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  • 1. Good Day!DRAW A LINE SEPARATING TODAY & YESTERDAY 1) Write: Date:02/09/10 , Topic:Holocaust 2) On the next line, write Opener #17 and then:1) Plot your mood, reflect in1 sent . 2) Respond to the opener by writing at least2 sentencesabout : Your opinions/thoughtsOR/AND Questions sparked by the clipOR/AND Summary of the clipOR/AND Other things going on in the news. Announcements: None Intro Music: Untitled

2. This Week Monday:How the Holocaust happened Block:Life during the Holocaust Next Weeks 1:Psychology behind those helped/stood by the Holocaust 2:Justice after the Holocaust Goal: Learn to stopitfrom ever ever ever happening again. We need your help this next 2 weeks. 3. Genocide:Attempt to eliminate an entire group.What Makes the Holocaust/Shoah unlike any in the Past or Present? a)Entire population of people (women, children) were targeted for their religion, not for what they did, but for being born. b)It was coordinated by the government c)It was completed with scientific efficiently and industrial scale d)Their success, over 60% of Europes Jews (40% of the Worlds) are gone 4. Review: 1) Manchuria Incident (1931) : Ultranationalist take over democracy, militaryfakes attackon Jap. railroad in Chinese Manchuria, Jap invades.2) Japan Invades Rest of China (1937) : KMT forced to join with CCP to fight Japan. 5. 3) 9/01/1939 : Ger. invades Poland, UK+France decl. war. WWII Eur. has started(WWII Asia 37) 6. 4) 6/1940: France Falls : Nazi set up puppet gov (new captiol: Vichy). Fr. fight guerrilla war. 7. 5) 6/1940: Battle of Britain : Nazi bomb UK prepping for UK invasion (UK all thats left) a) Gers2,500 airplanes vs. UKs 700b) UK used radar to help maximize planes c) UK refuse to give up (inspired by Churchill) Plans for Operation Sea Lion 8. 6 )6/1941: Operation Barbarossa : 3 mil Nazi troops invade USSR(largest invasion in history) 9. 7)8/09/1941: Atlantic Charter : Roosevelt (US) + Churchill (UK) secretly meet in the Atlantic to plan: a)Fight for right for ppl to pick own gov(no ambition) b)Open economic trade and prosperity for all 10. 8)12/07/1941: Pearl Harbor : Japan decl. war on US, Ger. decl. war on US (12/11).(US wont open Western Front in France, Stalin thinks on purpose) 11. 9)12/1941-5/1942: Japanese Expansion : Japanese win every victory. 12. 10)6/1942: Battle of Midway : Jap loss 4 carriers, US 1Tides turned. 13. 11)7/1942: Battle of Stalingrad : Bogged in street fighting, 2 mil die(deadliest battle in history)USSR surrounds + captures 500,000.Tides turned. 14. 12)9/1943: Invasion of Italy : UK: Montgomery + US: Eisenhower succeed in N Africa, push up into Italy 15. 13)6/06/1944: D-Day : 156,000 cross English Channel retake France(largest amphibious assault in history) 16. 14)8/1942-4/1945: Island Hopping : US takes islands to island, est. airbases as they go. 17. 15)10/1944: Battle of Leyte Gulf : Jap. employ+lose every last ship, 1 stkamkazes used,only Jap. army left (largest naval battle in history: Jap. lose 4 carriers, 3 battleships, 8 cruisers, 12 destroyers) 18. 16 )2/1945: Yalta Conference : Big 3 discuss wars end: a)USSR promises to E. Europe have elections b)Join war against Jap. 90 days after Ger. defeat c)USSR will get control over part of Ger. (+part of Berlin) + part of Asia 19. 17)4/1945: Invasion of Berlin :a)USSR reaches Berlin first, followed by US+UK. b)Hitler commits suicide: VE Day:5/08/1945 c)100,000 Germans raped by USSR troops(USSR never punished for this) d)Capital Berlin divided in 4:US/UK/USSR/France 20. 