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An introduction to Action for Market Towns, in particular the Big Lottery funded Towns Alive programme. Particular focus on the policy aspect of this. Also contains overview of amt-i, the consultancy arm of Action for Market Towns.


  • 1. Alison Eardley, Policy Manager

2. Action for Market Towns An Overview

  • Working with market town partnerships,
  • local authorities and others to support
  • thevitalityandviabilityof small towns

3. Supporting our members

  • AMT will :
  • Provide services and advice for market towns
  • Facilitate self-help through local networks
  • Present an authoritative voice at a national level
  • Offer research services through consultancy arm amt-i
  • Meaning you can:
  • Stay Informed
  • We gather thelatest newsand deliver it to you conveniently by e-bulletin and via our website
  • Learn From Others
  • We help you to solve your key issues by usingsolutionsfrom our extensive library of good practice
  • Save Money
  • We subsidise our training events so that you can learnnew skills

4. Successful Lottery Bid

  • 2 million over 5 years part-funded
  • by theBig Lottery Fund, to help
  • sustain and revitalise towns

5. Towns Alive Programme Elements

  • Training- Market Towns Academy
  • Policy Market Towns Knowledge Hub
  • Best Practice Towns 4 Towns Programme
  • National Voice Representing market towns

6. Knowledge Hub Collating evidence

  • TheStrategic Information Servicewill provide
  • data, knowledge and intelligence to members
  • in order to help them understand the issues
  • and make positive changes in their own towns

7. Knowledge Hub Strategic Influence

  • TheMarket Towns Think Tankwill bring
  • together experts and practitionersto
  • debate the issues facing market towns
  • in the medium and long term, and to inform
  • national, regional and sub-regional policy

8. Four Campaign Areas

  • Community-led Planning
  • Prosperous Places
  • Housing
  • Rural Services

9. Putting policy into practice

  • Policy into Practice Papers
  • Targeted training
  • Online Knowledge Exchange inc online forums
  • News and information bulletins
  • Influencing policy before its written
  • Seizing media opportunities
  • Creating a network of market town advocates

10. National Convention 2009 13 th 14 thOctoberMelton Mowbray, Leicestershire

  • Topical workshops; study tours; key-note speeches
  • Save up to 140if you joinamt , and
  • Grass Roots Rates saving up to 110for independent partnerships & volunteers

A date for your diaries..... 11. Mike King, Senior Research Consultant 12. Who we are

  • Mike King Senior Research Consultant
  • 3 Years Old
  • Social Enterprise
  • Research and Project Management

13. What we offer

  • Town Centre Services
  • Car Parking Studies
  • Visitor Perception
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Signage Audits
  • Town Benchmarking
  • Focus Groups and Surveys

14. Current Project

  • Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES)/ Commission for Rural Communities (CRC)
  • Understanding and supporting the resilience of Market Towns

15. Contacts

  • Action for Market Towns
  • Alison Eardley, Policy Manager
  • [email_address]
  • 07876 598 957
  • Anna McGowan, Membership Services
  • 01284 756567
  • [email_address]
  • www.towns.org.uk
  • /

amt-i Mike King, Senior Research Consultant[email_address] 07818 068982 Hannah Bowden, Business Development Manager, 07795 146913 [email_address] www.amt-i.co.uk 16. Chris Wade, Chief Executive 17. Breakout Sessions Typologies: One size does not fit all

  • Groups of towns fall within 8 different clusters, based on the characteristics of those towns, for example:
  • Uppingham Melton Mowbray/ Oakham
  • (Cluster 5) ( Cluster 2)
  • Young professionals single occupancy households
  • Commute 15 miles + older housing
  • fewer children routine occupations
  • Sometimes towns in different clusters fall within the same local authority area

18. Discussion Questions

  • In what ways would using this sort of profiling be beneficial to your work?
  • How might the typology work be developed so that it can be used to impact on policies within towns/ nationally?
  • Do you know how your town is doing economically compared to other similar towns?
  • Are you are aware of good practice that you think could be transferred to other towns?

19. Next Steps

  • Forming market town advocates network
  • Strategy e-bulletin focusing debate due in April
  • Prosperous Places online webforum
  • Updates on CRC / CLES research