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    President of Ireland Mr. Michael D. Higgins opens Glorney Gilbert International 2015

    ....Chess is a truly global sport and as chess players you now have the gift

    of a universal language that will allow you to make friendships with people

    from every part of the world...















    E U R O P E A N C H E S S U N I O N




    The President of Ireland Mr. Michael D. Higgins officially opened the tournament. His

    Excellency, an academic, poet, writer and activist of human rights made a speech hymn for chess,

    stating that "Chess is a global Sport a universal common language". During his speech, he

    presented two chess books that helped him studying chess in the past.

    The whole speech can be found at the official page of Irish President.

    The ECU President Mr. Azmaiparashvili welcomed all the participants and delegates from

    England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and thanked Irish Chess Union Chairman, Mr. Pat

    Fitzsimons for the excellent organization of the tournament, claiming that the European Chess

    Union will be more close to British and Irish Isles in their efforts to develop further chess in the

    area. Mr. Azmaiparashvili then awarded Irelands player Conor ODonnell with his FIDE master


    ECU President Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili made the symbolic first move before the start of the 1st

    round of Glorney Gilbert International 2015. Mr. Theodoros Tsorbatzoglou, ECU Secretary

    General also attended the opening ceremony and the start of the round.

    Glorney Gilbert International 2015 took place from 19th to 23rd July in Johnstown House,

    Enfield/Ireland. It is a team event that has been running since 1949, and has a long and varied


    Participating federations were England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, competing in 4

    tournaments: Glorney Cup, Gilbert Cup, Robinson Cup and Stokes Cup.

    Official Website-Results Opening Ceremony Video




    Germany and Estonia win European Youth Team Championship

    Teams of Germany in Boys group and Estonia in Girls group won the European Youth Team

    Chess Championship 2015, which was held in Karpacz/Poland, 12-20 July, 2015.

    Germany defeated Hungary 2 in the final round, and tied for the first place with the team of

    Israel, but thanks to the better tie-break, Germany grabbed the gold. The third place went to

    Czech Republic, who were the leaders before the penultimate round, but lost to Israel and had to

    satisfy with the bronze.

    Members of the winning team are:

    GM Matthias Bluebaum (2589) 5.5 points

    IM Jan-Christian Schroeder (2461) 5.5 points

    FM Thore Perske (2410) 4 points

    Vincent Keymer (2352) 4 points

    Final Standings Boys

    In Girls section the Estonian team was among the leaders through almost whole tournament.

    They finally triumphed with 11 match points, ahead of representatives of the host, Poland 1 and

    Poland 2, who got silver and bronze respectively.

    WIM Mai Narva (2252, 5 points) and Margareth Olde (1948, 5.5 points) played a solid

    tournament, lost only one match against Poland 1 and drew with Slovenia B in the final round,

    which was enough for the title.

    Final Standings Girls

    The Championship was played according to the Swiss System in 7 rounds, with the time control

    90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game + 30 seconds increment

    per move, starting form move one. 14 teams in Boys, and 10 teams in Girls section took part in the

    event. The Chief Arbiter was IA Tomasz Delega. European Chess Union was represented by the

    ECU Tournament Director, Mr. Petr Pisk.




    The Championship was organized by the Polish Chess Federation, under the auspices of the

    European Chess Union, and Mr. Bronisaw Komorowski, President of the Republic of Poland.

    The official venue of the Championship was the Nowa Krlowa Karkonoszy in Karpacz.

    Official Website Video impressions

    Photos by Dawid Czerwoski

    St. Petersburg wins European Senior Team Championship 2015

    Vienna was the Mecca of the senior chess for the past nine days, during the European Senior

    Team Chess Championship 2015. The hall of the hotel Airo hosted 42 teams from 14 European

    countries with total 197 chess players who competed for this prestigious title.

    Sankt Petersburg showed its class from the very start of the tournament and convincingly

    triumphed with 16 match points, ahead of Israel (14 MP) and Russia (13 MP). Remarkably, St.

    Petersburg stays unbeaten not only as a team but also as individual players. Their perfect record

    is 11 wins, 25 draws and no defeat. The women's category was won from the Russian women's

    team ahead of Germany and Austria, who won silver and bronze respectively.

    Strange enough, the start from St. Petersburg was not perfect. Already in the second round the

    team Vienna 75+ managed to score a sensational 2:2 against the favourite. However, it remained

    the only even match of the Russians until the final round.

