 Geoffrey Chaucer Biography (1343-1400) KNOWN AS THE FATHER OF ENGLISH POETRY.

Download  Geoffrey Chaucer Biography (1343-1400) KNOWN AS THE FATHER OF ENGLISH POETRY.

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  • Chaucer Biography Lived at the _______________Father was:__________________________________Family was upper-middle class; therefore, Chaucer was_________________________________________________________________________

    end of the Middle Ages.An English poet.

    A wealthy wine merchant.

    Educated in reading classics.

    Legal training.

    Taught religion (remained religious all of his life.)

  • Chaucer Biography Well educated. Versed in 3 languages:___________________________________________________Wrote and spoke in the _______ , colloquial Middle English.Best known for ______________

    Latin church + education

    French court

    English common people.

    vernacularThe Canterbury Tales.

  • Chaucer continuedBefore Chaucer ______ was not fashionable._____ was considered the language of learning:____________________________________ EnglishLatinScience



  • Chaucer continuedPeople accepted ______as written language mostly because of who Chaucer was.A high government official under _____ kings.Born in ______of wealthy parents.Became a____ for an eminent family.Noble ________as career advanced.King becomes his noble _____.Captured and ransomed in the ______________

    EnglishthreeLondonpagepatronagepatronHundred Years War.

  • Chaucer continued__________to European courts by 1370.Appointed ______________ in 1385.Member of ________.Died in ______.

    The 1st poet buried in the __________________________.AmbassadorJustice of the PeaceParliament1400Poets Corner of Westminster Abbey

  • Chaucer continuedFor Chaucer _____ came 1st.First ______published in 1369.Two important ____________in 1386.Travels in _____from 1372 to 1378.Was influenced by:_________________________________[bokkatto]) _____________

    WORKpoemsepic allegoriesItalyPetrarchDanteGiovanni Boccaccio

    The Decameron

  • Chaucer continuedThe Decameron vs. The Canterbury TalesBoth use a ________________an _________________within which_______ or more of the characters proceed __________________.In The Decameron___________ are fleeing from the plague.The Canterbury Tales The journey is __________________

    Both based on similar_____.FRAME STORYintroductory narrative one to tell a storyNoblesa pilgrimage.plots

  • The Canterbury Taleshttp://youtu.be/SuaQzKPIf9o


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