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  • Swaminathan 2011 India: An Economic Superpower? Jayashankar M. Swaminathan
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India: Past The Indus Valley (1500 BC) as well as Pataliputra (400BC - 800 AD) were comparable to the New York, London or Tokyo of today for their times. Scholars from world over came to learn in India Yoga, Vedas and Buddha still impact of our lives globally
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India: Past The medieval period saw the splendor of large kingdoms in north and the south Explorers such as Marco Polo, Vasco De Gama and Columbus traveled long distances searching for spices, silk, jewellery and craftswork
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India: Past Post industrialization India was colonized and remained a British colony till 1947 As late the beginning of the 19 th century, India was the major producer of cotton for the globe Gandhis non-violence approach makes India famous
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India: Past to Present Transformation from a underdeveloped to an emerging economy Change from an agro to a service economy
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India: Present 2 nd fastest growing country USD 1 trillion + GDP 250 million middle class Young, educated, eager Retail market expected to reach 300 billion in 2010 Only 4% of retail is organized currently By 2050 (maybe earlier) will be the third largest economy
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India: Present Beyond IT /Software and Call Centers to Manufacturing and Knowledge Recognized as nuclear nation Strides in infrastructure Delhi metro, airports, quadrilateral
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India: Present More than 400 million below $1.25 per day Choking cities Literacy rates among the lowest Poor intellectual property protection Poor rural healthcare and infrastructure Terror risk
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India Present: Sea Change Burgeoning Middle Class Moving beyond Technology Indias Young and Vibrant Workforce Economic Development and Politics Infrastructure Focus Belief in Future Potential
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India Potential: Connect Everyone Market Size In 2000, developing countries accounted for one quarter of the worlds 700m mobile phones In 2009, they accounted for three quarters of a total of over 4 billion upto March 2009: 128 m in India, 89m in China, 96m across Africa By 2013 total mobile phones would reach 6 billion, half of the users in India and China
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India Potential: Connect Everyone Business Innovation Indias biggest mobile operator All IT operations are outsourced to IBM Mobile network handled by Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks Customer care by IBM and other Indian firms Bharti now concentrates on marketing and strategy Operating margins ~ 40%, Cost reductions obtained through outsourcing
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India: Potential Business Innovation In a new area, Bharti requests a certain amount of calling capacity and pays for it 3 months later at an agreed price per unit of capacity Vendor handles the business of designing networks, putting up base stations etc. with incentive to build the network as frugally as possible Costs lowered by ensuring that operators do not pay for more capacity than they really need Vendors gain economies of scale as they build, run and support networks for several operators
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  • Swaminathan 2011 Has a lighter body and engine which is in the rear No second windshield wiper to cut costs The speedometer is moved to center of dashboard with the air vents to cut costs Reinvented way car seats were made to make more room in compact interior Tata Motors Nano is priced to sell at $2200. Larger, competing vehicles sell for $6500. Plans to export the cars to Europe making some adjustments to the interior and enhancing safety features India Potential: Global Car
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India Potential: Global Healthcare Global Healthcare Liver transplant costs USD 45K in India as opposed to USD 280K in US Heart surgery costs USD 5K in India as opposed to 30K in US Medical tourism business is projected to grow to USD 2.1B by 2012.
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  • Swaminathan 2011 A local is paid on commission to handout and receive money A finger print scanner confirms the account holders identity A cell phone updates account balances wherever a network is available Zeros rural wireless banking system can manage a branch with thousands of accounts for only $60 a month while regular bank branches (and ATMs) cost thousands of dollars to build and run India Potential: Rural Banking
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  • Swaminathan 2011 Opens from the top to keep more cool air in when opened Instead of compressor uses a cooling chip ~ to ones used to cool computers Small and portable with handles Can run on battery or unstable power instead of being plugged into an electric outlet Godrejs Little Cool costs about $70 compared to regular refrigerators that start at around $180. It resembles a cooler, has only 20 (as opposed to 200) moving parts and can run on battery. India Potential: Rural Refrigerators
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  • Swaminathan 2011 A small fan delivers air to the burning pellets Uses gasifier technology ~ to power plants to burn more efficiently Uses pellets made of agricultural waste like corn husks and peanut shells, cooks dont have to spend time searching for wood Burns three times more efficiently than a regular wood fire, so very little smoke is created in process First Energys Oorja stove sells for $23 and pellets that fuel the stove cost around $5.60 per month India Potential: Rural Cooking Stove
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  • Swaminathan 2011 Attached to a black and white printer to make readings of the hearts electric impulses Uses camera batteries to charge Lightweight and portable, allowing doctors to reach more patients GEs ECG machine costs $1000. Before design changes, the machine would cost as much as $10000 India Potential: Rural Health Care
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India Potential: Entertainment
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India Potential: Global Innovation Global Supply Chain Innovation Went to India in 2001 and set up R&D lab 5003 tractor was built for the Indian farmer 5103 tractor modified for the American farmer Very different from its current line yet successful
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  • Swaminathan 2011 India: Future Where is India in terms of economic development? Has India reached the tipping point? What are the roadblocks? What can be expected from India in the next decade? Available on Amazon and other Also available on Kindle and other e-book devices
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  • Swaminathan 2011 Questions Contact: msj@unc.edu


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