    In the 6th round, St. Petersburg defeated a direct opponent Israel with 2.5-1.5 and their serious

    tournament ambitions, and the decision for the title fell in the penultimate round, in a direct duel

    between St. Petersburg and the Russian National Team.

    St. Petersburg won with 2.5-1.5, and the title was already in their hands. The victory point was

    brought by IM Vadim Faibisovich against GM Evgeni Vasiukov on the top board.

    In the final round St. Petersburg made a quick draw against Russia's women to ensure the

    European title. More quickly Italy and Israel shared the points, securing the Israel team the

    second place. Russia grabbed the bronze with a 3.5-0.5 victory over Eppingen.




    The Austrian National Team finished the tournament with 12 points behind the Schachfreunde

    Leipzig and Italy at the 6th place. The best result was achieved by Hans Singer who gained 7

    points out of 9 games, which brought him the second prize on the 4th board. Georg Danner (5.5

    /9), Kurt Petschar (5/9) and Karl Janetschek (4.5/9) completed the good team result.

    The other teams from Austria made the following results: 11th Austria 2, 17th Lower Austria, 25th

    Vienna 75+, 28th Styria, 29th Vienna, 31st Vorarlberg and 37th Austria women.

    The oldest team, Vienna 75+, held up well and achieved balanced three victories, three draws and

    three defeats. The 88-year-old Adreas Dckstein, the oldest participant of the tournament played

    in the team. He scored a positive result - 4.5 points out of 8 games.

    The best tournament performance was made by Vladimir Karasev from Petersburg, with a

    performance of 2476. He won the individual prize on the third board. The other prizes went to

    Palermo Carlos Garcia (ITA, board 1), Yuri Balashov (RUS, board 2), and Nikolai Pushkov

    (Russia, Board 4).

    At the closing ceremony, Mr. Dirk Jordan, the FIDE representative, praised the organizing team

    around Vienna Chess President, Mr. Christian Hursky and tournament director Mr. Johann


    "In particular, the side events offered were exemplary and highly liked by the participants," said

    Mr. Jordan. Four singers and a woman pianist from Belarus provided the musical

    accompaniment of the closing ceremony that will surely be long reminded by many present.

    Among the prizes, the last issue of the Chess Informant, official partner of the European Chess

    Union was awarded to the winners.

    Official Website


    Photo Gallery




    European Schools Champions for 2015 Announced

    The European Schools Chess Championship 2015, organized by Turkish Chess Federation, under

    the auspices of the European Chess Union and with the sponsorship of TR Promotion Fund ended

    with the closing ceremony on 2nd July, 2015.

    With all the results summed in the end of the championship, Turkey was the best team and

    became the champion country, with 7 gold, 11 silver, 7 bronze medals, with a total of 26 medals.

    Russia came second and Azerbaijan became third.

    The guests at the closing ceremony were Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, President of European Chess

    Union, Mr. Kevin O'Connell, President of FIDE Chess for School Commission, Mr. Sainbayar

    Tserendorj, President of Mongolian Chess Federation, Members of the Council Mr. Tshepo Sitale

    (Botsvana), Mr. Christos Pilalis (Greece), Mr. Ravindra Dongre (India) and Mr. Jose Francisco

    Suarez Roa (Spain) , Mr. Alexander Kostyev, President of the International School Chess Unio,

    Mrs. Gulkiz Tulay, President of Turkish Chess Federation (TCF), Deputy Presidents of TCF Prof.

    Dr. Yusuf Dogruer and Askn Keles, the board members of TCF Mr. Kasim Yekeler, and Halil

    Ibrahim Sari, Mr. Tamer Sorgun, Deputy Director of Konya Youth Services and Sports, Mr.

    Mustafa Cipan, Director of Konya Culture and Tourism, Mr. Abdi Kalan, Deputy Mayor of Meram

    Municipality and Mr. Ali Kanber, Branch Director of Konya Youth Services and Sports.

    After all, the national team players of 2015 TCF, Kursat Bugra Gokcek and Efe Metehan Yavuz

    had a live blitz game.

    Mrs. Gulkiz Tulay stated in her opening speech that Turkish Chess Federation is honoured and

    proud to be hosting such an elite event. After her speech, Mrs. Tulay presented gifts and

    certificate to Mr. Azmaiparashvili for the memory of the championship.

    After Mrs. Tulay, Mr. Azmaiparashvili gave a speech stating that the Turkish Chess Federation

    organised a perfect event and congratulated them for the prosperity of Turkish chess.