18)WWII: 1939-1945 : 60 million dead, mostly civilian, $1 trillion spent (08: $10 tril),USSR the most, 2 civ 21. I sworenever to be silentwhenever and whereverhuman beingsendure sufferingandhumiliation . We must alwaystake sides .Neutralityhelps theoppressor , never the victim.Silenceencourages thetormentor , never the tormented. -Elie Wiesel 22. I am asurvivorof a concentration camp.My eyes saw what no person should witness.Gas chambersbuilt bylearned engineers .Children poisonedbyeducated physicians .Infants killedbytrained nurses .Women and babiesshot and killed byhigh schooland college graduates. So I'm suspicious of education.My request is: help your studentsto be human . Your efforts must never produce learned monsters, skilled psychopaths, or educated Eichmanns.ReadingandWritingand spelling and history and arithmetic are onlyimportant if they serveto make our studentsmore human .-Unknown 23. Work #17a , Title 1920s Letter 1)Put yourself intheir place ,describewhatemotionsandfeelingsyou would feel if you were Jewish, and your family has faced generations of discrimination. While times are hard, your parents are skilled professionals, and you live a comfortable life. You focus on school. Be prepared to present. 24. Notes #17a , Title: Holocaust 1) Pre-WWII: Anti-Semitism : Hatred for people who practice Judaism or descend from those who practice goes back to Middle Ages 1400s1889 (France)1920 (US) 25. 2007,Granada Hills, CA 26. a)Historicrivalry : Jews, Christians, Muslims b)Fear + jealousyof Jews limit living areas + jobs (limits lead high # living in E. Europe, higheducation, early concentration in banking) c)Many earlycommunistswere Jewish (Marx?) 27. 2) Nazi Anti-Semitism : Blame Jews forWWIand createdpseudo-sciencebet. Ger/Jews to enhance Ger. nationalism3) Holocaust/ Shoah(193345) :6 million+Jewish civilians:2/3all Eur,2/5of Worlds Jews killed(+ Nazi opposition, Communists, Romas/Gypsies, Homosexuals, Disabled) 28. 29. 30. Eternal Jew (Der Ewige Jude) 31. 32. Children's book, sign reads: Jews are our misfortune + how they cheat. (1930s) 33. Poison Mushroom (Der Giftpilz) 34. Notes #17a , Title: Holocaust 4) 4/1933 :Nazis stageboycottof Jewish biz + Ger. police stand by 35. Notes #17a , Title: Holocaust 5) 9/1935 :Nuremberg Lawspassed against Jews Chart used to help determine if you were Jewish (3 Jewish grandparents) 36. Nuremburg Laws (September 15, 1935) Entirely convinced that the purity of German blood is essential to the further existence of the German people the Reichstag has unanimously resolved upon the following law, which is promulgated herewith: Marriages between Jews and citizens of German or kindred blood are forbidden.Marriages concluded in defiance of this law are void, even if, for the purpose of evading this law, they were concluded abroad. Jews will not be permitted toemploy female citizens of German or kindred blood as domestic workers under the age of 45. Jews are forbidden todisplay the Reich and national flagor the national colours. On the other hand they arepermitted to display the Jewish colours. 37. Work #17b , Title 1930s Letter 1)Put yourself intheir place ,describewhatemotionsandfeelingsyou would feel if you were Jewish, and the Nuremberg Laws were just passed. Be prepared to present. 38. Notes #17b , Title: Holocaust 6) 7/1938 : Jews required to carry specialID 39. Notes #17b , Title: Holocaust 7) 9/9/1938 (Kristallnacht - The Night of Broken Glass) : Response to teenage Jew killing a Ger, 9000 Jewishbiz+ 900synagoguesdestroyed, 30,000 Jews sent tocamps . 40. Homework:1)Study todays notes + work sections for apossible workbook quiz . 2)Pick and listen to your4 news podcastby next Monday. Workbook Check:If your name is called, drop off your workbook with Mr. Chiang ( if requested, points lost if your workbook is not turned in )