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Training by IM&COMM 2012 AIESEC Bucaramanga.


  • 1. The AIESEC WAY Walking The AIESEC WAY
  • 2. A way A road, path, or highway affording passage from one place to another Walking The AIESEC
  • 3. A Way Progress or travel along a certain route or in a specific direction Walking The AIESEC
  • 4. A Way A manner of behaving, acting, or doingWalking The AIESEC
  • 5. A Way An Identifiable route between two or more places A WayHow something is done or how it happens Walking The AIESEC
  • 6. Lets learn about our Way The AIESEC WayWalking The AIESEC
  • 7. Many organizations are working to make a positive impact on our society, as we do. Each one of them has its own approach. We also have our unique way to make that Impact The AIESEC WAY !Walking The AIESEC
  • 8. So, what is The AIESEC Way? The AIESEC Way is not only a description of the way (manner)we aim to make a positive impact on society, but also describes the way (road) we are taking to achieve what we envision. Walking The AIESEC
  • 9. What is AIESEC? AIESEC is a global, non - political, independent, not-for- profit organization run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social origin.Walking The AIESEC
  • 10. What we ENVISION? Peace & fulfillment of Humankind s Potential.Walking The AIESEC
  • 11. Our IMPACT Our international platform ENABLES young people to discover and develop their potential to provide LEADERSHIP for a positive impact on society. Walking The AIESEC
  • 12. How do wedo THIS Walking The AIESEC
  • 13. The Way We DO itAIESEC provides its memberswith anintegrated development experience comprised of(1) leadership opportunities,(2) international internshipsand(3) participation in aglobal learning environment. Walking The AIESEC
  • 14. Our Values Activating Leadership Enjoying Participation Striving for Excellence Demonstrating Integrity Living Diversity Acting Sustainably Walking The AIESEC
  • 15. Walking The AIESEC
  • 16. Other important elements of1. English is the sole official Our Way language of AIESEC.2. The logo approved at Presidents Meeting 1990(Hong Kong) is the official logo of AIESEC.3. AIESEC adopts the AIESEC Code of Ethics along with its supportive structures Walking The AIESEC
  • 17. Be part of Our Way The AIESEC Way Its not only what I do, but the way I do it.Its not only what I say, but the way I say it. Walking The AIESEC