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Psychologys Roots

Psychologys RootsFounding & History of Psychology+1Wilhelm WundtFather of PsychologyGermany 1879Identify elements of consciousness & discover laws about how their connectedIntrospectionEmphasized precise measurementsFamous student: E.B. Titchenerhttp://youtu.be/CQvcp3k8tJc

+StructuralismE.B. Titchener Englishmenmoved to USSchool of Thought: StructuralismAnalyze basic elements of conscious mental experienceUsed introspectionCriticized, structuralism didnt last long

+FunctionalismFirst American School of PsychologyHow do humans & animals use mental processes in adapting to their environmentWilliam JamesJames wrote Principles of PsychologyStream of consciousness, fluid thinkingFunctionalism also broadened to cover the study of behavior

+Gestalt PsychologyMax Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka, and Wolfgang KohlerIndividuals perceive objects & patterns as whole units, and that the whole thus perceived is more than the sum of its partsGermanydisbanded because Nazis came into powerStill relevant to the study of perception & learninghttp://youtu.be/nxKcpfFvuf8

+BehaviorismScience of behavior: observable & measurableDetermined by factors in the environmentJohn B. Watson you cant measure/see what you think, you need to study what you can see.B. F. Skinnermajor force into the 1960sNow: we consider behavior as well as thoughts

+PsychoanalysisSigmund FreudPsychoanalysis: human mental life is like an iceberg: conscious & unconsciousUnconscious mind determines thoughts, feelings & behaviorFreudian sliphttp://youtu.be/sj2JFI4BsRQ

+Humanistic PsychologyAbraham MaslowCarl RogersFocus on the uniqueness of human beings & their capacity for choice, growth, and psychological healthMaslow: hierarchy of needsself-actualizationRogers: client centered therapy

+Cognitive PsychologyFocus on mental processes: memory, problem solving, reasoning & decision making, language, and perceptionNoam Chomsky: linguist, study of languageArtificial intelligenceAble to directly observe mental processes through PET scans



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