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  • 1. Strengths-Based LeadershipDeVos Urban Leadership InitiativeNoel Academy for Strengths-Based Leadership and Education2013 ReunionPresenter: Karen Lindsey-Lloyd

2. Todays Agenda Defining Strength History of Strengths Understanding Strengths Leading with Strengths 3. What is a Strength?A strength is "a pre-existingcapacity for a particular way ofbehaving, thinking, or feelingthat is authentic and energizingto the user, and enables optimalfunctioning, development, andperformance (Linley, 2008, p.9)Talent: naturally recurring patterns of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied. 4. History of Strengths Developed using theoretical foundation ofpositive psychology based on the research ofSeigelman & Csikszentmihalyi, 2000. Leadership is relational so you mustunderstand yourself before you can leadothers.5 5. History of StrengthsResearch on High Achievers Dr. Don Clifton, Gallup Organization 250,000 interviews of high achievingindividuals Spend most of their time in areas ofstrength 6. History of StrengthsResearch on High Achievers Have learned to delegate or partner Apply their strengths to overcomeobstacles Invent ways of capitalizing on theirstrengths in new situations 7. (Talent + Energy) x (Knowledge + Skill) =The Strengths EquationStrength 8. Process information Experience others View time and structure Accommodate change CommunicateOur strengths affect the way we 9. A Strengths Perspective Not about the tool Not about the labels Not about the deficitsDefinitely about knowing your God-given talentsand using them to the fullest covered in prayer 10. Individuals already have withinthemselves what they need tosucceed. Individuals gain more when theybuild on their talents, than whenthey make comparable efforts toimprove their areas of weakness.Clifton & Harter, 2003, p. 112What is a Strengths Perspective? 11. A Strengths Perspective Supervisors spend most of their time workingwith the weakest performers and zeroing in onmistakes. Parents and teachers focus on students lowergrades rather than on their highest. Weakness fixing prevents failure strengthsbuilding promotes success 12. S t ra t e g i c T h i n k i n gFocus on what could be. Analyze information andhelp the team consider future possibilities andmaking prudent decisions.Analytical, Context, Futuristic, Ideation, Input,Intellection, Learner, and StrategicE xe c u t i n gKnow how to make things happen. Implement plansand get things done. Take plans from ideas to reality.Focus on task completion and goal achievement.Work diligently toAchiever, Arranger, Belief, Consistency, Deliberative,Discipline, Focus, Responsibility, and RestorativeRe l a t i o n s h i p B u i l d i n gSkilled at creating synergy within the team and/ororganization. Keep morale of team members high.Consider needs of team members. Minimizedistractions.Adaptability, Developer, Connectedness, Empathy,Harmony, Includer, Individualization, Positivity, andRelatorI n f l u e n c i n gHelp the team reach a broader audience. Give voiceto teams ideas, plans, and vision. Skilled at takingcharge, speaking up, and getting others inside andoutside the organization to buy-in.Activator, Command, Communication, Competition,Maximizer, Self-Assurance, Significance, and WooRath and Conchie, 2008Four Domains of Leadership Strength 13. Competition, Command Harmony Individualization Consistency Context Futuristic Strategic StrategicStrengths That Naturally Conflict 14. Strengths That Naturally Conflict Activator Deliberative, Analytical Responsibility, Belief Adaptability Discipline Input Communication Intellection 15. There are almost as many definitions of leadershipas there are people who have tried to define it.(Stogdill, 1974, p. 7)What about leadership? 16. Personal Action PlanMy Top Five How I use it (currently) Place an X here for thestrength you use most1. three things can I do when I return that will better leverage my strengths?(Make them SMART)1.2.3.Who will hold me accountable? 17. Questions? Thank you! Twitter: @klinlloyd LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/klinlloyd