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The Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution

Medieval ViewGeocentric Theory - Earth Centered UniverseEarth stationaryGreek and Roman Thought, The BibleHeaven beyond our universeNew Model of the UniverseHeliocentric TheoryNicolaus CopernicusEarth, Stars, and Planets revolved around the SunIdeas published in 1543Last year of lifeFeared persecution and ridiculeTyco Brahe and Johannes KeplerMathematical Laws govern planetary movementNew Model of the Universe

Galileo GalileiStarry Messenger1610Newsletter that described astronomical observationsJupiter had 4 moons, dark spotsRough surface on moon Shattered Aristotle's ideasLaws of MotionObjects fall at predictable rate

Galileo GalileiConflict With the ChurchFrightened All - Protestants and Catholics1632 - Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems1633 - Renounced his findingsUnder house arrest until death in 1642Isaac NewtonLaw of Universal GravityMathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy1697Everything in the universe works in perfect symmetryGod was the creator of the universe

The Revolution SpreadsNew ToolsMicroscope, TelescopeMedicine and Human BodyVaccines - SmallpoxHuman dissectionsDetailed understanding of human body - organs, bones, and muscles


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