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  • Working towards

    EXCELLENCE in anesthesia

    Yoo Kuen Chan

    Dept of Anaesthesia

    University of Malaya Medical Centre

  • Location of Malaysia


  • Closing

    GAPS in

    CARE &


  • Format of lecture

    Definition of EXCELLENCE

    Building a profile of EXCELLENCE

    Why work towards excellence?

    How to work towards excellence

  • 4 roles of anesthesiologists

    The patient as a physiologic object professional artist

    The patient as a person good Samaritan

    Involvement in a hospital system servant to close gaps in care

    Involvement in the operating team the coordinator

  • Profiling EXCELLENCE

    Excellence is when we are able to connect with our knowledge and skills in ways far above that of mere technicians

  • Profiling EXCELLENCE

  • Working towards


    Encompasses practice elements such as task management, team working, decision making and situation awareness.

  • Anesthetists Non Tech skills ( ANTs) Glavin RJ

  • Anesthetists Non Tech skills ( ANTs) Glavin RJ

  • Enhancing EXCELLENCE

    Non measurable competency

    Can be enhanced only through training, experience and reflection tacit knowledge

  • Tacit Knowledge

    Based on internalized formal knowledge after reflections on clinical situations.

  • Tacit Knowledge

    Tacit knowledge is a dimension of knowledge

    Knowledge stays in the background as an integrated part of the professional, guiding management of a clinical phenomenon and situation

  • Obstacle to EXCELLENCE

    Just using explicit rules, protocols and guidelines as the base for learning anesthesia may be an obstacle for reaching the more advanced levels of expertise seen in excellent practitioners.

    Trainees who work by the book may be at risk of not acquiring the tacit knowledge they will need when confronted with complex and challenging situations

  • Lets have inspiring coaches

    Trainees need easy access to the support of more experienced, colleagues.

  • What coaches


  • Thank you chanyk@ummc.edu.my