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<ul><li><p>Earn while you learn!An experience that stays with you</p><p>www.pwc.com/my</p></li><li><p>Why PwC?</p><p> The firm provides you with financial and leave support to complete a professional certification</p><p> Upon qualifying, your annual professional membership subscription will be subsidised </p><p> Everyone in PwC has personalisedguidance on training and online learning resources in Xceler8, our learning management portal. You will also have access to learning content through your mobile phone</p><p>IQ is our mobile learning app, which gives you the convenience to learn on-the-go, wherever and whenever.</p><p>Participate in Diversity &amp; Inclusion programmesto address stereotypes and unconscious bias: Engage with people who are different from</p><p>you (e.g. the disabled, the homeless) Have #lunchwithastranger to expand your</p><p>network over lunch</p><p>Your Learning &amp;Development</p><p>Work-life Integration</p><p>GetFit</p><p>#FitPwC is a health campaign to encouragea healthier lifestyle and enhancedproductivity.</p><p>You can participate in: KakiJalan, a competition to </p><p>increase your stepcount Stair-a-thon Fitness classes #UrutPwC Blood donation and organ </p><p>donationcampaigns</p><p>Make a Difference</p><p>You will have "special leave" for volunteeringactivities and sporting events.</p><p>#PwCMYCR gives you opportunities to: Volunteer at childrens homes Mentor underprivileged students</p><p> Inculcate financial literacy amongunderprivileged students</p><p> Volunteer in workshops for university students to build theirconfidence</p><p>flex+ provides you with flexible work arrangements, which includes:</p><p>flex@work: FlexFridays, where you can leave work at </p><p>12:30pm every second Friday of themonth</p><p> Flexible working hours and "Time-Out" to pursue your personal interests</p><p>life@work: A block leave period to Rest and Refresh, </p><p>FlexWear which allows you to wear jeanson Fridays, fitness and wellness subsidies</p></li><li><p>The Earn While You Learn Programme is designed for CAT / STPM / UEC / GCE A-Levels / University Foundation Programme / Matriculation / Accounting or non-accounting diploma holders who would like to get a head start in the accounting profession. This programme offers:</p><p> Full-time employment Exam support for ACCA Exam and study leave</p><p>If you are eager to earn and learn, we'd like you to be part of our programme! </p><p>Visit www.pwc.com/my/careers to apply online now and select the option Non-degree applicants in your online form.</p><p>Take the first step. Earn while you learn!</p><p>Get a head start, learn and grow with a leading professional services firm while pursuing your professional accounting qualification.</p><p>http://www.pwc.com/my/careers</p></li><li><p>Route to becoming an ACCA professional</p><p>ACCA Member (Global recognition in </p><p>181 countries)</p><p>ACCA Qualification + 3 years relevant </p><p>practical experience Tax</p><p> Opportunity to work together with our Tax team in tax compliance matters and liaise with the Tax Authorities for related official matters as well as handle daily administrative matters</p><p> Exposure to the current dynamics of working in the Tax field and gain valuable working experience in a professional environment</p><p>Assurance </p><p> Provide administrative support to client engagement teams</p><p> Perform referencing and casting checks on financial statements </p><p> Assist audit teams in compiling and monitoring bank / debtors confirmations</p><p>Alternative pathway via PwCs Earn While You Learn programme </p><p>You can choose to join our Assurance or Tax line of service and start clocking your relevant practical </p><p>experience in some of these areas of work: </p><p>CAT / STPM / UEC / GCE A- Levels / </p><p>University Foundation Programme / </p><p>Matriculation / Accounting or non-accounting diploma </p><p>Entry requirements</p><p>Students must have CAT qualification or 2 principal passes at STPM (Grade C or above), PLUS 3 credits at SPM (Grade C or above, including English and Mathematics), orequivalent</p><p>Any questions?Contact ACCA Connect or PwC by email, telephone, or visit our websitesfor further information:</p><p>ACCA1800 88 5051myinfo@accaglobal.com</p><p>http://yourfuture.accaglobal.com</p><p>Facebook.com/ACCA.my Twitter.com/ACCAMalaysia</p><p>PwC[60](3) 2173 1188career.enquiries@my.pwc.com</p><p>www.pwc.com/my/careers</p><p>Facebook.com/pwcmalaysiaTwitter.com/PwC_Malaysia</p><p>2017 PwC. All rights reserved. PricewaterhouseCoopers and/or PwC refers to the individual members of the </p><p>PricewaterhouseCoopers organisation in Malaysia, each of which is a separate and independent legal entity. Please see </p><p>www.pwc.com/structure for further details. CS09393</p><p>Get your ACCA </p><p>Qualificationwhile </p><p>working with us</p>mailto:myinfo@accaglobal.comhttp://yourfuture.accaglobal.com/mailto:myinfo@accaglobal.comhttp://www.pwc.com/my/careers</li></ul>


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