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- Let bygone be bygone(Vic g qua ri hy cho qua) - A miss is as good as a mile(Sai mt ly i mt dm) - Like father like son(Cha no con ny) - One good turn deserves another(n ming tr ming) - Two securities are better than one (Cn tc v u) - Slow and sure(Chm m chc) - If the cab fits then wear it (C tt git mnh) - Money makes the mare go (C tin mua tin cng c) - Where's there's life, there's hope (Cn nc cn tt) - A lie has no legs (Giu u li ui) - We have gone too far to draw back (m lao th phi theo lao) - In for a penny, in for a pound (c voi i tin) - Tell me the company you keep, and I will tell you what you see (Gn mc th en, gn n th sng) - It never rains but it pours (Ha v n ch) - If you eat the fruit, you have to think about the one who grows the tree (n qu nh k trng cy) - We reap what we sow (Gieo gi gt bo) - There's no smoke without fire (Khng c la sao c khi) - Who makes excuses, himself excuses (Ly ng ti bi ny) - One scabby sheep is enough to spoil the whole flock (Con su lm ru ni canh) - To kill two birds with one stone (Nht c lng tin) - To let the wolf into the fold (Nui ong tay o) - Constant dropping wears stone (Nc chy mn) - A miss is as good as a mile (Sai mt ly i mt dm) - A flow will have an ebb (Sng c khc ngi c lc) - Grasp all, lose all (Tham th thm) - Time lost is never found (Thi gi mt th khng tm li c) - Bitter pills may have blessed effects (Thuc ng d tt) - Beginning is the difficulty (Vn s khi u nan) - Traveling forms a young man (i mt ngy ng, hc mt sng khn) - No guide, no realization (Khng thy my lm nn)