    After the official part of the closing ceremony, the Chief Arbiter announced the winners! After 9

    rounds of fighting, Europe got 12 School Champions in 12 different categories.



    The Champions of the 2015 European Schools Chess Championship are as follows:

    Open U7 Svetlen Ivanov (BUL) 9 points;

    Girls U7 Olesia Vlasova (RUS) 8 points;

    Open U9 Suleyman Suleymanli (AZE) 7.5 points;

    Girls U9 WCM Olga Melenchuk (RUS) 8 points;

    Open U11 Unat Can Haktan (TUR) 8 points;

    Girls U11 Duran Esma Doga (TUR) 7.5 points;

    Open U13 Sahin Doga Boran (TUR) 7.5 points;

    Girls U13 Citak Tuana Umay (TUR) 7.5 points;

    Open U15 CM Bahadir Ozen (TUR) 7 points;

    Girls U15 WFM Alexandra Obolentseva (RUS) 7.5 points;

    Open U17 CM Siar Yaran (TUR) 7.5 points;

    Girls U17 Buket Tandogan (TUR) 7 points.

    The European Schools Chess Championship was held in Hotel Rixos in Konya from 24th June till

    2nd July 2015, where 666 players from 12 countries (Russia, Azerbaijan, England, Bulgaria,

    Denmark, Romania, Albenia, Finland, Georgia, Moldova, Spain and Turkey) competed for the


    Official Website




    ECU NEWS Press conference on the occasion of the first ECU congress in Bar In the beginning October, Bar will be the chess capital of Europe. 7-11 October, 2015 the First

    ECU Congress will be held. On this occasion, a press conference was held on 15th July, 2015 in

    Bar/Montenegro in the hotel Princess.

    At the press conference the audience was addressed by Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili, President of

    the European Chess Union, Mariya Muzychuk, Womens World Chess Champion, Dr. Zoran

    Srzenti, President of Bar Municipality, Mr. Branimir Ivanovi, representative of the Directorate

    of Youth and Sport in the Government of Montenegro, Mr. Veselin Draskovi, Vice president of

    Montenegro Chess Federation.

    The moderator of the press conference was Mr. Milan Vujovi, a well-known journalist and chess

    players from Bar. The conference was very well attended, and among the present were famous

    Montenegrin chess players Bozidar Ivanovi, Dr. Ljubo Zivkovi, Momo Vukovi, etc.

    On behalf of the city host, the audience was greeted by Dr. Zoran Srzenti, and after him by Mr.

    Branimir Ivanovi.

    The audience was then addressed by the President of the ECU, Mr. Zurab Azmaiparashvili who

    recalled that this is not the first time he is staying in Bar. In December last year he was a guest of

    the Montenegro Chess Federation for the first time, and he was fascinated with the city of Bar,

    which was a good starting point for what will follow soon, and that is the organization of the First

    ECU Congress.

    As pointed out, the Congress will bring together all the relevant chess institutions in Europe, and

    it will be an opportunity to discuss the important issues for the future of chess. Mr.

    Azmaiparashvili emphasized the excellent cooperation with Montenegro Chess Federation, which

    operates in the same manner as the ECU - simple and transparent.



    Special guests of Montenegro Chess Federation at the press conference were sisters Mariya and

    Anna Muzychuk, of whom Mariya is the current Womens World Chess Champion, and Anna is

    the World Champion in Rapid chess. Mariya said she was delighted with the visit and with the

    fact that many young people want to be engaged in chess.

    Vice president of MCF Mr. Veselin Draskovi announced ambitious plans for the future. He said

    that this is only the beginning of what the new management of the federation wants to accomplish

    in the future.

    After the press conference, the chess exhibition in rapid chess took place, in which besides the

    guests, the Montenegro team members and well-known chess players participated.

    Notice for European Youth Chess Championship 2015

    Organizers of the European Youth Chess Championship 2015 in Porec/Croatia notified that they

    have changed the contact data from the regulations.

    The new updated contact for any questions or information is as shown below:

    Croatian Chess Federation

    Phone / Fax: +385 1 301 2352

    Contact person: Ivan Mandekic

    Mobile: +385 98491226

    Official Invitation for the Championship can be found at the ECU website or here.




    FUN ZONE July Fun Zone is reserved for the interesting chess problems from 1915 by various authors.

    The first position was composed by A. Pulyan. White to play and win

    The second diagram shows the position composed by H. Adamson. White to play and draw.

    The author of the third position is A. Daniel. White to play and draw.

    The fourth diagram is composed by G. Carp...