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  • 1.Deconstructing my song By Caitlin Macdonald

2. http://www.youtube.com/watc h?v=as5FZJI6xJU 3. What is the song about? By reading the lyrics I can tell that the song is about love and to a loved one or an ex. The plot is hard to tell, because the genre is alternative/indie conventionally the songs aren't clear to everyone you have to look deeper for the meaning, this song follows this convention. It is also hard to tell the plot without a music video showing us one benefit of a music video. The lyric regularly refer to arguing and fighting which makes me think its about an ex 4. Structure of the song The song doesnt conform to mainstream music. The sound of the main singer is very different to popular music it fits in with their genre of alternative. The song is very slow and does pick up pace when it hits the chorus however then switches back to slow again, this is different to mainstream as conventionally as the song goes on the faster it becomes. Lyrically the song is very short there isn't very many words they all are repeated 5. Language used in the lyrics Throughout the song there is a lot of repetition in the chorus and other verses, for example the lyrics we argue, we dont fight is repeated many times the same with stay awake on the middle of the night This makes the message of the song and the point they want to put across more powerful for the audience 6. The relationship between the music and the narrative? Typically in a alternative genre the music videos are different to the ones of pop or charted music where conventionally the narrative is more clear, however there is no music video that fits in with this video so we have to make our own assumptions about the narrative. Due to it being more difficult to figure out the meaning of the song this fits in with the genre and style of the music 7. How the song makes me feel The song is about a very emotional moment we dont know whether it is about a personal experience however it still is full of emotions The pace of the song helps with the feeling of the audience but it being slow makes it more emotional for the listener 8. Impact from the voice The voice if the main singer of the band in very unique to other artists that are already out there. The voice is very powerful and helps create emotion in audience The certain parts if the song her voice is very gentle fitting in with the pace of the song and the lyrics and then other times there was a big emphasis on certain words making it more powerful