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(\_/) (o.o) (>


  • (\_/)(o.o)(>
  • Walker Art CenterCherry on a spoon was there There was a rainbow coming off of itWe were orienteering.

  • Horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Random page..

  • Mississippi RiverThere was a lock and dam There was a Tour.. A different tourOne word that reminded me of that trip, Mississippi.

  • Cows!!!!!!!Another random page.

  • Farmers MarketI bought honey!!!!

  • Nature CenterScavenger hunt!!!(\_/) (o.o) (>
  • Minnehaha FallsWe went to wade in water!!!!! Got wet.... IGNORE THE SURFER

  • SwimmingWasnt here This day I was out of town.. Have some colorful pictures!! XD v(>w
  • TuesdaySwimming/FishingWe went swimming or fishing I chose neither and hung out on the beach!! :D

  • WednesdayBird Sanctuary didnt really see any birdsTook good pictures though Here have some birds anyways.

  • ThursdayPowerPoint and a movie Nims Island

  • Hope You Enjoyed My Random Presentation! Peace!! \m/

    Peace Out Rock On!!!