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  • 1. RIGHT CORNER >: 1) Write: Name: _, Period: _,Date: 04/30/12, Topic: HolocaustLEFT CORNER gas chamber > crematorium 30. PerpetratorsNazis, Hitler, Himler, SS officers, andthousands others.BystandersGerman Civilians, Catholic Church,Allies, and billions of others.UpstandersJewish resistors, Japanese diplomatSugihara, German Businessman OskarSchindler, Netherlands, communityof Shanghai, and thousands of others. 31. Activity #29a, Title Video: Upstander1) Copy Source Title: Schindlers List2) Discuss questions on the boardwith a partner. Summarize yourdiscussion (include their name at theend).Remember participation points are deducted if off task.5 Reading/Film Qs Come From These Activity SectionsTime Bookmark: 00:00 32. First they came for the communists, andI did not speak upbecause I was not acommunist;Then they came for the Jews, and I didnot speak upbecause I was not a Jew;Then they came for the Catholics, and Ididnt speak upbecause I was aProtestant;Then they came for meand by that timeno one was left to speak up.-Pastor Martin Niemller 33. Homework:1) Pick your Holocaust topic by Friday,begin researching your topic 34. Reflection #29 (place at the end of todays work)Pick the 1 most important thing youlearned today to share with your partner.1) Write down the main idea oftoday.(include their name).2) Summarize Mr. Chiangs closingremarks