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There are many forms of sheet membranes used to protect structures from water ingress. We pride ourselves on stocking a full range from the important manufacturers in this sector, Fosroc, Grace, RIW, Ruberoid and Sika, to name but a few. We have been stocking these products for many years and are well able to give advice on all the systems. Our range includes: Pre-applied Post-applied Bentonite carpets Bentonite / HDPE combinations Geotextile / HDPE combinations Cavity forming membranes Plus all the ancillaries to go with the systems including protection boards, sealing tapes, detailing accessories and where required primers.

PRODUCTS Waterproofing Membranes Liquid Membranes Waterstops and Waterplugs Joint Sealers Cementitious Waterproofing Liquid Additive Waterproofing

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Waterproofing MembranesProofex 3000Proofex 3000 is a high performance self-adhesive membrane for a range of waterproofing applications including basements and substructures. Proofex 3000 provides a vapour and waterproof membrane to water excluding structures and protects concrete from attack by aggressive ground salts.

Proofex 3000Type Width (m) Length (m) Roll Area (m2) Edge Laps (mm) End Laps (mm)





50 min

150 min

Proofex Protection BoardType Size (m) Thickness (mm)

Proofex Protection Board Proofex Protection Board

2x1 2x1

2 3

Proofex Cavity DrainThis provides a continuous water and damp proof drainage former to connect with drainage channels or outlets cast into floor slabs. These drainage channels or outlets connect with the site drainage system to provide a high level of waterproofing security.

Proofex Cavity DrainCode Description Size


Cavity drain HC Cavity fixings Detail strip

970mm x 50m 100 200mm x 10m

Proofex SheetdrainA geocomposite HDPE drainage sheet with thermobonded polypropylene filter.

Proofex SheetdrainThickness Roll Width (m) Roll Length (m)

8mm 16mm

1.1 1.1

25 25


Proofex EngageProofex Engage is a pre-applied waterproofing membrane which mechanically bonds to poured concrete, remaining in place if settlement of substrate occurs.

Proofex EngageType Thickness (mm) Width (m) Length (m) Edge Laps (mm) End Lengths Weight (kg)

Engage Detail Strip LM LM Mesh

4-5 1.5 3.3 - 6.7

1.27 0.2 Nominal 100

30 10


Butt jointed

58 28


Proofex AncillariesProofex LMTwo-component bituminous liquid membrane for waterproofing of underground structures and intricate details in conjunction with Proofex waterproofing systems.

Proofex LMSize (kg) Yield


7m at 4mm thick2

www.sigscp.co.ukProofex Engage Detail StripA reinforced, double sided waterproof adhesive tape for sealing and jointing roll ends, cut edges corner pieces. It consists of a strong synthetic fibre fabric impregnated and coated both sides with a butyl adhesive which is protected by a removable siliconised paper.


Proofex LM MeshA reinforcing mesh used in conjunction with Proofex LM for areas of extreme loading (covings, edges and pipe penetrations).

Proofex HydromatProofex Hydromat is a bentonite waterproofing membrane with unique surface bentonite impregnation for impermeable lap joints.

Proofex HydromatRoll Size (m) Roll Weight (kg) Thickness (mm)

1.2 x 2.42 2.42 x 15

18 210

7 dry 7 dry

Hydromat PowderTo ensure watertight continuity during detailing work and for sealing around awkward geometrical shapes, it may be necessary to cover an area with loose natural sodium bentonite powder.

Hydromat PowderSize (kg)


Famguard GS100Famguard GS100 is a bridge deck waterproofing membrane. It is a hot-applied pour and roll sheet system for use on podia, hard standings and local authority bridges.

Famguard GS100Type Size (m) Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) Laps (mm)

Famguard GS100**Requires Proofex Primer.




Side lap: 100 End lap: 150

BitutheneBituthene MembranesBasement/substructure waterproofing and vapour proofing. Bituthene is a range of flexible preformed post-applied basement waterproofing and vapour proofing membranes. Bituthene membranes are available in all grades to suit all climates, damp surface or green concrete application. Chemically resistant to provide effective external protection against aggressive soils, contaminated water, dilute acids and alkalis.


Bituthene MRXMethane, CO2 and Radon resistant grade of Bituthene. Suitable for dry surface applications only.

Bituthene 2000For use below screeds as a vapour barrier. Suitable for dry surface applications only.

Bituthene 3000For basements and substructures. Externally applied waterproofing membrane for CO2 and radon gas protection. Suitable for dry surface applications only.

