswer: SkeletalName that cell!

    Answer: Neuron

  • Name that tissue Type & SubtypeAnswer: Epithelium/ SimpleCuboidalWhere do you find adipose tissue?Answer: beneath skin, surface of heart, behind eyeballs, around kidneys

  • Name that tissue type & Subtype!Answer: Muscular/CardiacSkin is composed of two distinct layers, name them.Answer: epidermis & dermis

  • Where is this subtype found?Answer: mouth throat, anal canal, vaginaWhat is area #1Answer: Free Surface

  • Identify the stratum of epidermis that is completely dead.

    Answer: CorneumName two of the four classes of connective tissueAnswer: proper, bone, blood, loose

  • Name that tissueType & Subtype

    Answer: Epithelium/ Simple SquamousWhat is melanin and what is its function?Answer: pigment that protects the nuclei of the cell

  • Which strata of the epidermis has the most keratin.Answer:CorneumDescribe the following for smooth muscle: #nuclei, control, shape.Answer:1-2 nuclei, involuntary control, spindle shape

  • What is the function of the tissue between the two layers.Answer:diffusion or filtration (simple squamous epithelium)

  • What is the matrix of blood?.Answer:PlasmaWhere are melanocytes located, epidermis, dermis or hypodermis.Answer:epidermis

  • What does the prefex adip- mean?Answer:FatWhat does the suffix -cyt indicate?Answer: Cell

  • -Glia meansAnswer:glueStrat- is a prefix that meansAnswer:layer

  • What does the prefex cut- indicate?Answer:skinWhat is the scientific term for a sweat gland.Answer:sudoriferous gland

  • What is the function of Transitional Epithelium?Answer: has the ability to stretch readily (found in areas like the bladder)

  • What is the correct term for hair that sits above the epidermis? Answer:Hair shaftSkin cells help produce which vitamin?Answer: D

  • What is the 2 main components of the hypodermis.Answer:loose connective tissue & adipose tissueWhat is a mole?Answer:Fleshy skin tumor (nevus) that is usually pigmented

  • What is the function of the tissue in the range of the arrow?Answer:insulation (adipose)


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