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Lecture by Sir Ryan


  • Synthesis

    Creating tones/instrument sounds electronically from scratchpatch-instrument sound => instrument parts

    Use of tone generators (oscillators) and modulators to shape sound


    Tone Generators that generates basic waves


    Elements: Source (Oscillators: pitch) => Filter (Cut off Frequency: Shape) => Destination (Amplifier: volume, amplitude)Modulators can be added to either of the 3 elements

    To produce vibrato, add modulator to sourceTo produce tremolo, add modulator to ampTo change timber or shape of sound, add modulator to cut of frequencyVelocity is a modulator that changes the speed of the sound?

    2 basic types of modulators: Envelope and LFOFilters

    Low Pass - if you want to hear more of the low frequencies/boosting low freqHigh Pass - if you want to make sound brighter or brilliant/boosting high freqBand Pass - if you want to hear the mid ranges/boosting mid freq

    Pass 12, 24 and 36- cuts 12, 24, or 36 dB per Octave (example 440Hz - 0 cut, 880Hz - 12dB cut)

    Resonance ControlVolume control of the filters

    Filter SlopesEnvelope

    Attack (0-peek), Decay (the time the sound takes from the maximum to the plateau stage), Sustain, and Release (how long does the sound stay heard)

    Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO)Oscillators that generates frequencies below the human hearing

    Other Elements

    Monophonic (for basses and other single note instruments)Polyphonic (for other polyphonic instruments)PortamentoVelocity - how hard or how soft is the attack to the instrument