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Lecture by Sir Ryan


<ul><li><p>Synthesis</p><p>Creating tones/instrument sounds electronically from scratchpatch-instrument sound =&gt; instrument parts</p><p>Use of tone generators (oscillators) and modulators to shape sound</p><p>Oscillator</p><p>Tone Generators that generates basic waves</p><p>Modulators</p><p>Elements: Source (Oscillators: pitch) =&gt; Filter (Cut off Frequency: Shape) =&gt; Destination (Amplifier: volume, amplitude)Modulators can be added to either of the 3 elements</p><p>To produce vibrato, add modulator to sourceTo produce tremolo, add modulator to ampTo change timber or shape of sound, add modulator to cut of frequencyVelocity is a modulator that changes the speed of the sound?</p><p>2 basic types of modulators: Envelope and LFOFilters</p><p>Low Pass - if you want to hear more of the low frequencies/boosting low freqHigh Pass - if you want to make sound brighter or brilliant/boosting high freqBand Pass - if you want to hear the mid ranges/boosting mid freq</p><p>Pass 12, 24 and 36- cuts 12, 24, or 36 dB per Octave (example 440Hz - 0 cut, 880Hz - 12dB cut)</p><p>Resonance ControlVolume control of the filters</p><p>Filter SlopesEnvelope</p><p>Attack (0-peek), Decay (the time the sound takes from the maximum to the plateau stage), Sustain, and Release (how long does the sound stay heard)</p><p>Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO)Oscillators that generates frequencies below the human hearing</p><p>Other Elements</p><p>Monophonic (for basses and other single note instruments)Polyphonic (for other polyphonic instruments)PortamentoVelocity - how hard or how soft is the attack to the instrument</p></li></ul>