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- Employee Engagement Survey- Student Employee of the Year Nomination- Online Leave Calculator- Overview of Affordable Care ActUniversity Budget Officers Meeting1/28/2015Human Resources Updates:UK@Work SurveyWeek of February 23 Week of March 16All regular faculty and staff (.50 and above). UKHC (1500), CoM physicians, and PA1500 in CoM will participate in the UKHC engagement survey.60 questions covering categories such as: Career Development, Diversity, Stress/Balance/Workload, Pay & Rewards, University Culture.University-level results shared in early May; College and Administrative unit results and action planning in early Fall.Stay tuned for additional information or send your questions to our office at worklife@uky.edu.Student Employee of the Year Nominations

Student Employee of the Year Nominations8th annual ceremony to recognize UKs outstanding student workers

Nominations due Friday, March 20, 2015www.uky.edu/hr/employment/student-employment/student-employee-year-award Online Leave CalculatorDesigned based on employee feedback

Factors in length of service, exempt/non-exempt status, biweekly/monthly paid and FTE in providing calculations for vacation, TDL and holiday leave accrual rates