Bituthene 4000For basements and substructures. Externally applied waterproofing membrane for CO2 and radon gas protection. Suitable for application to damp surfaces and green concrete.

Bituthene 8000A Superior performance externally applied waterproofing membrane for basements and substructures. 70m hydrostatic pressure resistance with ultra low moisture transmission rate. Methane CO2 and radon gas protection. Suitable for application to damp surfaces and green concrete.

Bituthene 4000 DWDesigned specifically for waterproofing roofs of drinking water structures. Suitable for application to damp surfaces and green concrete.


WaterproofingBitutheneType Roll Size (m) Primer Application Temp Range (C)

Bituthene MRX Bituthene 2000 Bituthene 3000 Bituthene 4000 Bituthene 8000 Bituthene 4000 DW

1 x 20 (20m2) 1 x 25 (25m2) 1 x 20 (20m )2

B1 B1 B1 B2 B2 B2

+5 to +35C +4 to +35C +4 to +35C -10 to +35C -10 to +35C -10 to +35C

1 x 20 (20m2) 1 x 20 (20m2) 1 x 20 (20m2)

Bituthene PrimersSpecially formulated one-part primers for sealing concrete and masonry surfaces to promote adhesion of Bituthene membranes.

Bituthene PrimersType Size (litres)

Primer B1 - dry surface application only Primer B2 - dry/damp surface and green concrete application

5, 25 litres (Approx 10m2/litre) 5, 25 litres (Approx 10m2/litre)

Bituthene Protection Boards and TapesRobust, non-degradable bitumen boards to provide protection to Bituthene membranes against backfill.

Bituthene Protection BoardsType Size

Bituthene Protection Board Servipak Protection Board Bitustik 4000 (Adhere board to Bituthene) Bitutape 4000 (tape for over laps)

3mm x 1m x 2m 6, 12mm x 1m x 2m 150mm x 12m rolls 70mm x 20m rolls

Bituthene LMTwo component elastomeric cold applied liquid detailing compound. For use with Grace waterproofing membranes where liquid applied waterproofing is necessary to ensure watertight continuity, such as pile terminations, pipe penetrations, internal corners and membrane continuity through masonry walls. Bituthene LM cures to form a tough seamless rubber-like waterproof layer.


Bituthene LMType Size (litres)

Bituthene LM


PreprufePre-applied external waterproof membranes for basements and substructures Preprufe develops a continuous mechanical bond to poured concrete preventing water migration between the structure and the membrane, substantially reducing the risk of leaks. Preprufe 300R & 160R also provide protection against methane, CO2 and radon gas. For use below slabs and on reinforced concrete basement walls. Preprufe membranes are composite sheets comprising a robust HPDE backing, a pressure sensitive adhesive and a trafficable weather resistant coating. Preprufe 300R under slabs greater than 350mm thick. Preprufe 160R under slabs less than 350mm thick and vertical applications.

PreprufeType Thickness (mm) Roll Size (m) Roll Area (m2) Roll Weights (kg)

300R 160R

1.2 0.8

1.2 x 30 1.2 x 35

36 42

50 42



Preprufe TapeFor sealing overlaps at Preprufe roll ends and cut ends.

Preprufe TapeType Thickness (mm) Roll Size Roll Weight (kg)



100mm x 15m


HydroductHydroduct Vertical Drainage SheetsCreep resistant drainage sheets are prefabricated geocomposites comprising studded polystyrene drainage cores covered with polypropylene filter fabric. They provide cost effective alternatives to traditional aggregate drainage. To be used in conjunction with Grace waterproofing membranes.

Hydroduct 200Polypropylene spun bonded filter fabric on one face of a 11mm studded drainage core. Applied to walls of basements that have been waterproofed with Bituthene membranes and protected with Bituthene Protection Boards.

Hydroduct 220Polypropylene spun bonded filter fabric on one face of a 11mm studded drainage core with a bonded plastic film on the other. Applied to walls of basements that have been waterproofed with Bituthene membranes. Also applied to existing basement walls and permanent shuttering prior to the application of Preprufe membranes.

Hydroduct Coil 150Polypropylene non-woven filter fabric encapsulating a 25mm studded drainage core. Installed at the bottom of basement walls and linked to the Hydroduct drainage sheet.

HydroductType Thickness (mm) Roll Size Roll Area (m2) Roll Weight (kg)

Hydroduct 200 Hydroduct 220 Hydroduct Coil 150

11 11 25

1.25m x 32m 1.25m x 32m 150mm x 30.5