 warm up!  what does the word symbol mean?  what are a few (3-4) symbols you can think of...

Download  Warm Up!  What does the word symbol mean?  What are a few (3-4) symbols you can think of and what do they represent?

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  • Warm Up! What does the word symbol mean? What are a few (3-4) symbols you can think of and what do they represent?

  • Symbol: An object or name that stands for, represents, or suggests something else. They often take the form of words, visual images, or gestures that are used to convey ideas and beliefs. All human cultures use symbols.

    Symbolism is the representation of something by the use of figures, images, or literary devices.

    As you view the following symbols think about their meaning/association and how they came to be commonly known symbols.



  • RepublicanDemocrat

  • NAZI


  • BIOPOEMCarleneDemanding, humorous, thankful, trustingWife of Fred Sanguine, mother of Joey and MelinaWho loves family, friends and standing up for what she believes inWho loves it when her students smile, loves it when the dinner table is full,and enjoyed proving people wrongWho fears losing those I love most, what it will be like when Joey goes tocollege and dropping Melina off on her first day of preschoolWho discovered that being a mom is a tough job but wouldnt trade it for anythingWho wants to see my children discover the world with open eyes and enjoy every second of itBorn in New York and lives in WaxhawSanguine

  • RED P=excitement, energy,passion, desire, strength, health, good fortune, power, heat, love

    N=aggression, anger, danger, fire, blood, war and violence ORANGEP=balance, encouragement, warmth, enthusiasm, courage, confidence, friendliness, energy

    N=ignorance, warning, danger, fire

    YELLOWP=joy, happiness, imagination, hope, sunshine, cheer, caution, laughter

    N=dishonesty, cowardice, deceit, illness, criticism, lazinessGREENP=nature, environment, healthy, good luck, youth, spring, money, hope, go

    N=jealousy, inexperience, envy, greed, guilt, disorderBLUEP=Peace, tranquility, calm, devotion, honor, dependable, unity, trust, truth, patience, cleanliness, security, loyalty, water, ice, sky, baby boy

    N=depression, fear, coldnessWHITEP=purity, simplicity, cleanliness, peace, truth, protection, innocence, youth, good, glory, birth, marriage, winter

    N=blind, surrender, cold, distant, unimaginative, deathBLACKP=dramatic, classy, serious, authority, sophistication, elegance, wealth, style

    N=mystery, fear, evil, anonymity, unhappy, sadness, anger, mourning, death, ignorance, PURPLEP=royalty, nobility, power, mysterious, wisdom, respect, religion

    N=cruelty, tension, arrogance, mourning, bruisedBROWNP=earth, hearth, home, friendship, outdoorsN=mourningGRAYP=Security, reliability, balance, intelligence, dignityN=old, sadness, boring, depressionP=positive N=negative

  • Practice: Write a Biopoem describing yourself. Apply: Pick either Alfons or Helen to write a biopoem about.Pick from lines 2-9 in the biopoem to create/illustrate a symbol that represents either Alfons or Helen.You must use color and write a paragraph explaining the symbolism and how it matches the character you chose.REMEMBER: YOU ARE SYMBOLIZING A LINE FROM THE POEM AND NOT JUST A CHARACTER


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