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<ul><li> 1. yantox_ska@yahoo.com Basic Programming in C++ Session 1 </li></ul> <p> 2. yantox_ska@yahoo.com C is developed by Dennis Ritchie C is a structured programming language C supports functions that enables easy maintainability of code, by breaking large file into smaller modules Comments in C provides easy readability C is a powerful language Introduction to C Language 3. yantox_ska@yahoo.com Basic Computer Model Von Neumann Architecture 4. yantox_ska@yahoo.com Programming Languages +1300042774 +1400593419 +1200274027 LOAD A ADD B STORE C C=A+B 5. yantox_ska@yahoo.com Creating Programs Source File (High-Level Languages) Object File (Machine Languages) Executable gcc o hello hello.cnedit hello.c 6. yantox_ska@yahoo.com Program Structure C + + 7. yantox_ska@yahoo.com Structure of C + + Coding 8. yantox_ska@yahoo.com Input scanf getchar gets Basic Commands C++ Output printf putchar puts 9. yantox_ska@yahoo.com Input scanf(%d,&amp;a); Gets an integer value from the user and stores it under the name a Output printf(%d,a) Prints the value present in variable a on the screen Basic Commands C++ 10. yantox_ska@yahoo.com Single line comment // (double slash) Termination of comment is by pressing enter key Multi line comment /*. .*/ This can span over to multiple lines Comments in C++ 11. yantox_ska@yahoo.com 1./* Hello, world program */ 2.#include 3. 4.int main() 5.{ 6. printf("hello, "); 7. printf("worldn"); 8. return 0; 9.} Simple Program 12. yantox_ska@yahoo.com Type a program Save it Compile the program This will generate an exe file (executable) Run the program (Actually the exe created out of compilation will run and not the .c file) In different compiler we have different option for compiling and running. We give only the concepts. Running a C Program 13. yantox_ska@yahoo.com Write a program to display your identity with a form below : ------------------------------------------------------ AUTO BIOGRAFI ------------------------------------------------------ Name : Address : Place of Birth : Date of Birth : Hobby : ------------------------------------------------------ Task 1 </p>