0656 Birthday Booking Form A5 v4 - Event Cinemas ?· EVENT CINEMAS BIRTHDAY PARTY BOOKING FORM EVENT…

Download 0656 Birthday Booking Form A5 v4 - Event Cinemas ?· EVENT CINEMAS BIRTHDAY PARTY BOOKING FORM EVENT…

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<ul><li><p>BIRTHDAYPARTIES</p><p>AT EVENT CINEMAS CASTLE HILL</p><p>castlehill_events@evt.com</p><p>BIRTHDAYPARTIES</p></li><li><p>EVENT CINEMAS BIRTHDAY PARTY BOOKING FORM</p><p>EVENT CINEMAS BIRTHDAY PARTY BOOKING FORM</p><p>Its really simple to book your next birthday party at Event Cinemas Castle Hill. We have a variety of packages on offer suitable for meeting a wide range of needs and requirements. Please fill out the form below and email to castlehill_events@evt.com</p><p>BIRTHDAY CHILDS NAME</p><p>PREFERRED PARTY DATE (RANKED FROM 1ST CHOICE TO 2ND CHOICE)</p><p>1.2.</p><p>PREFERRED TIME (PLEASE TICK)This is a rough estimate of times, please contact us in order to confirm film times as they are subject to availability 10:00AM 12:30PM 2:30PM</p><p>NUMBER OF ATTENDEES* (MINIIMUM OF 15 CHILDREN) </p><p>DO YOU HAVE A PREFERRED FILM?** (PLEASE TICK)No, please send me information on available films for this date.</p><p>Yes: </p><p>Full payment to be made on the day. Any changes to the booking must be made 48 hours before the party. Refunds within 24 hours of booking. 3D surcharges apply. Additional adult tickets can be purchased at full price. *Please note that a minimum number of 15 people (not including complimentary adult supervisors) is required to make a booking; exact numbers can be confirmed at a later date. **All films are subject to availability and the specific film may not be confirmable at the time of booking. Packages are for G or PG rated films.</p><p>ULTIMATE BIRTHDAYPARTY PACKAGE</p><p>$35 PER CHILD</p><p>NAME PHONEEMAIL</p><p>- Includes ticket, drink, hot food and dessert- Includes foyer space either before or after </p><p>film, party host and activities.- All party supplies are provided in the foyer </p><p>space (subject to availability) - Includes two free adult tickets</p><p>BACKSTAGE BIRTHDAYPARTY PACKAGE</p><p>$25 PER CHILD- Includes ticket, popcorn &amp; drink midi combo &amp; </p><p>lolly bag- Includes two free adult tickets</p></li><li><p>$25PERCHILDBACKSTAGEBACKSTAGE</p><p>PERCHILD</p><p>ULTIMATEULTIMATE BIRTHDAYPARTYPACKAGE</p><p>BIRTHDAYPARTYPACKAGE</p><p>$35</p><p>Name: Phone: Email: Birthday Child's Name: 1st Choice Party Date: 2nd Choice Party Date: Number of attendees: 10am: 12:30pm: 2:30pm: Preferred film: No preferred film: Ultimate Birthday Party Package: Yes preferred film: Backstage Birthday Party Package: </p></li></ul>


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